5G and Gender Apocalypse...? and recall / impeach Virginia Governor Traitor

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Greenies and Queebies get together for the perfect storm...?

Burger King’s new meatless, (soy) plant-based “Impossible Burger” has 18 million times the amount of the female hormone-like, estrogen-like substance than a real (beef) Whopper has.  The health “experts” did not think that it was a problem or worth worrying about.  See my Rumination: http://sacredtruthministries.com/articles/gmo-homo-soy-boy-and-other-unnatural-abberations-normalcy.  Soy, which is used in most institutional hamburgers (like in PUBLIC elementary, middle, and high SCHOOLS and colleges) can disrupt the hormones of developing children.  Furthermore, boys being taken from their fathers by divorced mothers then often raise those boys without a male role model and the boys are feminized additionally. 

“Jim Rutz” produced a 6-part series in 2010, the original Title: Soy is Making Kids ‘Gay’.  After a huge backlash he re-titled it: The Trouble with Soy. 

See: http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53327 

Burger King (or Queen) might as well call it, “the LBGTQ       burger”.         = is the mathematical sign for “Infinity”.



I've been warning of 5G for over a year (and several years before that, of the "smart meters")...

the more time passes, the more truth comes out.

last video I sent out a medical professional said never to carry your cell phone on you, and if you do put it on airplane mode, because if you are in an area with poor reception, it CONTINUALLY searches for a tower, which not only wears your batteries down, but FRIES YOU continually.

Ideally, get a lead-lined bag like those for carrying film on airlines, and keep your cell phone in it... and if you are expecting a call, check it every now and then... but you will not be able to receive calls while it is in the bag, because it will block everything (or should).  This, of course, defeats the purpose of a cell phone for immediate use, but if you don't care about your eyes, brain, or testicles, or developing tumors, be my guest... or rather, the hospital's guest.  If you want to live and be healthy, scale back on cell phone use and use it as an emergency device, not your main phone... yes, it will be an inconvenience, but so would be testicular cancer or a testicularectomy, or having to wear glasses like Ray Charles and walk with a seeing eye dog.

this is not hype or scare, this is science, and there are a PLETHORA of scientists who have spoken out and entire nations are refusing to allow 5G, and some won't even allow 4G.
Some say, "everything causes cancer"—well, not everything, but TOO MANY THINGS and they are ALL avoidable... they want to program people into thinking it is normal, but it is not... but it is BIG BUSINESS for doctors, drug companies, and insurance companies... and their "cure" rate is pathetic because they don't want a cure, but an expensive "control" you are on for the rest of your life... until they take all your money, then you can die in anything BUT peace... and you better be MORE concerned about facing God in the next life than how painfully you may be leaving this one--because that life will be forever and there is no "oops, I didn't know" clause.  You reap what you sow.  If you mistake poison ivy for a salad green, there is no "but I didn't know" to make your troubles go away.  That type of thinking is fantasy; real life is called reality... and it is not based upon what we want it to be.

Maybe after 5G they will have to add an "EU" to LBGTQ, for EUNUCHS...! (make it look French: LBGTQEU how chic!)

The below info and links from correspondents:



This link above has distilled a lot of information and also provides a number of videos from scientists and others covering various angles of the 5G problem.

In one of Barrie Trower's videos he says that 5G will be a seven trillion dollar business (worldwide) so it will be rolled out come hell or high water. Further proof that the love of money is the root of all evil.
I think this is the method by which the "elites" intend to reduce world population down to less than one billion, and most of the people will buy into it -- they'll buy the cell phones and other junk and pay for their own slow murder. Others won't have a choice or a clue and they'll be exposed to the death rays anyway.  I've tried to tell a few people at work, even brought my meter to demonstrate, but I don't think the gravity of it sinks in.  I have a friend whose family receives income from a cell phone tower on their property. The money is a strong motivator.  There is a five story assisted living building here in ________, Virginia, that has an array of transmitters on the roof -- all the better to kill the residents faster. Another friend's wife got breast cancer. I asked him where she kept her cell phone, and of course, she kept it in a pocket right next to where the cancer developed.
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Treason is still a capital offense.  There's more than one way to make a face black.
We have reached over 31,000 signatures on the Petition to Recall Radical Ralph Northam for his violation of Article 13 of the Virginia State Constitution!!