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- Biblical Textual Evidence that God did not Create the World Via Any Form or Type of Evolution “Theistic” or Otherwise - A Brief Commentary on Genesis Chapter 1 as it Pertains to Evidence Refuting Evolution, Balaicius, 88pp., 7.00 + P&H.

[This one goes well with: 

- The Creation of Man in Genesis 1 and 2: Are They Separate Creations —or the Same Event? [With An In-depth Discussion Concerning the “Beast of the Field”], 88pp., detailed convincing study; 7.00 + P&H.

- Stephen Hawking: Cosmic Tragedy — Hawking Fake Science... & A New Evolutionary Theory of The Universe, 78pp., 7.00 + P&H (refutes atheistic anti-God evolution and utterly shreds Hawking’s illogic).]


- The Covenants of God: Cut or Be Cut - Some Parallels and Ironies in Scripture, Balaicius, 48pp., 5.00 + P&H.

- How can an immaterial God Who is Spirit create a material universe? & What Establishes Man’s Responsibility? & The Fear of the Lord, Evil, and Suffering —an important topic overlooked by most Christians & Thought for the Day in a Dog-eat-dog World, Balaicius, 75pp., 6.50 + P&H.


- Libertarian Utopia —an Anti-Intellectual Delusion That Ends in Death - and other ramifications of false Bible doctrines and false philosophies that claim: “If a person’s happy and what he does isn’t hurting anyone, that’s all that matters”, (which uses the most blatant example of this mindset toward homo-acceptance) 72pp., 6.50 + P&H.


- What is Man...? (Personally Speaking) & some thoughts on The Trinity and on The Deity of Christ — Deeper Implications Than Most May Think, 84pp., 7.00 + P&H.

- What is Truth...? & What Is History, Life, Existence, Reality...?, Balaicius, 68pp., 6.50 + P&H.

P&H = 10% (5.00 minimum) within the U.S.