Abortion of Logic and Morality

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IF... as abortionists (atheist, antichrist murderers) claim, abortion is not murder because it is not a human life, it is merely premature tissue, cells, DNA...

then bankrobbery is not grand theft, for it is only mortar and bricks and paper and ink...! —It’s merely “recycling” old paper!

Likewise, euthanasia will not be considered murder if the “old person” is deemed by the STATE to be no longer useful to it (move Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Biden, the Clintons, and Bernie to the front of the line)—mere tissue and cells and DNA past its expiration date.

—but invading 3rd world aliens have more right to life... MORE RIGHT TO YOUR life than you do... and you must go TRILLION$$$$ into debt to pay for them as they dispossess and replace you and suck the life of society through crime and welfare and aberrant procreation.

It is the woman’s right to be a whore... it is the woman’s right to be a murderess... but if a child is produced, it is the father’s OBLIGATION to pay for it for the next 18 years...

It is the invading savage’s right to rape.

Makes perfect sense if you are godless, irrational, immoral, and perverse.