Advice to Governor Blackface and all those likewise intimidated into doing an "about face"... "Just say NO!"

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Some good information by Don Boys, Ph.D.

Is Blackface Always Bigotry?


Some thoughts of mine:

[While the Governor is a despicable traitor to the U.S. Constitution, the Virginia Constitution, and to God, a supporter of infanticide (what’s next? genocide of traditional Americans? euthanasia?) a greater principle is involved than any of the meaningless socialist (democrat) players in the current politico-drama.]

Eddie Murphy, as I recall from decades ago, used to use a New York Jewish accent and pretend to be a Jew on Saturday Night live 30 years ago or so.  He also used to play the role, at times in movies (such as Beverly Hills Cop), in which he pretended to be gay.  Such things were seen by MANY TENS of  MILLIONS of people... how many people saw the Governor of Virginia in his college party 30+ years ago?

Also, it would be interesting to see what the black politicians were guilty of in college or early days, how many fights they got into, how many people they injured, robberies, vandalism, how many white women they got pregnant, how often they smoked dope and how promiscuous they were... good grief, the “rap sheet” of most college or pro sports teams would be like mount Everest and this governor’s “crime” not merely not a pimple, but a pock mark!

—yet a white wearing blackface seems to be a greater sin than any of those REAL and VIOLENT crimes.
The politicians and everyone need to stop kow-towing to such NONSENSE and tell these mentally deranged trouble makers: “—who cares...!  It’s a NON-ISSUE.  Stop interfering with me trying to do my job, talking about a party joke that happened 30-40 years ago.  Who cares if I ever used the n-word, blacks use it every day throughout the day.  Move on, you are an immoral moron.  Maybe we should dig into YOUR closet.  I think maybe it holds a little more than a Halloween or Masquerade Ball costume that someone 40 years later might object to.”

Once they cave in and apologize for anything, there will be an unending life of bending over, so he might as well handcuff his wrists to his ankles and get used to the position.

Why don’t some blacks wear white shoepolish and do “white face”...? WHO WOULD CARE!  Of course, the TORTURE MURDERING of 70,000 whites in South Africa IS SOMETHING that should be a matter of concern, but a U.S. State Governor wearing blackface 40 years ago must be more important.

If some people need to continually whine about every tiny little thing as if it were an overwhelming and monumental “offense” which causes all life to come to a screeching halt and causes the earth to stop spinning on its axis... and they must demand that special laws be passed and statues torn down (how would they react to statues of Martin Luther King or their heroes being desecrated, vandalized, destroyed, or removed?) to “protect them” (from their own worthlessness or the boogeymen in their minds)—then that clearly is a sign that they ARE INFERIOR.  Someone who is indeed an equal does not need to whine and complain and have special laws passed to give him a false sense of value; he simply demonstrates his value and equality.  So demonstrate already! not in the streets, but by being PRODUCTIVE not destructive.
What about all the New York Italians who played “indians” in the many, many western “cowboy and indian” movies...?

“Step down”...? —you step aside and be quiet, you socialist, subverting troublemakers!”  Like corrupt cities and towns and states having their high-dollar police “force” out driving around in expensive new police cars “trolling” for “offenders” (cash cows that can be milked), because the police can’t find real criminals (or are too cowardly to attempt to) so they hand out parking tickets and speeding tickets and tickets for expired tags and other things that are not even crimes and in which no one was injured... likewise, these socialist agitators / communists, like termites undermine all of society, while producing NOTHING... yet are so deluded that they think that they are the moral conscience of society (a society that is not theirs, which they did not found) —a society in which the only “morality” is what they totalitarianly decree (with no authority) to be the “morality of the day”, depending on which direction the political winds happen to be blowing.  As the old saying goes concerning sports, “If you can’t play, then coach”.  Unfortunately, these “social agitators” can’t do anything productive or constructive so all they attempt to do is steal and destroy everything around them, other peoples’ lives, other peoples’ nations, other peoples’ businesses.  They are jealous because they are worthless and have no value or talent or intelligence (their fake degrees of “invented” new fields of academia notwithstanding), therefore, they hate anyone else who does.

Why don’t these liberal, subverting whiners ever decry something of importance, like the below (or any one of a million other stories)...? —because in reality they DO NOT CARE about anyone but themselves, and their only impetus is promoting their own agenda (the destruction of Christendom).