Another Example of How Darwinian Lobotomization Interferes with True Scientific Thought

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I believe, instead of proving that certain species of animal are more intelligent than they realized, scientists actually (without realizing it) learn how incredibly stupid they are.

Those who think that they can read an 18 month old's mind, or a gorilla's mind, or a dolphin's mind are as mind numb as those who think that they can tell us what rocks were doing 400 qaudrizillionbillionschmillion years ago.  I would put more faith in a forensic scatologist (as depicted one time on the tv series CSI), like the one who found some animal scat along the trail they were tracking in the desert, he picked it up broke it apart, squished it to see how moist it was, then sniffed it... (then, another CIS guy behind him said to himself and the one next to him, quiety, "Oh no, don't tell me he is going to...") and then he indeed tasted it... than I put in any scientist who bases his "paradigms" upon the evolutionary model.  If you start with a false premise, you will end in a false conclusion.  This does not mean, like the proverbial blind squirrel, that you may not eventually find a nut by mistake and discover something wonderful, but it does not exist because of the false paradigm, but rather, in spite of it.  Trusting in the false paradigm then leads into further falsehood, and that is why so many scientific theories eventually collapse... not only are they not built even on sand, they are built in the clouds (and that my friend, is the definition of psychosis).  And yet we allow psychotic scientists to be "consultants" for, and we allow corrupt Big Business, wealthy elite, and subversive special interest groups, to counsel, bribe, or intimidate equally as immoral and psychopathic politicians to then tell us the meaning of life and how we must tiptoe through their psychotic imaginary tulip patch.  Many scientists, from geologists, to anthropologists, to paleontologists, to zoologists and sociologists and psychologists, are little better than very imaginative story tellers—psychotic and immoral story tellers who demand that you jump into their delusional story with them and celebrate it as reality.  Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups who hate God.  This is the epicenter of the modern delusion, perversion, and oppression (blasphemously called, "social justice") of modern society, and the Achilles Heel of Christendom.  Reject God, and you have NO foundation—only delusion (for as long as it lasts).    Insult God enough, He will send Strong Delusion to believe even more absurd notions... to the point that the "scientist" and those who follow his "wisdom" are as mentally lobotomized as a stroke victim who does not even recognize his own nonfunctioning arm (which I term, "post-stroke limb amnesia", rather than partial stroke paralysis)—even when held up in front of his face, even when placed into his other hand.  In the fase of such paramount mental incapacitation, the importance of what a scientist imagines that a chimp "thinks" when it looks in a mirror really seems to dissipate like the steam from a tea kettle, in the light of reality and eternity.   Povinelli seems to see a little clearer through the rippling refraction of error's mirage; but in the long run, he is still calibrating his instruments to a dead horse, rather than one "galluping" in the wrong direction.

Christ, the Personification of Wisdom declares, "But he that sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate Me love death." (Proverbs 8:36)

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God" (Psalm 14:1)  This includes those fools who invent their own humanistic god in their own minds, while declaring that the BIBLICAL God (in ALL of His Attributes, not the candy-coated, impotent version, like white sugar, denuded of all nutrient, with a little fake coloring is then spun into cotton candy) does not exist, but was the figment of backward, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, knuckledragging, ignorant cave men, thus showing, that they do not even understand history and reality—which is no surprise, once you jettison the true God from your mind, all that will exist based upon that paradigm will be confusion and error.  Napoleon expressed,

“The Bible is no mere book but a Living Creature with a power that conquers all that oppose it.”

“It is strange what men can believe so long as it is not in the Bible.”

“If once the Deity of Christ be admitted, Christian doctrine exhibits the precision of algebra.”

During the war one of Napoleon's comrades expressed that he believed Christianity was false and that after the war he was going to start his own religion.  Napoleon replied, "That should not be too hard.  All you have to do is die and raise yourself from the dead".

Did Napoleon understand everything?  Of course not.  Was Napoleon a morally upright person?  That seems highly unlikely.  However, when he expressed above, all other things notwithstanding, is perfectly true.