Bernie Sanders (Sandler? Shandler?) and Double Standards

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—bring Sanders (and all other politicians like him) up on charges of SEDITION.  The U.S. Constitution is not to be interpreted in any modern person's mind (and especially not one whose "values" are completely different and opposed to those of our Founders), but it is to be interpreted in light of what was in the MIND OF THE FOUNDERS AT THE TIME that they penned and ratified the Constitution.  If Sanders and others don't like the nation that our FOUNDERS ESTABLISHED... let THEM LEAVE... (if they are not convicted of High Treason/Sedition).

Vought shows how stupid politicians are, Christians or otherwise.

All they know how to do is EVADE a question... not go for the jugular to expose the false argument...

Maybe Politicians ought to study logic, and maybe Christians ought to study logic and... here's a novel idea... maybe they ought to STUDY THE BIBLE...!

Christ did not quote Wheaton College's statement of faith when tempted by the Devil. [—and that parallel is more accurate than most people may realize.]  CHRIST QUOTED SCRIPTURE.  Here's a tip: DO THE SAME THING WHEN ASKED ABOUT YOUR RELIGION AND QUIT HIDING IN COWARDICE by evasive answers that are impotent.

—and FYI... Christ Jesus is not merely the "centrality" of salvation.... HE IS Salvation.

Vought should have said to Sanders.

This nation is majority Christian, as you yourself state, and it is so because it was founded as a Christian nation and I have 1,000 pages of documentation to prove my point, and just because modern HATERS say otherwise does not invalidate 250 years of truth.

Patrick Henry said, “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded,
not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

President Andrew Jackson said that the Bible is “the rock on which our Republic rests”

Have you heard of either of those men before?  What they say outweighs anything that you could ever say.

The Bible says "He that hath the Son (of God) hath life and he that hath not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him." 

I don't apologize for God or what He commanded.  I am not God.  I did not create the universe.  I did not write the Bible.  I simply worship and obey Him which is my duty.  Whether or not you recognize the Bible, that is between you and God on the Day of Judgment.  However, in the mean time you are in a CHRISTIAN nation... so YOU are the one that needs to be silent, respect the faith of the MAJORITY and the FOUNDERS and stop trying to subvert our nation which is High Treason and Sedition!

Islam teaches the subjugation of all other religions and says that those who do not submit should be put to death.  Are you aware of that?

The Talmud teaches the supremacy of Jews and their eventual subjugation of the entire earth under their feet.  Are you aware of that?

This nation was not founded on the Quran or the Talmud.  Are you are of that?

Do you understand basic logic?  ...that if 3 different religions consider their religion the ONLY religion, that they cannot co-exist? --epecially if the other 2 actually plan on destroying the others.  This nation was founded as a CHRISTIAN nation; not a Talmudic nation, not an Islamic nation.

Do Jews give equal status to Christians and Muslims in the State of Israeli?  Does Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim nation give equal status to Christians or Jews?  What don't you understand about this?  Can Christians or Muslims in the State of Israeli be elected to office and then change the laws of the State of Israeli to suit them instead of the Jews?  Can Christians or Jews in the Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim nation be elected to office and then change the laws to suit them instead of Muslims?  What don't you understand about this?

[If Sanders got huffy and said, "we are not in the land of Israel, this has nothing to do with the land of Israel", then Vought could reply, "then why have you visited the land of Israel in your official capacity as a U.S. politician?  You sir (and I use that title loosely) are a TRAITOR.]

One final question: Were Obama's muslim nominations grilled like this concerning their views of Christians and Jews?


Instead of being on the defensive, cowering, when attacked, those who claim to be Christians and who claim to care America NEED TO STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH AND CALL ALL AMERICAN CHRISTIANS TO STAND UP WITH HIM!

If they don't know the doctrine of the Bible, to be able to defend it coherently, why do they call themselves Christians...?

Christ said those who are lukewarm He will spue out of His Mouth.  So, Christianity is not merely "hard" on Jews and Muslims, but it is hard on Christians too.  God created the universe.  He makes the rules.


I have dial up, if anyone can find Vought's office's email or Trump's email the above information to them.


Bernie’s comments on Christians weren’t just arrogant … they were unconstitutional

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