Betsy Ross, Colon Poopernick & Pseudo-Gender / Anti-Racial / Anti-Christian Psychosis Totalitarianism — STAND UP and DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE FROM SOCIALIST, ANTI-CHRIST TOTALITARIANISM...!

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Nike pulls Betsy Ross flag shoes after Kaepernick complaint, report says

Good for Arizona!  Crudz prob. only said something because someone else stood up first.


In response to the email link above of the Nike-Colon Poopernick / Betsy Ross news story, someone emailed:
The Betsy Ross flag incident has caused a run on Betsy Ross flags. Today the democrats and liberals are saying that flying the Betsy Ross flag is the same as burning a cross or showing a swastika.
Colin Kapernick has just promoted and glorified the original symbol of American independence by his hatred of it.

My reply:

Colon needs to stop boweling in public and people need to just ignore his stupidity and people need to stop buying any product he endorses and email those companies explaining why they will not buy their products until they have a colonectomy and apologize to America... and people with businesses need to stop severing Colon and tell him to go evacuate his bowels back in Africa.  How long will people put up with insults... tearing down of our monuments... defamation and defecation on our ancestors...?  Enough was enough 50 years ago...!

Of course, next they will say that anyone who has a Betsy Ross flag inwardly wants to fly a confederate flag, but it too much of a coward...

Thus, we pass not merely from "thought crimes", but that you are guilty "Mind-Jumping thought crimes" that OTHER people claim you must be thinking... because obviously, if you fly any flag but the perverto flag, you have to be a racist and be anti-pervert.  They claim that all white people are racist, therefore, anything you do is a self-fulfilling prophecy in their mind... and they will never trust you, no matter how much you prostitute your soul and compromise the Word of God to please them.  So why even try?  Why even care?  Why neurotically tip toe through an imaginary mine-field they have created to slow you down while they breeze right through and arrive at the finish line long before you do? or you may not even make it to the finish line if you "blow up" in the virtual reality that they have created.  Stop playing their perverse games.  Stop entering their neurosis and psychosis with them.  Stop violating true morality by recognizing immorality as morality.

HEY.  NEWS FLASH.  If the U.S. was founded on RACISM and SLAVERY... THEN LEAVE, because NOTHING that you do WILL EVER CHANGE HISTORY.  Can you even THINK...?  Do you have a time machine?  Even if you do, do you think you could change the force of history (even if God was not in control of it)...?  Your stupidity is EMBARRASSING, yet all the pundits exclaim "how articulate" you are...!  If not for slavery and the white man, all blacks, in Africa or the US, would not be wearing clothes, not enjoy air conditioners, cell phones OR MACDONALD's, Fried Chicken, Watermellon, or Malt Liquor...!!! and you would have no one to protect you (the police you hate) from your own predator-people, who rape and steal and murder at whim, and who would still be capturing you from neighboring tribes and forcing you to be their slaves, until they tortured and killed you at their whim and then ate you.  Think that is not reality?  Move back to Africa and find out!  Why do blacks, who claim to hate whites, want to move out of black neighborhoods (that used to be wonderful white neighborhood)--to get away from their own people!  Whites did not steal all the good neighborhoods.  Blacks took over wonderful white neighborhoods and destroyed them.  Similarly, in South Africa, blacks claim the whites stole all the good land.  No.  They developed the land instead of laying around drunk or stealing their neighbor's cattle.  Stop making excuses.  Shut up and PROVE your equality.  Equality is not legislatively created by the wave of a pen depositing ink on paper.  That is merely a myth that people are forced to pretend is reality.  It is not reality, and anyone who can actually think knows that it is a perverse joke and only meant to rob us by forcing us to pretend to believe a ludicrous myth.

Also, this totalitarianism...  These students should sue, and thousands of other students need to do the same thing; they can't expel everyone and they can't discriminate or punish students for their views of reality.  The schools should be sued for having such teachers or hiring such teachers and the teachers should be sued PERSONALLY unless they were implementing an official rule of the school.
This one is short and excellent.  Socialist teachers, etc. engage in HUMILIATION, which is persecution and unnatural punishment for someone who has not even been convicted of a crime.  It is terrorism.

Student ejected for telling professor there are only 2 genders

Numerous students expelled from class for daring to suggest that there are only two genders and that the entire anti-white, anti-male campaign of terrorism is a house of cards without any facts to support it...!