Brief Info on Infant Formula "CRISIS" and Monkey Pox

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[Like the old expression, "He is so stupid he couldn't find his butt with both hands in a phone booth"... I realize that babies do not come with an instruction manual, but even animal mothers who give birth know where the milk comes from.  HINT: It is NOT the pet store.  Of course, I realize that due to some health problems "SOME" women may not be able to breastfeed their babies.  That should be less than 1%.  What is the excuse of the other 99%?  Presumably   This is a most-important time in infant development and the immune system of the baby, and such a massive number of women are feeding their infants formulas instead of what God created?  Corrupt companies involved in development of seeds and plants, and growers, and manufacturers, and chemical companies, have been polluting our food supply for many decades, and polluting our bodies with vaccines and other drugs—all of which have a genetic impact on our bodies (so much Roundup has been used that glyphosates are present in women's breastmilk in Canada, though Canada has outlawed Roundup; the world's food supply is contaminated, as is the world's water supply.  One has to practically be a chemist to read all the ingredients on the labels of food, just imagine what poisons are being fed to infants in formulas.  The formula and the vaccines are probably the genesis of a good percentage of all disease that appear later in life (the chemicals and preservatives in food, and the chlorine and fluoride in water, and pesticides, are probably responsible for the lion's share of the rest).  According to some sources, about 80% of mothers in the U.S. breastfeed—for some period of time; but less than 1/3 of that number do so for the full recommended year; which means 75% of all mothers of infants in the US do not breastfeed for a full year; and 20% don't breastfeed at all.  Mortality rate of infants in the US is worse than 68 other countries... even worse than Egypt, Turkey, and Peru.  Maybe it is partially because the U.S. has absorbed the refuse of other nations.  "A million babies die every year globally on the same day they were born, including more than 11,000 American newborns" ( ) and 23,000 infants in the U.S. died in 2016 not from being shot by terrorists.]