Caveat Emptor: Italian Doctor Blows the Lid Off Covid-19 hoax and unmasks the plan to depopulate the earth with the vaccine (updated)

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Pass this attached video and my comments below on to everyone you know... (and I listened to the audio and read the subtitles and know Italian well enough to know that he is not giving a recipe for lasagna; the subtitles are correct).  And this has not been the first notable Italian to denounce the socialistic mask, distancing, vaccine, unscholarly, unscientific disinformation and hysteria; there have been many, including politicians who spoke out in their parliament, and were booed by their fellow-politicians who are cowards, who are brainwashed, or those who are complicit (taking bribes) in the conspiracy, though the brave challengers were applauded by those fewer politicians who were honest.  Former Congressman and medical doctor Ron Paul has been in the forefront of attempting to expose this hoax; but the mainstream media is controlled and all those who are foolish enough to watch it are brainwashed and incapacitated by fear, and stupidly and willingly put their own necks into the embrace of Madame Guillotine thinking that she will protect them.

MANY professionals, at the top of their profession, doctors, scientists, researchers, etc., have long exposed vaccines (which I have exposed for 30 years) and Covid-19 (see my previous Ruminations on my homepages).  However, the majority of such professionals (prostitutes) are afraid to stand up... not wanting to lose their business license,* afraid of losing their medical license, etc.

[* —and where in the Constitution or the Bible do we need a license to earn a living? which is not only a right—but a Command of God: Six days a week shalt thou labor and do all thy work; and they cannot tax us for our obedience to God!]

But such professionals, men of learning, men of influence need to wake up and smell the death camps.  It will not stop here... even if they have no conscience and can sleep knowing they did nothing to stop evil so that they could earn a comfortable living... like cattle in an ever-constricting chute to the slaughterhouse... they will soon learn the stupidity of their avaricious cowardice.  Every nation that was overthrown by the communists the new regime then simply liquidated all those in its way, including the useful idiots and immoral cowards who helped them gain power—executed without a trial, or if there was a trial, it was a mock trial, a mere formality.  Even today in communist nations people (dissidents) simply disappear off the street.  Communists never forgive or forget any perceived insult; they merely wait until the time is ripe for revenge.  There is no honor among thieves.  They know that they can trust no one and it is "kill them before they get a chance to kill you".  As is depicted in a plethora of gangster movies, or cowboy outlaw movies, or movies like "The Italian Job" of high-tech bankrobbers, they usually turn on their own because: 1. "dead men tell no tales" and 2. splitting the money no ways is better than splitting the money 6 ways, to one without a conscience. 

Even those cowards and traitors who are "rewarded" after a regime change rarely enjoyed their "favor" and remuneration very long.  No one has respect for cowards or traitors—they can't be relied upon; they can't be trusted.

“And how we burned in the labor camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive, and had to say good-bye to his family?  Or if people had not simply sat there, palling with terror, but had understood that they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up an ambush of a half-dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?  The cursed machine would have ground to a halt.  If, if, if!  We didn't love freedom enough.  We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” —Aleksandr Solzhenitzen (former Gulag prisoner, mathematician, Nobel Prize-winning author)

The global elite billionaires, mostly Talmudists, think that planet earth is theirs.  They purposely overpopulated the Third World to create a massive, mindless, pliable, destructive army to invade, weaken, and cause Christendom to fall, which is also why they created and ballooned the Welfare State (another communist tool).  Those leeches who have lived off the system, thinking that because they are lazy or have aches or pains or a disability, that somehow they are not responsible for themselves and deserve an all-expenses paid lifetime to be provided for them (which is in violation of our Constitution and in violation of the Bible) have been used as mindless, immoral pawns to help weaken the nation (and like the savages—continue reproducing more like themselves; thinking it is someone elses responsibility to pay for their irresponsibility).  However, once the communists take power, this scum of society will be given the mother-of-all wake-up calls: "Get to work or die!" Again, there is no honor among thieves.  All those on welfare will be told to work or starve to death; or the death squads may simply eliminate them and bury in a mass grave.  Useless eaters are... useless.  They are worse than useless; they are consumers who produce nothing but more useless nonproducing consumers.

When that finally happens and the elite globalist billionaires take over, they want to depopulate the earth by 90% (this doctor says 80%)... they don't want useless eaters using up "their resources" and they only want enough left to serve them... yes, it sounds outlandish—and that is what the Satanists bank on: the fact that generally moral people will believe such a plan and such evil people to be preposterous ("impossible: no one is that evil"):

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." —J. Edgar Hoover

That is what the enemy counts on... and the average mind, incapacitated by fear, simply shuts down... and engages in escapist fantasy, amusement, leisure, even submission to evil—anything but face reality.

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [rebuke] them." (Ephesians 5:11)

Christ said

"ye are the salt of the earth..." 

As I wrote in 1991, salt preserves meat for one reason: it kills bacteria.  However, Christ continued,

"but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men"


"but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be seasoned?  It is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill; but men cast it out.  He that hath ears to hear, let him hear."

Understand: The word "savour" here does NOT mean "flavor".  The Greek word means INSIPID—doltish, moronic.  Seasoned (which is a poor rendering of the Greek in this case, which is clearly only intended figuratively) in its literal meaning means, "raised up", as suspended in the air (possibly inferring resurrection); and in a figurative meaning, "have sins expiated".  So if the salt is corrupted / polluted and is no longer salt (because it absorbed all the pollutants in its environment rather than being separate as God commanded) —what can make it salt again? (nothing).  Our lives are not a chemistry experiment or a video game in which you get 3 lives and if you die you stick in another .50 cents and play another game.  We get one shot.  That necessitates doing it right.

All you have to do is look at the filth of Hollywood and what it has created in our nation, and the utter psychopathology of the invaders, to realize this plan of depopulation is no mythological fear hysteria—any more than is the unconstitutional plan of inviting savages into our nation, putting them on a taxpayer-funded breeding program, and not only not prosecuting their crimes, but letting them vote and run for office and destroy our nation by turning it into the type of nation from which they fled (which they also destroyed)—and then their (unconstitutionally) voting our own nation out from under us and then turning against us.

These same evil elitist global billionaires (who own most of the politicians) pull the levers of war and the FDA is historically known for testing its dangerous drugs on unsuspecting people; and the counterparts to the FDA in nonchristian nations have even fewer scruples.  These elitist billionaires think that it is their right to rule the world (unelected) and they unleash wars and drugs (and laboratory made diseases, as well as toxic chemicals and dirty electricity and radiation) and aliens upon our nations—for they are unhindered by the cumbersome inconvenience of a moral conscience.  They are like the evil Winston Churchill, who, when asked how he slept knowing that he sent tens of thousands of British youth to die, he replied, "—like a baby".  Those without a conscience don't suffer guilt or remorse.   

The degeneration of Christendom into a secular state and the absorption of the Third World has created several entire generations of psychopaths, which is why we have about 2.3 million prisoners.  Realize that only about 1 in 500 criminals is caught and prosecuted successfully; and many who are successfully prosecuted and imprisoned are released early.  Very few are sentenced to death modernly (and usually only if they attacked the mythical entity known as "the government") as they should be (instead of taxing the people $75,000 / year for each criminal).  Now with so-called "sanctuary" cities many crimes are not even bothered about by those who were elected to office and hired to protect the people.  In California, or at least LA, thefts of under $900 are not even prosecuted!  So, how long would it take for your business to go under if a person stole $900 / day or if 10 different people robbed you of $800 each week?  Again, this alone shows the utter evil and psychopathology of those in positions of power who passed such unconstitutional, immoral, godless, unconstitutional "laws"—but these same corrupt politicians will send police around to make sure people at the beach are wearing a mask or sitting 6 feet apart; and will fine them hundreds of dollars or even arrest them if they do not "comply".  Cuomo won't let people drink a Big Gulp or drink with a straw...!  They pass laws where someone can be fined $400,000 for not addressing someone by the proper pronoun!  Some corrupt city governments pass out free condoms and drug needles to criminals and ignore the tens of thousands of aliens living on our streets, destroying our cities, assaulting, raping, murdering—stealing from us all of the neighborhoods and even megacities that our ancestors built.  Now they are even talking the stupidity of making white people pay $10-12 (or $120) TRILLION in spurious reparations to the savages. 

God save Your people, convict them of their sin against You and grant them the Spirit of Repentance and destroy the wicked! 

All that has happened is the result—the inevitable result of turning from the only way that works, the way that God commanded; upon which our nation and all the nations of Christendom were founded, before corrupt leaders took over and began implementing the Talmudic plan of the antichrists.

Most vaccines, as most all things in life, seem to follow the Bell Curve of probability.  The intention of vaccines is not to cure disease—but to incubate disease, ideally, to appear several decades later (when it is harder to tie the criminal to the crime and the victim) to create a constant flow of business / monetary gain for the drug companies (owned by the same people as the oil companies), for government agencies, special interest groups, medical schools, and for those doctors who will "play by the (elitist, conspirators') rules". 

The majority of people fall in that "sweet spot" of the bell curve, and develop degenerative disease (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc.—and a contaminated diet full of GMO, pesticides, artificial colors, flavors, violation of God's dietary laws, tobacco, "illegal drugs" and presecription drugs, dirty electricity, radiation, etc. help assure that the diseases have the perfect environment to breed). 

A smaller percentage, maybe 8 to 18% will fall just outside the upper and lower limits of the bell curve, and either develop health problems a little sooner or a little later (and understand also that assault on our DNA; chromosome DNA coding errors are cumulative—so a weakened immune system / weakened DNA results in passing on all those genetic flaws, old and new, to each successive generation—so this is pure and simple GENOCIDE). 

Finally, an even smaller percentage, maybe 3 to 5% will fall at the very top or bottom of the bell curve: some will develop disease in a very short period of time, or immediately (such as autism), and a percentage will even die immediately; while others, because of the rare roll of the genetic dice will have immune systems, or a combination of factors fall just right so that they do not develop disease. 

But showing the corruption and deceit involved... despite the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been thrown to "fight" the cancer, heart disease, and other "industries"—more people succumb to these diseases and even sooner... a larger percentage of the population develops them.  How odd, despite nearly limitless funding, decade after decade, and an army of "experts"—the problems just get worse.  That is "government" in a nutshell.  As I have explained in another Rumination, they have the "Anti-midas Touch"—everything golden they touch turns to crap.  It is no mistake.  They don't merely have "bad luck".  They are not merely incompetent.  They purposely fail in all they do because that is what weakens us to destroy Christendom.

The mindless sheep are programmed to believe the "government" "experts" concerning medicine and disease and live in fear (because of their own ignorance) and trained to comply with whatever they are told* and to implicitly worship the doctors as gods, and the Head of the FDA as the Almighty, who is Omnipotent and Omniscient.  But the masses are so mindlessly dumbed down they don't question why gods need to carry malpractice insurance.  They don't recognize the blatant hypocrisy that they demand to be obeyed as the only authority on all matters that have to do with health and disease—but when they fail and people are injured and die they then claim they are only human and medicine is not an exact science!  Somehow they ignore the fact that there are 500,000 to a million deaths a year in the US due to iatrogenic causes (deaths caused by doctors, hospitals or prescription drugs), and that each year in the US about 650,000 die of heart disease, about 610,000 each year die of cancer (nor are they told that most cancer patients who seek treatment don't live any longer than had they not sought treatment, but hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per person were harvested from the victims or insurance companies—and insurance companies are bailed out or secretly subsidized by the taxpayers, whether they realize it or not).   FISH IN A BARREL!  The people are scared silly into communist compliance with masks and gloves (neither of which does anything to prevent the spread of the covid virus) and neurotically obey taped lines and submit to financial ruin.  They undergo all this out of fear because a few thousand people have died (not from, but with covid), who probably would have died from the regular flu—people who regularly get vaccines, are on pharamceutical medications, are old, in poor health, with numerous other health problems and the covid statistics have been false manipulated like silly putty, exaggerating covid death by 100 fold.  It is truly amazing how fearfully compliant people have been... like sheep to the slaughter... they don't even open their mouths.

[* —just as they are programmed to accept the invasion of aliens, vandalism, theft, violent crime, chaos, riots, terrorism, unconstitutional taxes and destruction of our currency by inflation due to government counterfeiting, and an unpayable mythical National Debt, just like they passively accept wars and political corruption as "normal").  They are brainwashed and desensitized into accepting the fact (and the younger generation is raised in that putrid environment, never knowing anything else, thus thinking) that in the U.S. 27,000 murders a year and a rape every 2 minutes is "normal" and that it is how things have "always been"—but it is not normal and things have NOT always been that way.  But people are brainwashed, intimidated, or incapacitated through fear into compliance, apathy, and inactivity.  It starts in the public schools.  That is the purpose of the public schools.  That is one of the Planks of the Communist Manifesto.  The media and "entertainment" and the "State" (apostate) churches act as a continual additional brainwashing agent to make sure that competing thoughts never have a chance.]

Choose you this day.

Christ or antichrist.  There is no middle ground.

Christ is not your Lord if you do not obey Him (and the majority of what is taught as "Christianity" today is not Christianity, is not the teaching of Christ, but friend-of-the-world humanism! and violates what Christ commanded and works against Him—is His enemy: the apostate / harlot church).  If you want to know what God forbade, hates, and condemns, but are too lazy to read God's Word or too dull-minded or brainwashed with humanism to understand it, all you have to do is look and see what the world loves, promotes, and celebrates.  If you want to know what God commanded, blesses, and loves, but are too lazy to read God's Word or too dull-minded or brainwashed with humanism to understand it, all you have to do is look and see what the world hates, demonizes, and persecutes.

Drug needles and condoms are passed out free to drug addicts and prostitutes, crimes of armed robbery under $900 are not prosecuted, vandalism and destruction our monuments and laws protecting them are ignored, illegal aliens pour through our borders, politicians routinely commit treason and no one bats an eye—yet if someone finds out that a politician or true professional used "a single word" or wore a certain costume to a party 30 or 40 years ago, he is forced to resign, fired, or illegally discriminated against.  If someone is a Christian, the antichrists now in control of the reins of our government consider a person being a Christian renders him unfit for that office—despite the fact that we were founded as a Christian nation and from the beginning only true Christians were allowed to hold office!

Guess what...? Christ is not your Saviour if He is not your LORD.  Your LORD is the one whom you IMPLICITLY OBEY.  Scripture says we were "saved unto good works (obedience to all that God commanded—every jot and tittle) that God before ordained that we should walk therein" (Ephesians 2:10).

God gave us only about 613 laws, all of them for our good, many even common sense that intelligent people follow by instinct (like burying your fecal matter if you have to do it in the woods or a field—even cats know to do that; but "dogs" do not).  Our corrupt renegade public servants who think that they are the "government" in the US have passed over 300,000 federal laws alone, most of which can land you in jail if you violate them, which are written and compiled in about 35 large hardback volumes written in 6 to 7 point sized print and which occupy over 17 feet of shelf-space—most of which are passed to enslave and rob us.

[The main text in this Rumination is 18-point Book Antiqua; below is Times New Roman; though the 12 point may not be in proper proportion to this 18-point, it is in proper proportion to the 7 and 6 sample below.

Over 300,000 Federal laws—not counting State, County, City, etc.]

But stupid Christians have been deceived into believing and obeying antichrists and wicked men—and claiming that what God commanded is "too much"...!  Truly the carnal mind is irrational!

Jesus said,

"My sheep know My Voice and follow [obey] Me... the voice of a stranger they will not follow"


"Think NOT that I am come to destroy the Law... I am NOT come to destroy the Law... not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law..." 

The Law is God's Standard of Morality: His "House Rules" that He expects His children to obey.  Disobedience breaks fellowship, removes God's blessing and protection, and God will not even hear the prayers of the one in sin, whether ignorant or willful. 

THAT is why the false prophets have taught that God abolished His Own Law—a preposterous notion if you actually understand God's Nature; and that is why Christendom has been destroyed.  Works were never for salvation.  The fruit does not make the tree; the tree makes the fruit.  A child obeying his father does cause him to become his father's son—that was determined by the will of the father by procreation.  Obedience demonstrates one is an honorable son whom the father will bless and who will inherit of the father.  Keeping God's Law does not save—truly being converted by God's Holy Spirit causes one to be indwelled by the Holy Spirit, to understand the Word of God, delight in it, to want to obey, and to do all that God commanded.  Those spiritually dead have no such desire. 

"Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh" (everything that God forbade).

Walking in the Spirit is not something we do; it is the Spirit in us who carries us along—IF He is in us.

Christ is not Saviour if He is not Lord.

"19What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?  20For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s." (I Corinthians 6)

Those who don't... weren't.

Your Lord is the one you obey.

If you do not obey as God commanded, you were not bought with a price, since obviously you think you are your own.  His sheep follow Him; they don't go their own way or follow strangers; those who go their own way and / or follow strangers are not His.

Every tree is known by its fruit.


The only ones who will survive the coming Wrath (of the Dragon vomiting forth a flood to drown the woman and her child—the Third World invading Christendom)—the only survivors of the true Remnant of God will be those who have the Faith / Testimony of Christ Jesus and who obey the Commandments of God (Revelation 12:17; 14:12).  The obedience does not contribute to salvation; it is a by-product of true salvation.  Obedience show that faith is real; it shows there is actual life (and that the child was not "still born").  Like energy that has been charged into a battery and that battery then inserted into an appliance; the appliance does not perform such works to gain the battery—but because it has the battery.  So also is the true regenerate believer: God calls from death unto life, at the time of regeneration (new life) God imparts faith and the by-product of that true faith is obedience.  Faith without works is dead, because faith without works is not faith; but counterfeit.  True faith produces God's works in a true child of God.


Those who prefer to fear disinformation and submit to unconstitutional violation of your rights to life, liberty, property, religion, to be safe and secure in your person, houses, papers, and effects, and your right to contract and not contract, and your right to repel violence and attempted violence with lethal force; and those who don't care about the Fall of the U.S. and the Fall of all Christendom and the destruction of all your family and friends and the ruin of your life and theirs by the outbreak of real disease or even death as the result of the Covid vaccine... by all means... submit to the genetic game of Russian Roulette and have faith that the "gods of the game" (of vaccine Russian Roulette) and the gods of the bell curve will be kind to you.  But then you have no right to be an American.

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels or arms.  Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.  May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” —Samuel Adams (speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776)

Christians who do not stand up for what Christ would stand up, and Christians who do not rebuke and renounce and denounce what Christ would have... deny Christ... and Christ shall deny them on the Day of Judgment.  Your Lord is the one whom you obey.


R.A. Balaicius

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