"Certifiably" INSANE...!

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New Jersey to dispense "gender NEUTRAL" birth certificates.






HOW in the world are the police ever going to be able to find a criminal suspect....? and "protect" us...?

Imagine the below politically correct scenario (or should that be scenaria...? or scenariette...?)—

"PSHHHHT... calling all cars (or trucks or motorcycles or helicopters or drones or bicycles or scooters or skateboards or flatfoots)...  here is an "all-points bulletin":

Be on the lookout... the suspect may be white or black or brown or yellow or red...

The suspect may be a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu or even an atheist... 

The suspect may be young or middle aged or old...

The suspect may be short or tall or fat or skinny...

The suspect may be strong or weak or walk with a limp, use crutches or be in a wheelchair...

The suspect may be a man or woman; or a man who thinks he is a woman; or a woman who thinks she is a man; or a man who was surgically turned into a woman; or a woman who was surgically turned into a man; —or any combination or inverse or reverse of the above (I think the Dominion of Cana-DUH recognizing 19 tutifrutti flavors). 

Be very very careful... the suspect may or may not be dangerous and may or may not be armed or legged. 

The suspect may or may not even be a suspect. 

Act accordingly, over... psshshhht."

To make it easier, the police will begin issuing bulletins the same way that the leftist new organizations "report" (fabricate) "news"—

"PHSSSHHHT.... Calling all cars... Be on the lookout for a white, Christian male who committed some heinous crime (we have not invented the crime yet)... even if he did not commit the crime, he probably wanted to commit the crime, and "intent" is part of criminal culpability... and even if a nonwhite, nonchristian nonmale committed the crime, the white, Christian male drove him / her / it to it... and not only should he/she/it/she-it/it-she, etc., not be prosecuted, but should be given a medal and reparations going back 200 years...  over... pshhhht...  Breaking update... we need to check to see if what the suspect did is even a crime any more, but bring the white, Christian male in anyway... we'll find something he's guilty of... over... pssshhhtt..."


God help us all...!  Send a WORLD WIDE pestilence and take out only those who HATE YOU and Your (the ONLY) Standard of Morality (Your Holy Law, upon which morality alone is based) and all those who hate YOUR PEOPLE (the only true peoples of Christendom) and remove all those who are PERVERSE.  Grant any persons deliverance from their profound delusion and perversion and grant them the knowledge of sin and conviction and shame of it unto repentance—but if You have not ordained them unto life PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start removing them now... Start from the top and the bottom and work Your way to the middle of the food chain, please...!