Church Regulation and Taxation Intended to Destroy Christianity & Red Betrayal of Our Churches

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In the booklet I have reprinted

The Red Betrayal of our Churches, by Elizabeth Dilling (30pp., booklet 3.00 + P&H—well worth reading and distributing), Dilling writes

The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism (see page 109, The Red Network [by Dilling]) says:
“for many, Modernism is but a stopover on the road to Atheism.  Perhaps we should have a little more patience with these our weaker brothers who are unable to go straight from Orthodoxy to Atheism without resting at the camps of Liberalism.  Modernism being no abiding place for a reasoning mind some of them will yet arrive.  For the present we should train our guns principally on such religious standpatters as the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant hotbeds of Fundamentalism.”

This is what I have said for years.  Liberalism, modernism, Arminianism, Sadduceeism, are all like the nicotine, "step down" program, to slowly (even over several generations*), wean weak-minded, weak-moralled Christians off the Word of God entirely.

[* The enemy is usually more dedicated at being patient to their slow, long-term goal, than Christians are at being faithful to God.]

See also: Traitors In the Pulpit and Treason Toward God (1946) Kenneth Goff, 62pp., 5.50 + P&H.

Most Americans (and Europeans / Britons, etc.) are communists and don't even know it.  If you told them so, they would get hot under the color and even assault you.  But they are ignorant of what they believe, what Communism is, what Freedom is, and what true Theology is.  They are pretty much ignorant of everything other than the superbowl, country music, hollywood, and the official version of any news story.  Communism reveals itself through REGULATION and WELFARE (which is achieved through robbing those who are industrious and rewarding those who are lazy-ass good-for-nothings and other thieves content to enjoy a life of leisure at the expense of hard-working people).  Like the taxation (mentioned below) and like the perversion of true Christianity (mentioned above) so also has Christendom been weaned off freedom and the politicians and preachers, like pimps and drug pushers, have gotten the populace hopelessly addicted to Communism and they don't even know it.  Communism is regulation... it starts out slow and then like a black hole sucks in everything.  Thomas Jefferson said, "A government large enough to supply all your needs is big enough to take everything you own".  There is no free lunch.  It violates the laws of reality.  What goes up must come down.  Unless your name is Jesus and you can break a few tiny loaves of bread and a few tiny dried fish and continue to multiply it by dividing it, then there is no free lunch or free ride and if you are eating or riding for free, then unless it is the result of someone elses benevolence and willingly giving it to you, then it is the result of theft and you are an accomplice.

For more details, see my edition of The Communist Manifesto (1848) [Originally titled: “Manifest of the Communist Party”] by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (56pp.)  — with Illustrated Historical Introduction — & A Comparison of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, “Democracy,” and Marxist, Unconstitutional U.S. Law, with the Bill of Rights / the 10 Amendments to the Constitution and the 10 Commandments - also containing the Declaration of Independence, Common Law Citations, Court Rulings and Quotes on Freedom, added by Robert Alan Balaicius; Including photos, background information, and photos of these and more: Karl Marx, Philips Corporation family, Adam Weishaupt, Bernard Lazare, Winston Churchill, Dr. Oscar Levy, Maurice Samuel, Marcus Eil Ravage, Samuel Roth, Vladimir Lenin, David Ben-Gurion, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Harry Waton, Friedrich Engels, Moses Hess, Theodore Herzl, Jacob Schiff, Judah P. Benjamin, Albert Pike, John Wilkes Booth, Charles Booth, William Booth, Rabbi Isadore Loeb, Dimitry Manuilsky, 128pp. total, pb., 12.50 + P&H.  Also exposes the Marxist roots of the modern banking conspiracy and so-called "National Debt" and government's illegal and over-spending, and those who opposed it: quotes by Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, as well as several U.S. Presidents who spoke out against it and tried to stop it and were assassinated (Lincoln, Garrison, Kennedy).

Communism is REGULATION.  Freedom is... well... FREEDOM.  Freedom to do whatever you please as long as it does not violate the Law of God and as long as it does not truly injure someone else (and calling someone a name or not inviting them to your party or into your house or business is not an injury).

And concerning the below... if there is supposed to be a separation of the church and state (which is nowhere so stated in the Constitution), the state therefore has no authority to regulate the church; they are to be separate powers.

The term Religion when used by the Puritans and our Founders referred solely to Christianity, the only true religion.  Congress not making any law respecting religion referred to the Federal government not recognizing one DENOMINATION of Christianity over the other; HOWEVER, that did NOT mean that the individual states could not do so.  The U.S. Constitution was NEVER meant to "replace" the individual State Constitutions, the States were NEVER intended to change to please a federal entity.

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The following was posted on Face book by Dr. Greg Dixon on May 20, 2017

Dr. Robert McCurry relates the following in the December 12, 1982 issue of The Temple Times:
"Several years before his death in 1976, which would be the early 70's, and long before, there emerged the type of persecution of the church and its ministries in America by the government as is now so visible, Baptist evangelist B. B. Caldwell made the following prediction in a sermon entitled, 'Seven World-Shaking Events Soon to Come to Pass.'
"I predict that the final oppression of Christianity will start with taxation. . . there will be universal taxation. This will start with a series of independent churches and missionary associations, thereby casting a shadow upon their integrity and raising doubts in the minds of their contributors as to the validity of their ministry.

"The government will haul ministers of the Gospel into court on alleged tax irregularities and challenge ministerial authority of independent ministers of the Gospel. The government will get rid of independent ministers, churches, and associations, and a State church will be set up."