Contaminated "Thinking" (if it can be called that) of some "Patriots" is helping to destroy Christendom

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Do They Do It on Purpose?

by leeduigon

Comment by the person who emailed me this article:

Until we have a more educated, less brainwashed and moral populace, I'm afraid we'll have to have some state interference in our affairs, and hope for the best, lest we go to hell altogether. Hopefully these "statists" will have the proper moral and religious upbringing and proper attitude lacking in nearly all the legistraitors now.
The cultural marxist takeover in the looniversities actually began with the move of The Frankfurt School to the US in the 1920s. The infiltration began at Columbia U. It didn't build up a head of steam until later, especially by the mid-1960's. I have a DVD that explains this evolution.
Salty and Serious Sid
Comment back to him from someone on his email list:

Sid, of course, I agree with the intent & spirit of your comments below.

However, your statement:  “And I heard a discussion of how fast can we legalize marijuana, and sports betting, and eventually prostitution: as the state leads foolish people into vice and helps them ruin themselves.” would imply that you somehow still believe that it’s moral or appropriate to give agents of the State the power to punish you for performing acts that involve no coercion (force &/or fraud), such as growing, manufacturing, buying, selling, using substances that politicians/bureaucrats don’t want you to be growing, manufacturing, buying, selling, or voluntarily betting on sports events (or stocks??) or buying/selling sexual activities.

Have you really become that much of a Statist, Sid??!?  Do you really believe that the State should be running your life, rather than YOU taking responsibility for your own actions??

RE:  “I don't know where this tree draws its nourishment, but it sure has ugly, foul-smelling fruit, poisonous to eat.”, I think the roots come from Marx, Hegel, et al, implemented in the USA by Dewey & others.  The university chairs & top posts in US “teachers colleges” have been staffed by Marxists since they fled the toppling of the Berlin Wall in ’89.  The purpose of the “public schools” (aka, State indoctrination centers, is to create a population of complacent, compliant, dumbed-down willing-slaves … & obviously., they’re extremely efficient at accomplishing that goal.


My comments to all of the above:

The error in the below accusation is due to an antichrist mindset.  Our nation--all of our nations were founded upon the morality established in the Holy Bible.  No amount of subterfuge and subversion over the centuries can erase that fact.  Not all behavior is legal, moral, or acceptable.  The problem arises when the line of morality is confused.  Drugs destroy the mind and body and also lead to crime for those addicted to procure them.  Those who fry their brains then expect the people to pay for their worthless existence for the rest of their lives.  Adultery and whoredom are immoral.  Buying / selling sexual actives is immoral and illegal; it leads to the degeneracy of the nation, crossing the racial and gender barrier, spreads disease, and leads to mongrel offspring and destruction of the family unit which is the building block of the nation.  Outlawing what God declared to be sin and abominations is not "Statism" and that is an ignorant and base accusation.  Jews were the ones to first subvert the morality of Christendom under the false notion of individual rights--and THAT is what leads to STATISM, the more immoral society becomes, the greater power and control the governmental elite must wield, and in doing so, they then begin to make laws that benefit only themselves, and restrict and regulate everything.

The confusion of "state interference" is erroneous in terms of valid constitutional law, for elected (and appointed) officials are public servants who have NO RIGHT to CHANGE the Constitution, only preserve it in its original intent.  The enforcing of BIBLICAL MORALITY is not "state interference".

Stepping over the lawful bounds of limited authority temporarily granted to public servants is state interference, and it is treason.

Those who deny the morality of the Word of God and think people should be free to commit whatever perverse, self-destructive activity (which eventually endangers other)... please move to a third world nation and you will fit right in...!

and as Roosevelt said, "Nothing happens by accident in politics, even two politicians passing each other in the hall.  If it happens, you can know that it was planned that way".

It is not merely "education".  Education is merely one part of the equation.  It must be the RIGHT information that is "educated" into people (the truths believed and taught by our Founding Fathers and upon which our nation was founded) and those people must be OUR people.  It does NO good to train chimpanzee and parrots to go mechanically through rote behaviour, mindlessly, not even under understanding the purpose.

The education which founded our nation was established wholly on the Word of God: the only source of Morality.  Anyone who does not realize this has never done any true study of our nation in history, constitutional  law or the philosophy of ethics and therefore, has never truly thought and does not know how to think truly, and therefore, has nothing to add to the conversation.