Covid ... the Last Straw... BEWARE!

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Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law all those involved in this yet-another hoax perpetrated upon the world.

Even without considering the fact that the numbers are inflated possibly 10 to 100 times those who actually died FROM (not merely “with”) this man-made virus—even 90,000 deaths in the U.S. is NOT an epidemic.  It is NOT a “world-wide” epidemic that justifies shutting down the world.  The governments of Christendom DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to shut down one single person‘s life, stop his movement or interfere with his pursuit of happiness or take from him his property (unless it can be proved that he has committed an actual crime—not statutory, but Constitutional—and damaged someone; and then, his restitution is to be made to the one that he injured, not to the “State”).  Those who want to live in Banana-republic dicatorships—there are numerous such places of “safety” in the world.  Pick one and move to it!  You have NO right to attempt to turn the U.S. (or any other nation of Christendom) into a communist police state and the very attempt is High Treason and Sedition.  The corrupt, renegade government employees—public servants (not our “masters”) have the “power”* but they do not have the Constitutional authority, and therefore, they are guilty of High Treason and Sedition against the true people of the nations of Christendom.  Congress has NO authority to change the Constitution.  It is to be interpreted in the spirit in which it was passed with the intentions of those who wrote it at the time that they wrote it, and it is to be interpreted according to the Common Law.**

[* —especially because 95% of the populace is immoral—receiving their “paychecks” from said “governments”, ignorant, fearful, complacent, and compliant.  Those who are imported aliens (and all generations therefrom), those who are government employees or who receive welfare, unemployment, disability, etc. have no rights.  You have only “privileges”.  In reality, they are slaves.  Therefore, they have no rights over the true and free populace.

** See the book listed at the end of this Rumination, for more information and documentation.]

All those involved in this crime against humanity need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including:

- all those who funded and created this virus,

- all those who disseminated the false information,

- all those who are knowingly falsifying the numbers for financial enrichment [defrauding the U.S. government] and to perpetuate the hoax,

- all those who have overstepped their Constitutional authority to declare martial law and restrict freedom, movement, life, liberty and property / pursuit of happiness, to those pushing the vaccines,

- all those who played any role in this Corona-Bologna, whether out of conspiracy or stupidity.

Those involved in all these crimes are allegedly “professionals”.  They cannot claim “oops”.  They are overpaid and receive a plethora of benefits that they not only do not deserve, but which are unconstitutional (and thus, they defraud and rob the people on a daily basis*).  Thomas Jefferson said that when a man assumes a public trust he is to consider himself public property.  The corrupt renegade public servants (local, State, and Federal) think that they are untouchable oligarchs.  They need to be prosecuted.  When a person‘s crimes affect so many people, cause so much pain and suffering and death, cause so many billions or trillions of dollars of damage that the criminals can never compensate the victims, there can be only one just sentence for their crimes.

[* Even animals, wild or domesticated, when “they get used to” having things a certain way—begin to consider it their “right” and even demand it or take it by violence.  Hence, parks have signs saying, “Don‘t feed the animals”.  Where are the signs, “Don‘t feed the politicians!” ...? or “Don‘t feed the criminals, aliens, or those who refuse to work and earn a living!” ...?  What happened to the Puritan—Biblical—Work Ethic that made this nation what it once was...?  II Thessalonians 3:10.  That work ethic and as even President U.S. Grant called it, “the sheet anchor of our liberties” is the Bible and the Morality established by it alone upon which our nation was indefatigably founded (the only way it can be denied is for a person to close his eyes, turn his back, and refuse to look at the evidence).  Once the Bible and true morality has been rejected, there is no depths to which society will not plummet.  Only after the Biblical foundation has been destroyed is the Welfare State and Police State possible.]

Timothy McVey was executed for allegedy blowing up the Murrah Federal Building.

Imagine someone who stockpiled explosives and was making the world‘s largest bomb with plans to blow up the entirety of planet earth?  If he was caught before his crime, what do you think his legal sentence would be?  Of course, it would be death.  So it should be with all those involved, from the highest to the lowest, in this attempted destruction of Christendom and reducing the entire world into a Police State.  Had this virus, terribly weak as it is, never been invented, never been funded by corrupt “governments” most (if not all) of those persons who have died “with” covid would not have died as soon as they did.  Some may have died weeks later; some years later.  If someone is dying of disease or bodily trauma—and he does not want to die—and you shoot and kill him 1 minute before he would died or 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week before he was thought to being going to die, that would be murder. 

All those involved in this hoax have BLOOD on their hands, and they have created* a multi-trillion dollar TRAIN WRECK that has ruined MILLIONS of lives.  They have illegally forced millions of businesses to close their doors, while they have allowed others to remain open.  That is discrimination of the highest order.  They have put millions of people out of business and ruined them financially with zero authority


[* For decades corrupt politicians have been importing or ignoring millions of undocumented, unscreened Third-world aliens from nations rife with disease, allowing them to circulate freely among us (and commit crimes)... For decades corrupt politicians have IGNORED the ”homeless“ population causing disease and committing crimes, ruining property values, even giving them needles to commit crimes and continue their illegal drug habit... for decades of teaching limitless “free love” and homoperversion to the point that 70% of the U.S. youth population and 33% of the entire population have a sexually transmitted disease (THAT is an EPIDEMIC!)... for decades the corrupt politicians (who have NO authority to establish their own twisted modern notions of morality and have NO authority to force their humanist philosophy on the rest of the population) have been teaching people to EMBRACE aliens and diseased perverts (the HIPPA laws were invented to protect the identity of diseased perverts, shacking everyone else... and now those laws themselves are ignored in a plethora of ways due to Corona-Bologna)....  and now they are trying to force everyone who is healthy to wear a mask, stay home, stay 6 feet away from their own family members, not talk to their neighbors, —and a myriad of other anti-intellectual nonsense.  It is about CONTROL.  They are cranking down the end-stages of the Planks of the Communist Manifesto.  They have had it in place for many decades, profiting by endless (communist) “Regulations” (fees, fines, taxes, etc.); now they are implementing it existentially!  In some locales unconstitutional, statutory “laws” had been passed so that it was illegal for someone to walk into a store or even down the side walk wearing a motorcycle helmet, jacket with a hood, or even wear a hat and sunglasses (unless, of course, you were a Muslim or Seikh) —now, in many places, everyone is FORCED to cover their faces by wearing a mask!  For many decades contamined food has been imported from Mexico, China, India, etc., without any regulation or proper inspection to which U.S. facilities are (unconstitutionally) forced to “comply”, even using deadly chemicals that have been outlawed in the U.S.  The FDA has allowed an unlimited amount of chemicals to be added to our food supply, poisoning us.  The pharmaceutical industry and vaccine industry and pesticide industry have all been poisoning us for many decades.  The corrupt politicians have been importing terrorism and putting it on a tax-payer funded breeding program, while ilelgally restricting the rights of true Americans.  Now all of the sudden the corrupt politicians care about our health and safety?  PUH-LEASE...!  Is anyone stupid enough to believe that!  They wanted a flimsy excuse to counterfeit many more trillion dollars to destroy our economy and rob the wealth of the people by devaluating the money they have, while at the same time, putting nearly the entire nation out of work.  This is High Treason.  This is Sedition.  This is CONSPIRACY and not merely “theory”.]

Sick people can lawfully be quarantined (though they have not been for many decades, protecting those perverts with communicable diseases)—NOT healthy people; NOT “non-vaccinated” people.  The totalitarian practice of forcing nonvaccinated people to stay away, not attend school, college, etc. is not only a violation of their rights, but it is stupidity.  Are the corrupt self-imagined “dictators” (and those whom they brainwash) afraid that the vaccinated people are going to “catch health” from the nonvaccinated people?  If the vaccines work, like the charlatan medical establishment claims, those who are vaccinated have NOTHING  to fear from the nonvaccinated.  Again, this shows the level of IGNORANCE of the general populace to be able to be fooled into believing the VERY OPPOSITE of what is the only logical and truthful information.  But it is the only way that the corrupt dictators and mind-shapers of society (politicians and their “experts”) can sustain their PROPAGANDA and hence, their jobs, and the millions and billions that they unjustly gain from robbing the people (and poisoning them).

Nonvaccinated people are healthier than vaccinated people.  People NOT on prescription drugs are healthier than those who are on them.  That was some of the overlooked data in this fiasco:

Those who are vaccinated and those who are on prescription medicine are MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to this puny strain of virus. 

Leave it to “government” screw-ups and underachieving, mediocre, losers who could not make it in the real world of business and therefore have made a career in “government”—leave it to them to create a man-made virus for the purpose of killing off billions of people, and they can‘t even do that right!  Again, anything that says “made in China” is not only suspect for being toxic / contaminated—but you can pretty much expect it to not work! to expire before or just after the warranty expires.  Anything that “government” takes control of makes the problem 1,000 times worse and ends up costing 10,000 times more.  Nothing that corrupt “government” claims is “temporary” is ever temporary.  It is a foot in the door, after which, they will make themselves lord of your house.  Don‘t let them in.  RESIST.  They have NO authority.  Don‘t give them the power by believing or playing along with their false information and false scenario. 

No law that contradicts the U.S. Constitution is valid and no one needs to obey it and no police or courts need to enforce it (and if they do they are guilty of treason).  When law enforcement officers or agents enforce unlawful orders they commit crimes for which they are personally responsible.  “I was just following orders” IS MEANINGLESS.



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