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The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola


my comments, RAB

Yes, it truly is amazing that such a large percentage of the population—the vast majority, actually suffers from delusion / psychosis (and a large percentage of that from psychopathology).  This is due to the dechristianization, demoralization, and the dumbing down of Christendom so that aliens don’t feel so out of place.  Indeed, when the majority are actually psychologically abnormal, in one way of thinking, the majority of mentally aberrant people is now “normal” and those who are mentally sane are now considered “abnormal”.  This is a result of turning from all that God commanded, which incurs His Curse: “20Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  21Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! ” (Isaiah 5) 

One of my degrees is in psychology (another is in theology) and I have been saying for 6 to 8 months that the majority of people suffer from severe psychosis...* this is a communist method of control.  The malignant souls involved, antichrists, trying to destroy all of Christendom, can easily “stampede the herd” in any direction they want by ignorance and fear.  They have dumbed down the populace to a 5th grade level for the past 40 or 50 years and if that is not bad enough, they fill that already damaged mind with so much disinformation, lies, and perversion, the majority are essentially lobotomized and cannot think rationally; they respond to emotional trigger words like pre-adolescents react while sitting around a campfire, in the middle of the night, listening to ghost stories. 


[* Here is a previous Rumination from months ago:

Stages of Covidinosis and Coronahoaxis (a subverted government induced psychosis) & Vaxxed-out... Just one more and I’ll feel “safe” [see illustration below PDF]

in which I offer other thoughts with illustrations.  See also around a dozen other “covid-related” Ruminations going back 6 or 8 months.]

It is truly Criminal what treasonous politicians and antichrist “educators”, “clergy”, and the media have done (and it fulfills the legal requirements for conspiracy). 

Thomas Jefferson expressed, “I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform them!”  and “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and never will be... The people cannot be safe without information.  Where the press is free, and every man is able (and willing) to read, all is safe.” 

My small town of 3,000 people or so (northeast Tennessee) has never shut down (only the banks and the library... quite odd—money is clearly an avenue of control, I only assume that the library has been shut down to prevent communication of information against the hoax, since poorer people don't have their own computers and use the ones at the library that the taxpayers have been robbed to provide for all those on welfare who spend their money on tatoos and cigarettes).  However, the majority walk around like deer in headlights, like “good little communists” stand with their toes on the line and kowtow to everything that it ordered.  They wear their masks and “magic gloves”—even the bank tellers standing behind bullet-proof glass in their own little building at the drive-thru. 

Clearly, all those who wear these “magic gloves” cannot think rationally, for though most of them has probably watched 100 episodes of the various CSI television series, they for some inexplicable reason have never truly learned about “trace transfer”.  If we dipped the tips of their gloves in poison ivy resin (or ink or soot), boy would they learn about how “safe” those “magic gloves” are...!  They walk around wearing those “magic gloves” touching the shopping cart and cans and boxes throughout the store, fill their cart (fixing their hair, scratching their nose or face, etc., who knows how many times), have the checkout person touch it all while scanning and bagging it, carry the bags out to their car, get in the car, and then take off the “magic gloves” drive home and then bring everything that they touched into their house—all those “contaminated bags” with all those “contaminated boxes and cans” and they then proceed, without their “magic gloves” to put all those “ticking covid time-bombs of death” in their pantries and closets and refrigerators (which only increases the life-span of those alleged unproven “virus” germs) all throughout their house. 

Probably 3/4 or more of the people in my town suffer psychosis, as I have noted for 3/4 of a year (in only a few that I encountered did their fear morph into aggression and hostility).  If you are standing in their tunnel-vision field of view in front of them in a grocery store... they freeze, silently, like a deer in headlights.  It is really wonderful.  No one has ever been so polite to let everyone else, especially if you are not wearing a mask, go ahead of them—you’d think it was Christmas!—and they let others take their time as they themselves quietly, motionlessly, patiently wait (as if you are a grizzly bear and they are hoping, praying that you don’t notice them).   

One rare time at the post office, as I was coming out of the small counter area with 3 service lines, into the smaller lobby, I held the door for a woman who was in line to come in... it was truly amazing, she hesitated, then ducked down and put her hand up a few inches from her head, and shuffled through while ducking the whole way, saying, “thanks”—she looked as if she thought that she was dodging bullets behind enemy lines!  She then quipped, “Please try to remember to wear a mask next time”.   With a smile and in a friendly manner, I simply said loudly, “NOPE!”  I have said for 8 months (and written in more detail in other Ruminations), “I am under no obligation to enter your delusion with you.  If you are afraid STAY HOME.  My rights are not inferior to yours.  You can dance and tightrope walk and do the limbo however you want.  I will walk like a man.” 

They’ve traded herd immunity for herd mentality.  

Sadly, not only can the majority not think rationally, they are too stupid to even do simple research—which is unforgivable with all of the information available at their fingertips with the internet nowadays.  With Dr. Mercola’s site, Dr. Ron Paul, nomorefakenews by Jon Rappaport, and literally thousands of other reports by professionals, there is no excuse for their not being able to educate themselves.  They are mindless cogs in the communist machinery—and even the grease used to keep those cogs moving... expendible pawns, cannon fodder, patsies.  They are too stupid and too lazy to lift a finger to educate themselves; and if you present information to them, it is like trying to force a round peg into no hole at all!  It is like the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”; but in this case, you can lead the herd of dumb cattle to the lake glistening with crystal clear water and they look at you with a blank expression.  This is the welfare mentality.  People have been lobotomized with Stockholm Syndrome and they are more loyal to their captors than to those who might try to rescue them.  They even turn on their would-be-rescuers.  Wait and see if the current Anti-president and Anti-administration does not try to outlaw “Covid Denial” and even make “nonCovid Evangelism” a crime also.  

The masses are mesmerized by a cheap magic-show / stage hypnosis.  Each year people die all around them and they never blink (or keep count, whether a true or a false tally).  Older people, obese people, people with existing conditions, people whose immune systems are compromised taking a plethora of toxic, counter-indicated pharma-drugs, and people in nursing homes die each year from the flu (or from the flu shot).  People die of heart disease, kidney failure, AIDS, cancer, etc. each year and the desensitized masses don’t pay it any mind unless it was someone whom they knew—but they don’t keep track of all the others (locally, in their state, in their nation, worldwide, color-coated, with nonstop “reporting” and updates as we experience in the contrant hum of disinformation / brainwashing after 911.  But now the media has been weaponized against those same desensitized masses, and through fear-terrorism, and criminal labeling of 95% of the normal deaths as “covid” people have been terrorized into hysteria. 

Normally someone walks along a sidewalk without any problems.  But if you brainwashed such a person, each and every time he was about to step near or on a crack or separation in the sections of the sidewalk, if you yelled out hysterically, “LOOK OUT!  DON’T STEP ON THAT CRACK, SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN!” (and you even had each crack for a few city blocks wired with a 12-volt battery and the sidewalk was nice and wet from a fresh rain)—all of the sudden the person would realize (after a little shock therapy), “O MY HEAVENS!  TERROR!  THERE IS A CRACK EPIDEMIC.  THEY ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE!  EVERYONE, EVERYONE, STEP BACK, DON’T STEP ON THE CRACKS!  Oh no!  They have us surrounded, they are EVERYWHERE.”   Pretty soon nearly the entire city would be hop-scotching down the sidewalk in good ole communist fashion! (except for those wetting their pants and soiling their trousers, and except those who simply lay down and curled up into the fetal position).  And every now and then, some brave individual—a hero, gallantly walks down the street, head high, ignoring the cracks and crackpots.

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but that is just half... GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, POLITICIANS and their ADVISORS as well as the doctor’s office, vaccine company, and person who administers the shot should be held accountable... not the taxpayers, but the politicians ex-officio, without official immunity, PERSONALLY.


Australia Christian Democratic Party demands employers be liable for consequences if they demand vaccines.


Also, I reprint this book: 

- Beyond Jonestown: “Sensitivity Training” and the Cult of Mind Control, Dieckmann, 200pp., 9x6 pb., 18.00 + P&H. (originally published by Noontide Press; reprinted w/ permission).


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