Dear Germany / Dear Europe

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I have a question.  During WWII you killed your own brethren when Americans, British, and European armies invaded your nation (and you were RIGHT to do so; we did not have the right to invade you because you were attempted to gain control of your nation back from the International Bankers and expell subversive aliens).

Why do you do nothing when savages invade your nation and rape your women?

They act like savages in their own nations; they act savagely all along the way.  They act savagely upon entering your nation and leave a trail of filth behind them all the way to the Mediterranean.  What makes you think that they will ever change?  Scripture rhetorically asks: “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?”  The skin-color is merely the most-obvious feature separating the species, but certainly not the only one.  Is it merely the pattern on the leopard’s fur that makes the leopard a different biological species than a zebra?  God commanded,

“Come out from among them and be ye separate and join not the unclean people and ye shall indeed be My sons and daughters.”

God commands the purity of His Family for the same reason that He forbade murder of His children—it destroys His Image in them.  Its not about man (that is the delusion of humanism that infects the minds of “Christians”); it is about God.  He is Supreme.  He is Lord.  He is Creator.  “That in all things He might have the Pre-eminence”: “Who doeth all things after the Counsel of His Own Will” and “for His Own Good Pleasure.”  Those who breed with those outside the family, nonAdamites, corrupt branches, branches God cursed, breed their descendents out of God’s Family.  

“A bastard [mongrel] shall not enter into the Congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the Congregation of the LORD.” (Deuteronomy 23:2)

The command is stated twice in this passage in the negative.  “Even to his tenth generation” does not mean that he can enter in the eleventh.  It is a Figure of Speech meaning, “never”; it is like the Inifinity symbol, “” or elipses “. . .”.  In Scripture the Number 10 represents “Divine Perfect Order”.  The negative here used twice makes it emphatic in the negative, even as the verse that follows it serves as a negative exclamation point:

“An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD for ever.”

Furthermore, the “Congregation of the Lord” is not referring merely to the official church roster or church membership—it refers to any place whatsoever in Church, State, Society, Family.  God commanded separation.  God commanded alien spouses to be divorced and sent away with all children by them.  Thus, there would be no “1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.” generation hanging around for the magical 11th generation to arrive.  God commands purity and there are no gradiations or degrees.  It is like pregnancy: A woman is or she is not.  

Once the branch of a family tree is polluted, it is severed from the tree forever by God’s Decree.  Once the root is polluted, the tree dies never to live again.  Those who don’t like this are free to try to become their own god and create their own universe and then they can order it however they want and then have their puny creatures judge them thinking that they know better how to order a universe.  I won’t hold my breath.  In lieu of that, the only recourse is to submit to God and what He commanded—NO excuses.  Those who are, to the best of their knowledge, pure in their generations should not have to feel guilty or apologize for it.  It is their obligation before Almighty God to preserve it.  Those who are mixed, certainly had no choice, but that is a moot and irrelevant point, since none of us chose to be born with a sin-polluted soul due to Adam’s sin.  Those who find themselves in such an unfortunate position, knowing they are of mixed blood, have only one sane course of action: Confess Christ, obey all that God commanded, and throw yourself up on the Mercy of the High Court of Heaven.  The only other option is to join with the wicked world and face certain and merciless Judgment.

The savages objected to German, British, French, Dutch, and Belgian rule in their own nations (even though they cannot govern a nation on their own; if they can, why do we still send BILLIONS of dollars a year to colonies that wanted independence from us?), so why should we put up with their presence in our nations?  If they are given the vote, they will soon outbreed, and therefore, outvote us, and vote us into the place that the whites in South Africa are now facing: dispossession and genocide.

They are not going to provide for your retirement but individual or mass graves: they are going to dispossess you of everything you own—everything that your ancestors gave their lives to develop over the past 4,000 years.  WHY?

Why do you let a handful of corrupt politicians (public servants who get rich off “serving”) sell your nation out from under you... and expose you to such brutality and injustice and High Treason?  The common man suffers at “ground zero” of “rapefugee central” while the corrupt politicians live safe and sheltered in their ivory towers with gated security and armed guards.

I must confess that the situation in the US is little different—except that it has happened to us slowly, over many decades, while it is happening to you in a few short years... and, oh yeah, we still have guns to protect ourselves (those who are not brainwashed into thinking that guns commit crime all by themselves); though they try to take them each year.  But ultimately we are outnumbered.  Whites in the U.S. I doubt are 10%.  Oh yes, there are a hundred million or more of mixed races who like to think of themselves as white; but they too shall soon be replaced by the darker mixes and outright aliens.  The mixed races, to the degree of their own darkness, can only feel good about themselves if there is no one lighter than they are.  It is irrational, indeed, but reality.

However, you still have a chance.  Fight.  Repent before God and do what you know is right.

A concerned American of German descent.

[While directed to Germany, since Germany is the nation in the cross-hairs, I ask the same question of France, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Lithuania, etc. (and I descend from all of these nations too).  You are my people.  You are God’s people.  You are the root.  Fight.  The job of the Remnant is to survive while obeying God in all He commanded (which includes separation).  The only ones who will be the remnant who survive the FLOOD that the Dragon / Serpent has vomited forth (the Third World) are: “they that keep the Commandments of God, and the Faith of Jesus” (Revelation 14:12).  Jesus became the Author of Eternal Salvation to those of His people who obey Him (Hebrews 5:9).  The obeying does not save; the obedience is evidence of regeneration.  Those who do not live as God commanded are devoid of the Holy Spirit and have never been converted.  Conversion is not a mere happy idea.  Conversion is the act of the Holy Spirit which results in repentance; and there is no repentance without turning from what God forbade and turning to what He commanded, asking forgiveness through Christ’s Sacrifice and confessing Christ as LORD—which means submitting to and obeying Him in all that God commanded.]