Do we actually need a Constitutional Amendment for Congress and the President to Obey the Constitution...?

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Tennessee is allegedly taking steps to invoke the Constitutional protections from Federalism; despite the fact each state, county, and city is a corrupt mini federal bureaucracy of its own; despite the fact that each follow a democratic-appearing socialism, and not that of a Constitutional Republic. 

The LAW is the Constitution based upon the intent of the Founders and interpreted in light of the Common Law which derived from Christianity and the Law of God. 

Most perverse governments, federal, state, and local think the politicians are the law or the plethora of unconstitutional laws passed by illegitimate politicians are the law, but they are not

Anything other than respecting and defending the Constitution in its purity is a futile effort; but, it is better to tread water rather than just give up and sink and drown... or is it?   What if the waters are shark infested and there is no rescue ship coming for you? 

The only real solution is true repentance before God, but that will not happen, because sinful man does not want to repent or obey God, because he likes his sin—he is married to it. 

In order to repent Christians have to first know what sin is—and CARE about whether they sin against God or not.  Morality never changes; God’s Law never changes; God never changes.

But the vast majority of “Christians” believe the antichrist lie that Jesus abolished the Law of God (which is the very opposite of what Jesus actually said), and so, they do not think that there is anything that they need to repent of, because they think that they fart cotton candy, because they don’t even care, have no desire to learn, and would not repent even if they did learn...

—and so, we are in a hopeless state of being slowly devoured and being absorbed into the bowels of the perverse, savage third world, led by the antichrist communists, who have enlisted the aid of the savages and perverts and other antichrists to invade Christendom so it is weakened and then will fall... and most “Christians” don’t even care; they would choose the evil world over God, Jesus, and Eternity, because they love their sin and are multigenerationally related to it.  They are lovers of themselves and pleasure, not lovers of God or Righteousness; and the fact that those words fall on deaf ears is only more evidence to that fact.

We do not need Constitutional Amendments for Congress and the President to obey the Constitution—they took an OATH to do so.  If they do not know the Constitution or ignore it or pass one “law” that contradicts it, they have committed High Treason and should be arrested and tried, convicted, and sentenced as the Law demands.  Crime only pays if you let the criminals get away with it.  Politicians only think they are untouchable if the people do not hold them accountable for their evil, crimes, and High Treason.  French-Savoyard statesman and philospher Joseph de Maistre said, “Every nation has the government it deserves”.  Or as Scripture expresses: You reap what you sow.  If you sow evil, or choose to sow nothing (which is the same thing as sowing evil: “To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin”) then shut up and be happy with what you planted or complacently allowed to be planted.  If you don’t like what you are reaping, dig up and eradicate the toxic plants and seed and then sow good seed.  “The curse causeless shall not come.”  “Be sure your sin will find out you.”  All sins are sins of omission and sins of comission.  God’s Judgment for both is the same.  Jesus said that he that is not with Me is against Me, and he that gathereth not with me (what I am gathering, My sheep) scattereth abroad”—that is, they work against Him and undo His Work, which is called “an enemy”.  Scripture indicts, “He who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”, because God’s Thoughts and Ways are not our own; but astronimically higher.  He told us what His Thoughts and Ways are, His Law, His Holy Standard, which is not for salvation, but because that is what a Father demands of His children: obedience; and God declared, If ye sin and be without chastisement, ye are not My sons—but bastards!

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