"Free" "Homes" for the "Homeless"...?

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Someone emailed...

I often lie awake wondering what we can do to solve the homeless problem in our country. The solution it turns out is quite simple. Set up State operated internment centers in major metropolitan areas with some Federal funding assistance, and gather the homeless who are certainly not hiding from us, into these centers where they can be given adequate nutrition and medical care and perhaps occupational therapy, in a drug-free environment. The ALCU has shown concern for the rights but not the welfare of these many hapless souls, so now we can give the ACLU a chance to really help them. In a series of overnight raids, confiscate the membership lists of the ACLU and require members provide volunteer community service caring for the newly interned homeless. They caused this mess when they emptied out the insane asylums in the 1950s. Modern materialist psychology and psychiatry deny the existence of “mind” since it cannot be measured nor does it occupy any known space, so we cannot be dealing with “mental illness” here. How can something you do not have be ill? The psychiatrist Thomas Szasz says: “There is no such thing as mental illness.” So let’s give modern materialist medical science an opportunity to solve this non-problem for society.

What if the homeless refuse to cooperate? The Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw addressed this question in a lecture to a group of young women reviewing his pamphlet A Young Woman’s Guide to Fabian Socialism. A woman in the audience asked: “What shall we do if these people refuse to keep their government provided facilities clean and refuse to follow rules guaranteeing their own health and well being?” Shaw replied, “They will simply have to be led out and shot.”

 I wonder if Thomas Jefferson would admit that life, and the pursuit of happiness, trump liberty?


My comments (quick, unpolished notes)

First of all, all 3rd world aliens and all offspring by them (to all generations—there is no statute of limitations on fraud; they are not lawful citizens and cannot be) need to be deported

Then those on welfare that can work can be put to work instead of all the aliens and all welfare money stops

Then, all those worthless people on welfare who cannot work or refuse to need to agree to be sterilized.  That may sound harsh to liberal ears and minds infected with liberalism, but if you can't take care of yourself you have no business having children that someone else will have to take care of.  That is one reason our nation is so much in debt.  Worthless people, mostly aliens, having baby after baby (most who grow up to be criminals and on welfare) all illegally paid for by the tax-payers--so why should they stop having babies (and then their babies have babies of their own, and it grows exponentially and is more devastating to the nation than a 10.5 earthquake.

Then it is the jurisdiction of their family who should take care of them first; IF they have been faithful over their lives to a specific church and if they are widows indeed without any personal wealth, and no family, and too aged or infirmed to work, then the church is able to help without it being a sin; if they were not faithful--truly faithful (obedient to their husbands, instructing the younger women to be obedient to their husbands, faithfully tithing, living in obedience to God, supporters and attenders of the church), then they reap what they sow.

Those without any personal wealth, no family, no church—tough luck, you reap what you sow... then private charities step in.

No government "charity".  True government should solely be in the business of GOVERNING, not charity, not interference in the lives of private citizens, for good or for bad, unless they commit a REAL crime (that is, injure another PERSON—there are no such thing as "victimless crimes", that is, police code, statutory law that violates individual rights, where there is no corpus delecti and no mens rea.

Yes, confiscate (under RICO and racketeering and being an enemy of the state—the true people) the money of leftist terrorists / agitators like Soros, Clinton Foundation, ACLU, ADL, etc. and put it to good use on the VERY VERY FEW people who would need "charity", once their own wealth was consumed, after they "DOWNSIZE" to things that they can afford: house and vehicle, or use public transportation—people on "public assistance" do NOT have the right to own their own house or car; if they want a car or house of their own, they should work to purchase it... furthermore, public assistance should not even pay for private apartments.  GROUP HOMES is all that should be available... and those that commit crimes and violate the rights of others in that home get to go to prison or be executed.  If you don't like the idea of a group home, get a job; or two or three.  Very few people made a success of their lives (without having personal inherited wealth) without working FAR MORE than a 40 hour week; for most, their REAL job begins (working in their own basement, garage, workshop) once their paying job ends.  Those who work a mere 30-40 hours a week and are still poor are not needy, but lazy.  Of course, the importation and breeding aliens has been on purpose to "herd" or "funnel" or "push" poor white people into being dependent on the government, because they cannot afford to live in the nicer white neighborhoods, but it is not safe to live in the neighborhoods that the aliens took over, so such people will not work to live in fear and threat of daily crime, so they go on public assistance and live quite well for immoral, conscienceless bums, robbing the taxpayers, helping drown our nation further indebt and nonproductivity, and that makes them a enemies of Christendom and of God.  "Let him that stole steal no more, but rather let him labor, doing the thing that is good, that he may have to give to him in need".

They need to sell all superfluous items that are not required to sustain life (tvs, stereos, computers, excess anything—that's what I did 29 years ago when I started this ministry, since I could not work a job and write and research, answer letters, etc., until people began to show an interest in my books / ministry—and when I worked, I worked even when injured, I never took a penny of workman's comp or unemployment or anything—it was NEVER a thought in my mind and still isn't, that anyone owes me anything—even those who are regular supporters of my ministry, I do not count that as something to depend on next month: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord; I am eternally thankful for support, but do not take it for granted or purchase anything on time thinking money will come in... I've never bought anything on time / interest, I have saved up for what I wanted and if not I did not need it; I've never been in debt—most people are trained from childhood that debt is good, and that is why it is a quicksand quagmire from which they never escape).  Public assistance is not to maintain the current level of luxury they enjoy or want, but to sustain life.  Period.  Beans, rice, potatoes.  Not shrimp, lobster, prepared tv dinners, expensive cereal, candy, cake, pies, tobacco, alcohol, tattoos, etc.  I first wrote about this in depth in 1991 in my The Other Side.  People on welfare don't get to go on vacations (and certainly not "refugees" going back to the nation that they "fled from" for a holiday or vacation; as the Somalis in Minnesota do, and the taxpayers pay for their apartment rent while they go back to the nation they "fled from" on holiday).

[The Other Side (first writings of R.A.B.(1991)—completely re-written, updated, expanded, illustrated (2008); contains 5 in-depth treatises, 460pp., plastic comb-bound 22.50 + P&H.  detailed current (as of 2008) statistics crime, prisons, immigration, powerful quotes and information exposing education, false religion, and a corrupt socialist government, thoughts and philosophy on freedom, Constitutional and Common Law, etc.  Illustrated.]

There is no life without liberty, but that liberty is not licentious... pursuit of happiness is synonymous in the Constitution with "property", but again that is not absolute, but within the bounds of responsibility.  There is no liberty without responsibility.

Finally, homes cannot be given to homeless people.  No one buys a home or even rents one.  People buy or rent HOUSES, but HOMES are what a FAMILY BUILDS within the House... and NOTHING is "free" — SOMEONE has to pay for it; and if the person paying for it is not obligated to pay for it and the person receiving it does not receive it BY LAWFUL RIGHT (and welfare is not a right, if you are slave of the state, it may be an entitlement—that can be removed at the state's "whim" at any moment—but it is not a right)... and therefore, it is actually THEFT.  Not even Salvation is free.  For God so loved the world that He GAVE... and Christ humbled himself and became obedient, even to the death of the cross, and laid His Life down.  Those, therefore, who claim to be "saved" who do not live in worthiness of that salvation and all that it cost, who do not live with the realization and actualization that they are not their own, but that they themselves were bought with a price, most probably were never regenerated, are not converted, are not "saved", but merely maintain a pseudo-spiritual welfare-like delusion that they are saved and that it is their "right", even if they are utterly irresponsible and show no evidence of true repentance or conversion.  True repentance and conversion is turning from what God forbade and turning to what He commanded.  Anything less is spiritual fraud.