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Le Bron James increasingly thinks because he can dunk a ball he is the leader of the Black social justice movement.  He called the NFL owners a bunch of White plantation slave owners.  Somehow, guys making millions a year are slaves for working six months out of the year.  However, he found out there are some things that even 'gods' cannot utter.

LOS ANGELES -- LeBron James apologized Sunday for lyrics he shared on his Instagram account over the weekend that included the line, "getting that Jewish money."

You can criticize Whites all you want, but never criticize Jews.  I guess Le Bron found out who the real plantation owners are.


My reply:


Why doesn't he "free the slaves" and tell all his black "teammates" and those on "other plantations" to free themselves of their contracts and stop playing basketball.  Just like Baseball, the Negroes wanted to play in the WHITE league (which was then bought out by the Jews)—now they complain that they are "slaves" for making MILLION$$$$ a year playing with a ball a few months out of the year (and all the advertising and endorsements and other wealth that comes from it).



Get a real job (if you have any marketable skill or intelligence—not a sports "commentating" job—which is not a "skill" and which is still being on the same plantation) and you will still be a slave.

Would you rather be a rich slave that plays a few months a year, or a poor slave the works all the time...?

Shut up and move back to Africa.  ONLY THEN will you be "Free"... that is, if your nation refuses to accept any "financial aid" from "racist white countries".

Why doesn't he and Colin Kaepernick run around inside the "plantations" and let all the animals out of their cages and "free them" and lead them back to Africa....?  Maybe they can even enlist the aid of "Moses Malone".