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Is Transgender Therapy Medical Quackery!

Don Boys, Ph.D.


Dr. Boys wrote an excellent article at the above link.  He did some great research.

It is beyond medical quackery.  It is Scientific experimentation on the human population more grotesque than anything for which even the Nazis were falsely accused.  It is not merely moral bankruptcy—it is being $20 TRILLION dollars in MORAL debt without any medium of exchange to pay it off (like trying to uncrack and unscramble and uncook an egg).  It is an abomination of the highest order.  It is the planned collapse of civilization even as if a skyscraper had all the support beams taken out leaving only the drywall.  It is creating the “Perfect Storm” for genetic Armageddon.  It perverts the mind in ways that can actually be measured.  It destroys society.  It incurs God’s Wrath.  “Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good.”  God’s CURSE is upon those who do... and upon those who turn a blind eye to it and just tolerate it and “pretend” it is not there.  Well, if you are in the habit of pretending... when you are in Hell, just try to pretend the flames are not hot.  But I would practice first and work your way up to preparation for Hell.  Next time you have a broken bone or an impacted tooth, just pretend it is fine.  You’ll save a fortune on doctor’s bills and medication!

HERE, I believe, is the PATHOLOGY of the PLANNED HATE CRIME against Christendom and against God:  It may sound silly.  Hear me out.  Then research the below.

Soy (GMO or not) has estrogen-like hormone like substances.  In NORMAL amounts (nonGMO) soy is not a problem; that is, in normal amounts that Japanese traditionally eat in their normal-sized meals—and we are not talking about the Sumo wrestlers, but the normal, lean, healthy Japanese, not those who eat at “McDonald-san”.  The Japanese add “a few small pieces” of tofu on top of their rice and vegetables (and not for every meal).  In the U.S. people eat 20- to 124-oz. steaks, and overconsume most everything else that they eat; that is why 60% are obese.  There was a popular restaurant in S. Florida decades ago, something like Friendly’s or TGI Fridays or such, I forget the name (Farrell’s, I believe, I just had a deja vu flash from 40 years ago).  They had 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins ice cream, I think.  They had ice cream and burgers and fries as their main foods, and of course most everything else.  But I remember they had some massive ice cream sundae served in something like a section of a rain gutter and they called it the “Pig Trough” ...!  Is that not a Wake-Up Call...?  If one person could eat it by himself, he got some ribbon or prize and his photo on the wall.  There are some steakhouses (Texas Steakhouse and Saloon?) that if you can eat the 124-oz. steak with all the trimmings the meal is free and you get your picture on the wall.  Yahoo.  What about a free ride to the hospital for a stomach pump before your gut busts or your kidneys shut down?  What is wrong with people’s egos and minds?  Donkeys being led by carrots on a string.  Fools seduced into riding the merry-go-round round and round and round just to grab a brass ring.  But I digress; though it was a picturesque and purposive detour.

SOME forms of fermentation NEUTRALIZE and render HARMLESS the hormone-like substances in soy.  Miso and tempeh fermentation neutralize these hormone-like substances (but tofu fermentation does not); I can't remember if natto fermentation does, but I’ve never tried natto and it looks natto-nasty.

[Natto has healthful properties and the enzymes from it are even reduced to supplement form if you cannot bring yourself to try the real-life snotty-looking fungus like glop.  It may be something like a cross between raw okra and Limberger cheese.  Do a Google image search; Also read about it.

Miso is a live culture food ONLY if it is in sold in a refrigerated NON-airtight sealed container and needs refrigeration.  Anything in a sealed jar or bag is dead; if it were alive it would burst the container; as all fermenting products expand as they give off gas.  Those who consume one serving of miso (which is a thick paste that will keep in the refrigerator for a decade or more in a sealed container if you use a clean spoon each time) in soup or otherwise once or twice a day have 40% less chance of cancer.  I sometimes eat a teaspoon straight.  Miso is VERY salty, which prevents bacteria growth, so keep that in mind when preparing food, not to add salt until after the miso is added, if you still think it needs some salt.  Miso makes a great addition to an Italian (or other) salad dressing and great on salads or pita or other sandwiches with alfalfa sprouts, meat, cheese, veggies).  Miso is great to add to soups, stews, gravies, but add AFTER the cooking is over and add only in the bowl that each is going to eat, so that the heat of cooking does not kill the good probiotics.  It is good to add even to refrigerated, not cooked, pickled vegetables.  Add to dips.  Experiment.  The darker misos (dark brown, red) have more flavor and I believe more nutrients.  South River Miso has some great products.  They also have a chickpea that tastes a lot like corn.]

HOWEVER, not only is TOO MUCH soy bad for anyone, even smaller amounts of soy can SCREW UP a young child in his or her formative years while hormones and body organs are still developing.  The U.S. public schools (and the military) serve SOY or TVP (Textured Vegetable protein) and many other things that are soy... and it is WAY TOO MUCH for children.

That is ONE factor in homo-confusion.

ADD TO THAT the antichrist practice of taking children from their father to be raised by a single mother which feminizes boys and also masculinizes girls.

ADD TO THAT whatever vaccines and all the psychotropic drugs half the kids are strung out on by doctors (Ritalin, etc.) and add to that the ANTICHRIST HOMOPERVERT PROPAGANDA bombarding children’s minds in everything from kindergarten to cartoons to perverted soup (and now pasta) commercials!

—and THERE you have the REASON for the HOMOEXPLOSION.

IT IS ANYTHING BUT “Natural” and “NORMAL”...!!!

It is only “natural” and “normal” in a world in which God does not exist.  Forcing moral Christians to accept homoperversion as normal and natural is an assault against our faith / true religion and conscience, as well as rational minds and moral consciences.  We cannot be forced to “pretend” with them that our God does not exist.

“Jim Rutz” produced a 6-part series in 2010, the original Title: Soy is Making Kids ‘Gay’.  After a huge backlash he re-titled it: The Trouble with Soy.  See:

The above link was removed; but I found another source and posted it here, with more info:


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