Hateful Hypocrisy and Socialist Subversion 101

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If you see an inconsistency, if you see something immoral, if you see something corrupt, if you see something that you know just ain't right—pretend that you DON'T see it... keep it to yourself.  If you see or hear of someone being non-inclusive, demonstrating traditional values, resisting immorality being forced upon society... report them to every possible "government" agency with all haste... and defame them in public, force them out of the marketplace against them, harrass their employer, etc.  In other words, hate them, show intolerance, discriminate against them, persecute them, intimidate, assault, vandalize, etc.  But if someone is a pervert, anti-christ, anti-American, give him the key to the city, throw a parade for him, ignore his moral crimes, change the law so his crimes are no longer recognized as crimes, celebrate and fête him!