Hot Peppers / gourmet powder available

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While supplies last

Carolina Reaper, pepper powder (whole pepper ground, seeds and all), 4oz. in glass jar. 35.00 + 7.00 shipping.

or 2oz. in the same 4.oz jar for 20.00 + 7.00 shipping

This is currently the hottest pepper in the world.

Carolina Reaper Pepper (a variety of Scorpion pepper) - Worlds Hottest Chile Pepper 2013 Guiness World Record Averages 1,569,300 Scoville units (some reach over 2.2 million)


Also available: very rare.

Devil's Claw / Aji fatalii

this is a yellow pepper of central africa, in the habanero family, but I believe much hotter than the standard orange habanero. Longer and pointed, it is the hottest citrusy hot pepper.

For some reason you cannot buy them fresh or dried anywhere; only one hot sauce I have seen has them, by Cajohn's.

I grow these, so these will be first come first serve with very limited quantity.  I can offer fresh, whole dried, or ground powder.  Organic.  Inquire.


My special hot pepper gourmet powder called "BBB's" [Someone nicknamed it "Big Bad Bob's" and the name stuck] (containing 30-40% of the hottest peppers (whole pepper ground, seeds and all), Carolina Reaper scorpion, regular scorpion, ghost, and habanero), as well as 20 other hot peppers (including bird's eye and pequin).  All who have tasted it said it is the best they have ever tasted.  Hot, but the richest, fullest flavor.  100% hot peppers, no fillers or other ingredients.  Inquire.