Hungary's Viktor Orban and the IMMIGRATION WAR AGAINST EUROPE

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It's a start.  He candy-coats it a little with fantasy.

you can't "give" someone else "dignity".

it is not the right of elected politicians to help people of another nation for any reason

they were elected to preserve the rights of their own country.

those who want to donate funds for whatever humanitarian cause they like, that is their option

but to take tax money and use the resources of the nation is treason, communism, theft, and immoral,

it is robbing peter to pay paul.

and obviously one cannot "help" just any cause, people were jailed during WWI and WWII for even radio broadcasts

in favor of the "enemy"... yet now the enemy is allowed to swarm our nation and rape and kill and declare that they will

soon rule over us, and nothing is done.  This is suicide.

on the other hand, the government does which is illegal for the citizen (which should not be, what is illegal and immoral is illegal and immoral on a national level as well as an individual level)... and their corrupt wars have indebted and destabilized us as well as destabilized third world countries.

just send them back and leave them alone and they will be happy with their 1 goat and 2 chickens.

government has NO right to take US taxpayer money to give the third world a better life.

they are in the position God put them in; if they want to better themselves, that is in their hands.

for us to help incurs the wrath of God, on top of being treason against the people who elected them to preserve our way of life, not give it to our enemies... and yes, they are our enemies... aliens of a different race and religion who come in raping and killing and who are given $35,000+ of taxpayer money a year and allowed to invite 20 other relatives... are our enemies, even as are the politicians who passed these immoral and illegal "laws."

send them back and send all corrupt, treasonous politicians with them; they have no right to spend taxpayer money to destroy those taxpayers and give their nation wholesale to another people; that is a war crime of the highest order and such perverse traitors should be tried and executed. 3,000 years of history being destroyed before our very eyes... the legacy our ancestors died for and left to us being thrown on the garbage heap to the rats.
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he also misidentifies Islam and also does not realize democracy is basically half-way communism... and he says Christian democratic values do not tolerate anti-muslim ideas--HE THEN SHOWS THAT HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN.  WHAT PART OF "no other gods" does he NOT understand?  He is merely another "good cop" who wants conservatives to rally around him so he can later lead them down the wrong ally and betray them to the savages.  If this is not what he is then he SERIOUSLY needs to RETHINK his position and READ the Bible and APPLY VALID LOGIC to his thoughts; not humanistic nonsense regurgitated as truth.  Is everyone lobotomized?  It is SELF-GENOCIDE.  If Genocide is wrong SELF-GENOCIDE or allowing others to "genocide you" is WRONG.  These very same insane communist atheist evolutionist liberals champion the "native species acts" in which they try to outlaw any plant or animal that is not indigenous to the region (and yet hypocritically they try to outlaw herbs and vitamins)--yet they want the nonwhite peoples of the world to take over Caucasian, Christian nations.  IT IS A RACIAL WAR.  IT IS A RELIGIOUS WAR.  There can be no compromise, there can be no tolerance.  Each must stay in his own nation.  Those who don't realize it are already dead.  If a person wants to commit suicide, that is one thing, but for a person to expect all his countrymen to also commit suicide, that is actually MASS MURDER... and yet they think of themselves as saints, when they look in the mirror they should see STALIN!

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