Immigration Disinformation and the Myth of White Guilt

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Most secular, liberal, and even many “Christian” articles written on the topic of immigration*1 are full of disinformation and false doctrine because of government-induced and Apostate Church-induced color blindness.*2  

[*1 which, like most things in a socialist-subverted society (like the concepts of “racism”, “discrimination”, etc.), is a “one-way street” and applies only in the manner of the intended oppression dictated by the self-appointed pseudo-authority (both renegade public servants and other self-appointed “experts” who are viewed as “gods” that no one questions without the charge of “blasphemy!”*

* This was perfectly demonstrated when Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted, “You lie!” when the Imposter-Usurper, Anti-President B-HO was speaking to Congress concerning Health Care.  The reaction of the liberals and cowards was if they were the Puritan Parliament and someone stood up and shouted, “There is no God!”  He has been re-elected 3 times since then; though he has been quiet (which might indicate that he made a deal and sold the soul of the nation along with his for a bowl of pottage).

*2 a mental disorder—a psychosis—induced by brainwashing, which is often perpetuated by the additional trauma induced psychosis of Stockholm Syndrome—which, sadly, by which the majority of the entire nation of Sweden is now captivated, along with the rest of Christendom.]

The fact is, had Norwegians and Swedes and Lithuanians been the type of immigrants we had been receiving for the past 60 years, terrorism would never have been a problem (and neither would have been “random” violent crime, rape, assault, murder, dumbing down of our children in the schools, drugs, a crippling welfare / breeding program etc.).  However, while we are innundated with the very people from whom terrorists are bred (and we pay for them to breed), we are told to turn our brains off; that they are not the problem; and that being suspicious of and / or disliking aliens itself is “racist” and wrong... yet no woman (or man) would have had to fear walking down a street and seeing a group of Norwegians coming toward her.  In Norway and Sweden—and the U.S., before the influx of aliens, violent crime was nearly non-existant compared to what it is now.

[* Liberals and socialists really have such limited thinking capacity and vocabulary (on top of being dishonest and hypocritical).  Anyone who does not agree with their subversive ideology, has “Anti-” tacked onto the front of some noun or “phobia / phobe” tacked on to the end—and then have the word, a form of a black magic incantation hurled at them (and presumably that is a demonstration of the noblest form of “love” and “tolerance”).  There would be nothing to fear if:

1. violent aliens were not imported en mass and put on a taxpayer-funded breeding program; and

2. If the rightful citizens were not punished for protecting themselves from violent aliens who commit crime, but are not prosecuted for their crimes, because subversive, traitorous, socialist judges say they cannot be held accountable because in their culture those things are not considered crimes.  Only a fool then cannot see the immorality of importing such aliens into our culture.]

The liars and mindless drones who parrot the dishonest jingoes will spout things like “We are all from somewhere” or “America was built by immigrants”, etc.  To the first, I counter, “Yes, and just remember: Wherever you go you will always be there (so why not get a head start and leave now?)”.  But it is a lie that America was built by immigrants.  The lie is based on the confusion of words.  That is like saying, “You hurt your leg?  My table has a leg.  It’s cheaper to go to the furniture repair store than to a doctor”.  Clearly different legs are being discussed—and so it is with “immigrants”.  And I guess a bank-robbery is merely “foreign cash withdrawal” and rape is merely a “spontaneous date with a foreigner”...?

It is not true that America was built by immigrants, as they would have you, in “blind believism” simply accept as a valid argument.  The Puritans and Pilgrims and Pioneers did not move to an already completed, fully functioning, prosperous civilization—and go on welfare: They were not given government housing, food stamps, and supplement their lifestyle by stealing.  They migrated into the wilderness, harsh virgin land, and carved civilization out of it by their blood, sweat, and tears.  The Law they established was not the Law of the Jungle but the Law of God and a specific law was “if a man shall not work he shall not eat” and their godly character came to be known as “the Puritan Work Ethic”.  There can be no comparison to the builders of our nation and the Third-world invaders.  That’s like saying, “all tissue is made of cells (so the cancer or other disease or parasite that has invaded your body has just as much right to it as you do”.

The builders of the U.S were like the builders of Britain, Germany, Swede, or Switzerland: They were kindred peoples, with the same values, same blood, same work ethic, same moral standards, same heritage.  Even though some factions did not always get along and even warred amongst themselves, they built upon the civilization of their kindred and did not destroy it—and their civilizations have prospered and progressed for millennia!  It was one family; though it had squabbles (and of course that is an understatement when considering war), but they were one people.  The alien invaders destroy in a few decades that which took centuries to build and pollute everything they touch and destroy the bloodlines of any with whom they intermarry.  God forbade even cross-breeding crops and livestock: Are His very children worth less than cows and cowpeas?  God said if we eat unclean food we defile ourselves and make ourselves abominable and God will destroy those who do.  How much more is marrying or breeding outside the boundaries that God established a self-destructive abomination and defilement?  God forbade intermarriage.  God commanded alien wives and all offspring by them to be sent away forever (not incubated).  God said that a mongrel shall never enter the congregation (the family, society in any aspect) not unto the 10th generation, not forever.  Those who pooh-pooh this are the enemy of God and reveal that they don’t have a clue about God’s Nature—especially the concepts of God’s Holiness, Trueness, and Sovereignty.  God is not dutybound to “compromise” and tap dance to the polluted notions of modern Apostate Church and antichrist world into conforming to what they think is “fair” or “good” or “equality”.  The Lord shall laugh at them in derision!  They shall be judged without mercy.

The socialist liberal antichrists and those who parrot their mindlessness often refer to the U.S. as a wonderful social “experiment”.  However, the people of the U.S. DID NOT GIVE THEM AUTHORITY TO “experiment” with our lives or our children or our nation—and in reality their “Grand Experiment” is an experiment of the Highest Treason! (against God and man).  Likewise, the people of Sweden, Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Scotland, Ireland, etc., did not give such permission.  No obligation or legitimacy can arise out of FRAUD.  It is an act of war.  It is a hate crime.  It is genocide.  The only way the corrupt Judas-politicians were able to get a foot in the door was through false guilt tripping the existing adult population (with a little help by the subverted clergy), then brainwashing the youth from kindergarten to the universities with socialist subversion (and an endless stream of hourly brainwashing and descensitization and reprogramming from the media, book publishers, and the entertainment industries; and every other arena, even the manufacturers of toys and advertising companies), so that the new generations have grown up hating themselves and believing all the socialist lies that lead them to willingly, happily commit national suicide and abandon and destroy all that their ancestors built and preserved for millennia—and give it to the savages and in so doing they reject God.  Your Master is the one you obey.

The problem is, their “wonderful experiment” (which in reality was not an experiment, but a systematic plan to destroy Christendom) of “multicultural enrichment” has blown up in our faces 10,000 times.  The subversives lie and waste more money with tainted studies with fabricated results, tantamount to declaring, “The fire is not out yet... QUICK, throw some more gasoline on it!”  In no other profession could the people you hire, who are supposed to be “experts” and who take an oath to obey you, in no other profession could they for 200 years fail at everything that they attempt and run the business into the ground, and commit crimes, and still retain their job.  Furthermore, no one is that stupid or that unlucky.  It is Treason—carefully planned and executed in any way they can, and then the most anti-intellectual excuses are give, and the people (the owner / employer) merely say, “Oh, okay, well, keep trying... oh, you gave yourself another unauthorized raise and more benefits and are now going on vacation again? oh, and you’ve forged my signature and the legal documents now show that you own the company and that I no longer do...? oh, okay, well, have a nice vacation!”

The “experts” carrying out the treasonous destruction of Christendom just continue to lie to the dumb bleeting sheep, “Oh, there will be a few hiccups in the beginning...” —yeah, that’s what they said about Mount Vesuvius and Mt. St. Helens.  The fist major “hiccups” started with so-called Civil Rights and has gone downhill and off the chart so many times it needs to be tracked with radar and an intergalactic telescope.  The masses continue to believe the lie that multiculturatism is wonderful, for a few reasons:

1. because they have been dumbed down and brainwashed in the public schools (First Plank of the Communist Manifesto:* the State indoctrinates the youth).

[* See my reprinting of The Communist Manifesto (1848); with illustrated, historical introduction, and also a comparison with the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution, history of the banking conspiracy, etc.; 132pp. pb., 12.50 + P&H.]

2. because 50% of the entire nation are on the public dole (government employees or welfare).  George Bernard Shaw’s dictum echoes true, “Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on [the support of] Paul”.  It’s well-past time for the other 50% to say NO and stop contributing to their own demise.  

[And yes... “unfortunately” there will be a few “hiccups” in the beginning of the road to expatriation and treason trials, but it is the price we must pay for doing what is right.  Believe me, when people fight for their lives and for everything they have EARNED and for what they BELIEVE in, they will have an edge over everyone used to having everything given to them and who stand for nothing.  However, realize also, the aliens and the socialist traitors (100% of those in government positions) and on welfare will not give up without a fight—for when you attempt to protect and keep everything that is yours, in reality, they will view it as you trying to take away everything that they think is theirs.  They think that you are their golden goose and the gold eggs that you lay are theirs.  

This is the very impossible issue that is ignored in the anti-intellectual notion of everyone being “equal” and everyone having “equal rights”.  If a true Christian is asked by a homopervert or a pedophile or any other anathema of Christian society to bake a wedding cake, the Christian is offended.  But the pervert claims offense and demands everyone celebrate his perversion with him.  This is not a right.  It is not a right to intrude into someone elses life and it is not a right to demand that someone join you in yours.  The right to contract (and not-contract) is UNLIMITED according to our Constitution.  The Christian is the foundation of our society.  Forcing a Christian to bake a perverted cake would be like asking a black baker to bake a KKK cake; or a Jew a “Happy Auschwitz Anniversary” cake; or asking a vegetarian to kill an animal and take the fat, render it to lard, and use the lard for frosting on the cake.  But no one can demand something that is “not on the menu” or against the convictions, religion, or general liberty of another.  Amazon now discriminates against books that it does not like.  Paypal and credit card companies discriminate against people they don’t like, because of their politicial and religious beliefs.  Where is the “tolerance” and “love” and “equality”?  Only a fool by now does not realize it was a treasonous lie only to weaken our society so that aliens, perverts, socialists, and antichrists could take over.  This is a clear sign (in addition to the destruction of Southern monuments) that once the nonwhites are recognized as the majority (which they have been for about 3 or 4 decades) “minorities rights” will be abolished—just like it was in South Africa.  

Leftist restaurant owners or owners of other businesses are now forcing people who voted for Trump out of their shops and refusing them service.  The double-standard is blatant.  It was always intended to be that way; it only takes the left to suffer a reversal in order for everyone else to realize it, when the leftists throw a temper tantrum when they don’t get their own way.  

So, tell me, who has the “greater right” to be offended?  How can there even be such a thing as a “greater right” if all are “equal”?  

[I’m waiting for the law to be passed to declare everyone to be 6 foot tall!  I’ll finally be able to reach the top shelf without a stepstool!  Yaay...!  “Legislated” “equality” is like thinking that you can outvote God.  It is hatred of reality (which in reality is self-hatred and hatred of God though directed against others whom you think are responsible for your not being equal) and it is delusion.]  
The bottom line a perverse wedding cake is not a Constitutional right.  It is not a necessity of life.  There is no damage if a person refuses to bake it—especially if there are a dozen other bakers who will bake it.  And in perverse society’s mind, the pervert would be justified if he vandalized the baker’s shop to vent his hatred and wrath.  All these things should be a wakeup call.  Leftist athletes and other entertainers (actors, singers) who became superwealthy from white people patronizing them, who now use that money to destroy white people and white society.]

3. The majority of the entire nation are mongrels.  They have no place anywhere but in a mongrelized, multicultural society.  Thus, we have passed the point of no return without Divine Intervention.*  You can’t unscramble an egg.  If you burn the bridges of society behind you, the masses have no where to go and must simple “get used to it”.  It is kidnapping.  It is rape.  It is extortion.  It is genocide.  It is High Treason.  It is Blasphemy against God and Apostacy of and an assault against the faith and against God’s true people.

[* God send a pestilence!  But God will not until His people repent—which entails first actually knowing what sin is (which most “Christians” do not and refuse to believe the answer).  There is no repentance without confession of sin (and true remorse for it), turning from what was forbidden and turning to what was commanded.  Without true repentance there will be no deliverance.  And why should God deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate?* You reap what you sow.  God commanded us to hate evil.  God commanded separation from aliens and not to help or love them or seek their peace or prosperity forever.  Those who rebel, well, God will send them more evil and more aliens.  See how simple that is?  The way out of Judgment is not to embrace the evil that God sent as Judgment.  The way out of evil is to repent; which entails knowing what God hates and hating it too; and knowing what God commanded and forbade and obeying Him.

* That’s sort of like the “poor, persecuted” Somali “refugees” who fled to Minnesota from oppression in Somalia—who receive taxpayer money to pay their rent in Minnesota while they go back to Somalia on vacation...!  How many poor Americans have never even had a vacation in America, let alone fly half-way around the world on a vacation once or twice a year?  Air travel is expensive.  Where does that money come from?  What fool would believe that someone who “in fear for his life” who fled to another country on the other side of the world, would go back to that country on vacation?]

No socialist attempt at civilization has ever worked—and neither has multi-culturalism.  They are both based upon false premises.  It is like trying to build a brick house in the air, not on the ground.  Most all attempts are glorified and the charade maintained by smoke and mirrors.  All eventually collapse like a hot air balloon that has run out of fuel.

Hypocritically, the corrupt government, renegade public servants, are trying to pass laws of various “Native Species” Acts, in which plants and animals that are not indigenous to a specific region, will be outlawed.... and yet they champion the alien invasion under the auspices of “refugee-ism” (refugees who go back “on vacation” to the nation they fled from!).  

[Well, that month-old, slimey, stinking baloney only fools the ignorant.  However, those who are not fooled, but who say and do nothing are worse than fools—they themselves are traitors.]

They employ the same hypocrisy even when it comes to their worship of man and nature in their religion of “Evolutionism”.  The main doctrine of their religion is “survival of the fittest” and “natural selection”—and yet they violate it on a global level, to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars.  By their actions and the money they spend, they prove themselves to be liars who do not even believe in the religion they champion.  If they truly believed in it, it would be “sacred” and inviolable.  At the zoo there are signs, “Don’t Feed the Animals”.  At parks there are signs, “Don’t Feed the Animals - It will make them dependent on man” (and make them aggressive when they don’t get what they think they deserve, to which they have grown accustomed).  However, when it comes to alien, Third-World peoples, the so-called “experts” and our renegade, treasonous public servants violate everything which they claim to believe and hold sacred.  Welfare.  Affirmative Action.  Quotas.  Anti-Racism Laws.  Anti-Discrimination Laws.  Housing Laws.  Anti-Homopervert Laws.  Gender Equalization Laws.  If laws have to be passed to declare (anti-intellectually) that dissimilar things are “equal”—that’s a pretty good indicator that they are not equal, but that the ones that “need” to be “protected” by the passage of “special” laws and even “preferential treatment” are clearly inferior.


Consider this story by this wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to be an American and a Christian when he is part of the Apostate Church of New Babylon.

“Racism is in the air we breathe and the water that we drink.”

America needs to repent of racism


My comments:

“Yes Ginger, Communism is our friend.”

“Black is white; wrong is right; sin is good!”

This goat can enjoy his rebellious frisking, but Christ shall soon cast him on the barbecue with the swine and dogs (that is, if he is actually even a goat).

[Hold on while I step outside and inhale a deep breath of good ole “racist air”, and get a nice cool glass of “racist water”—and just for fun I’ll throw in a few “racist ice cubes”.  No black ice for me; black ice is dangerous and kills people.  “Black ice” should not be allowed on the highway; and don’t even get me started on “black mold”...!  It’s a killer too!]

This nation was based on racism; it was founded on racism.  It’s in the Constitution, isn’t it?  Isn’t one of the Amendments to the Constitution the right of every white man to own blacks as slaves?  It must be because this “scholar” says our nation was founded on this.  My ancestors in the U.S. never owned slaves... that’s about 200 years worth of ancestors, many thousand... does this mean that I can have a pro-rated lump sum payment in reparations for all the slaves that my family never owned to work our plantations?  About 10,000 slaves should be about right... but since I don’t want them, can I sell them back to African dictators who would love to have them on their plantations?

Let’s see.  1.4 billion Chinese.  The Chinese founded China for whom...?  1.35 billion Indians in India.  India was founded for whom?  1.3 billion people in all of Africa, very few whites anywhere but South Africa and Zimbabwe (Just under 9% of the population of South Africa is white or considered white; only about 5.6 million whites live in all of Africa).  Does South Africa or all the other nations in Africa give white people “equal” and “minority rights”...?  What about India, China? Arabia, Middle East, Near East...?  Is that not “racist”.  Do they not eat, drink, and breath racism...?  When anyone brings “racism” into a conversation as if that notion is a real factor, it is tantamount to having a flashing billboard above their head that reads, “I am a total ignoramus and hate reality and I demand that everyone recognize 2x2 = 4, but not 2+2 = 4”.  Why do squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, porcupines, horses, hippopatamus, elephants only seek out their own species and breed with them instead of breeding with humans?  I guess they are “animalist” and “anti-human”...!

The U.S. was founded by Christians of European descent for Christians of European descent.  To turn that into “racism” at any time in our history is an obnoxious twisting of reality.  Are Japanese not “xenophobic” and “nepotistic” and “racist”...?  What about Israelis?  What about Saudi Arabia?  Kenya?  Polynesians?  Turks?  Chinese?

Black lives don’t matter because blacks predate on each other—and anyone else.  As the old saying goes, “if you want friends show yourself friendly”.  So, if you want other people to value your life, then value theirs.  It is immoral to demand a fairy tale life served on a golden platter at someone else’s expense.  Why is it that the blacks in Africa WHO WERE NOT taken as slaves have not progressed any more over the past 200 years? and were it not for the white man, they would be living in grass huts and have dirt roads and nothing else.  There would not be the overpopulation problem if we did not send food (to a nation capable of producing enough food for the entire world), medicine, and keep them from killing each other.  If we just let them starve to death, die of disease, and kill each other, they would not be here to complain and accuse us, nor would they have so obscenely reproduced that their own nations can’t contain them and they think they have the right to take our nations from us. And traitors claim that they have the right to rape and murder us, because it is part of their culture, but we cannot execute them for their crimes or defend ourselves.  That is the most obnoxious and hateful legal ruling in the history of humanity.  Those judges and politicians should be tried for treason and executed.  They have violated their oaths of office and committed High Treason and war crimes and the theft and genocide of Caucasians, Christianity, and all of Christendom.

Again, these socialist antichrists address everything as “the cause” of the problem—except the actual cause of the problem.  And white Christians are supposed to just roll over and die and give up our heritage; even though Christ said, “Occupy till I come” and “give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and destroy you” and God commanded us to be separate and forbade us to set over us any alien to rule over us.  Aliens are not to be given equality.  No nonwhite / nonchristian nation does so.  

The saying used to be “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.  Now, it seems that the socialist antichrists have passed laws declaring, “Yes the dogs will bite you when you feed them; they are wild and they cannot ever be domesticated—but you are not allowed to stop feeding them, not even after you have lost all your fingers and your arms have been chewed off to the shoulder blade; you must then feed them with your feet and continue to do penance”.

I wonder who butters this wolf in sheep’s clothing’s bread (or more properly, mutton) and funds his hogwash and how much he has made off such antichristian, unamerican lies and subversion.  Was Jim Wallis paid for speaking and signing copies of his new book America’s Original Sin [“racism”] at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library event in Newnan, Georgia?  Wallis is founder of a so-called “Christian” “social justice organization” called Sojourners.  Who paid for the publishing of his book and how much was he paid?  What’s the going rate for a soul nowadays?  Too bad.  He made a bad deal.  When this life ends, he could have taken a soul with him; 30 pieces of silver, however, don’t transfer.  Too bad.  He and Judas can compare notes for eternity, if they ever happen to bump into each other and have time to talk in between screaming and tearing each other apart.

[Hell won’t be a bad vacation in a seedy motel room with an air conditioner that doesn’t work.  If you’ve studied psychology, pain causes aggression.  Decades ago, they found that if 2 rats were in a cage, getting along perfectly, and the cage is then shocked with electrical current, out of pain the rats begin to attack and bite each other; thinking on a sub-intellectual level, by instinct, that the nearest thing to it is the cause of the pain.]

This Antichrist spokesperson said,

“Multiracial faith communities are not really admirable. They are expected .... This doesn’t seem possible, but our faith says it must be possible.”

He also expressed that white people have been under delusion for too long and it will be difficult, but they must sacrifice and build “what could be a very exciting bridge to a new America .... We’ve got to get our souls back.  We’ve got to have relationships with black brothers and sisters to get our souls back.”

This is Satan, unamerican, unchristian, and delusional.  First of all, blacks are not our brothers.  Secondly we have no duty to them.  God commanded separation.  Why should we build a bridge?  How many blacks have been killed by white people in the past 250 years and how many whites have been killed by black people in the past 250 years and how many blacks have been killed by other blacks in the past 250 years.  I wonder if he talks about the black chieftains who sold their own people into slavery, to black and Jewish and Arab and Turkish slaver traders; or about the blacks even in the U.S. who owned black slaves?  I think the Africans need to take a ship back to Africa and build bridges with their own brothers who sold them!  I don’t know what “faith” he talks about, but it has nothing to do with the Bible or the Christian faith.  And I am sorry, but my soul is not in the hands of a black man and I do not need to get it back from him.  Maybe Wallis is part black descended from American Negro slaves and maybe he needs to get his soul (whatever that is) back from blacks, most of whom did not even have ancestors here in the U.S. at the time of slavery; none of whom were ever slaves in the U.S.  It is ancient history charlatan.  Move on.  Why are you not concerned about the 66 to 180 million white Christians murdered by Jewish Bolshevism that began only 100 years ago? —which Americans ignored and the Jewish banker that funded it from New York City, Jacob Schiff, was never indicted for war crimes and the theft of an entire continent and the murder of all those Christians and the theft of the fabulous wealth of the Romanov family and their brutal murder: men, women, and children.