Impoverishment and the impoverished - an endless PLANNED cycle

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A penny saved is a penny earned, a dollar wasted is a dollar spurned...!

What came first, the dead chicken or the dead egg...?

Corrupt goverment giving tax incentives to business for any reason robs the taxpayers and creates the endless cyle... getting people dependent on government handouts (including substandard quality products, including food, as well as imported foreign CRAP).

Anything dealing with government loses all common sense, intelligence, and rule of valid law.

Whereas, "Don't feed the wild animals, it will make them dependent on man (and they will get aggressive if you stop feeding them)" and "Don't feed a stray animal unless you want it to be your perpetual dependent" are commonly understood truisms, when you enter the "Devil's Triangle" of government involvement, all truth is thrown out the window.  THEIR GOAL is everyone to be dependent upon them—because then the "government" OWNS them (and the "government" OWNS everything that those OWNED people think that they own) and the "government" can then CONTROL them.  Once that reaches its ultimate fulfillment, we will all be slaves on the Federal Plantation.

Thomas Jefferson said, "A government big enough to supply all your needs is big enough to take everything that you own".  No wonder the modern subverters of Christendom defame Jefferson, Washington, and Jackson.


Modern "government" exists to perpetuate its own existence: create problems so big that only the "government" (with your money) can "fix" them; but whatever they try to fix only makes the problem BIGGER.