Logic and Exposure of Subversion, Corruption, and Injustice via Book covers?

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Would there even be universities without those whom the invaders are now trying to bar from them...? (—in the U.S., South Africa,* and presumably other nations of Christendom)  It is a growing trend of racism and violence—from the wearing of hateful t-shirts to even giving orders for whites to leave campus, demanding statues or paintings of founders and / former presidents of the universities to be removed, etc.

[* To turn a historical phrase, it seems that "When South Africa eats beans, the United States develops gas."  While we are not connected historically or geo-politically, we are connected, synchronistically based upon the laws of nature that God created.  Initially, South Africa was deteriorating, disintegrating at a much faster rate than the U.S., maybe even a decade or two.  However, "slow and steady wins the race" to the graveyard of nations, and it seems that the U.S. is catching up and closed the lead to the point that we are both self-destructing at the same rate simultaneously, and we are coming close to being neck and neck for a double heart-attack collapse just before the finish line—and Germany is trying to make it a three-way tie!  God save us!]

By way of illustration in another area of the perverse inequity and hypocrisy, Stephen Girard, Frenchman, American immigrant, self-made millionaire who became the wealthiest man in America and underwrote the entire US War Debt founder of Girard Bank and Girard College in Phila., Penna. set up a scholarship fund for the education of poor white orphan boys of Phila.  A negro took the fund/college to court in the 60s and had the WILL OVERTURNED!!!  —yet there exists the American Negro College Fund, Thurgood Marshall Foundation, and other such exclusive "racist" organizations, and billionaires like Bill Gates and Oprah Winphrey have reportedly set up college scholarship funds (as many other liberals have) for nonwhites only... JUSTICE...?  Equality???


 Below I saw these 2 books advertised only a book or two apart from each other on the same page, in that area of sales pitching in which they say something like, "these books may be of interest to you also" or "people who ordered this book also ordered these other books" or some such advertisement:  I was looking at the book, What's Happened To The University?: A sociological exploration of its infantilisation: Frank Furedi: 9781138212930: Amazon.com: Books and in the other books advertised down farther on that page, I noticed what appeared to me to be a "cause and effect" relationship between two unrelated books advertised among other titles.


Thus, I wonder if this—


The Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities
KC Johnson


...is caused by this—


No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into…
That is to say, with less whites on campus, crime rates will go up.  This is no mystery.
College campuses in the US, when their demographics begin to reach the demographics
in which there are more aliens, the crime statistics (and lower academics) and unmarried
student pregnancies will begin to approach the levels of "universities" in Africa or Mexico.
I know first hand that my Christian college, a superb college, one of the best in the U.S.,
had a perverse lust to have the best basketball team they could, and therefore, felt the irrational
notion that they had to import inner-city Africans... and when they did, year after year, the number
of white girls dropping out because they were pregnant increased (which is actually an epidemic
that is hushed up in both Christian and secular universities, that of white girls being impregnated by
black athletes).