Masking Pairs for Dual Protection

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“...the Land of the Free

and the 

Home of the Brave...”


Maybe that Patriotic song

—the ending of our once true National Anthem—

should now begin:

“Once upon a time...”


Diaper, diaper on my face

I’ve never been such a disgrace;

had our Founders known what would transpire

They’d have tossed their work into the fire;

and not have risked their lives for fools

who’d wear face-diapers filled with drool.


America, once  Beautiful...

God's Fed up with disgrace from thee....



There’s no depth to which man cannot sink

when once his sin thinks doth not stink...

and thumbs his nose at Holy God

and goes where angels fear to trod;

so Christendom must craven learn

the death that comes when God is spurn’d.

No “R.I.P”: rest won’t be sweet;

when upon God man wipes his feet.

—and finds a landmine there instead;

and no time’s left, not e’en to dread.

And then he’ll find o’er shadowed dale

if man’s “free will” can so prevail;

and then he’ll learn if Heaven’s real

—when once the flames of Hell he feels.

But then’s too late at last repent

when once ones whole life has been spent.

Appointed all but once to live

no barter for ones soul can give;

Embrace the furnace, all you feel;

—pretend the flame’s not really real.