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In response to a comment that someone else made in reference to the email of Boeing’s disaster being due to “outsourcing” engineering software jobs to INDIA!, someone else sent a list of some of the wonderous achievements of Third-world peoples.  

Click through the slideshow at https://blog.chron.com/lavoz/2015/09/the-most-important-inventions-creat... to see some of the greatest inventions created by Hispanics.

Here are my comments:

If they are all so brilliant, why are they flooding to our nation instead of improving their own...?  Why are their own nations worthless third-world Port-o-Juans?  The name on a patent is meaningless, even as ownership of a corporation is meaningless (now that multinationals own corporations that own corporations), even as historically a jewish lawfirm or doctor’s or broker’s office gave a token nonjew top billing to make it appear as if he was the senior partner and they others were his lackeys, when in reality, he was their puppet.  Similarly, university professors often take the credit for the work of their students, even as lawyers take the credit for their paralegals.  In the age of political correctness, the official name on a patent is meaningless; the hidden contract is what is of importance; for the sake of proving their agenda (which cannot honestly be proven, even as Venezuela hailed as the nation to finally show that communism works, is a total fraud and worse than anyone can imagine)... liberals may agree with an under the table or hidden contract to let someone else take the credit and throw him a little money (sounds like Einstein all over again) for appearances.  If they are all so brilliant, why are those of their own people in their countries not leading the way of technology?  Why have they not been educated in the universities of their own nations? why do they come to U.S. universities?  Why do they live here in the U.S.?  Why are their nations bombed out bankrupt police states?  

Yes, the Third-world peoples have contributed so much to the world.  And Al Gore invented the internet!  Obama declared that Muslims’ made important contributions in founding the United States.  

A cursory perusal of any public school or university textbook will be filled with examples of propaganda being passed off as truth.  I don’t doubt that there may be some very intelligent, even brilliant third-world peoples; but they are an aberration, not the norm; and I suspect the majority are propaganda (and that the majority are not actually full Third-worlders, but those who have some European ancestors).  And again, why did they not educate themselves (like so many early Americans, British and Europeans, inventing entire fields of science, having never even attended college).  Why do they not owe their rise to greatness due to graduating with a degree in Mud Technologies from the University of Nicaragua or the University of Havana or Mexico City or Chad or Manilla?  Why instead do they come to our nations in order to be educated—taught, by our people and then receive jobs simply because they are minorities...?  

If they are so wonderful, why do all of our cities and nations degenerate into Third-world hell-hole crime sewers that look like villages that had been caught in the middle of a war...? —when they had been clean, safe, prosperous cities of our people that our people built, and in which children played safely, unsupervised, unmolested and people sat on their front porches or steps in the row houses and talked and sang at eventide, without fear of gangs or driveby shootings or having their ancestors’ monuments desecrated and torn down.  The rancid fruit of interracialism, multiculturalism, gender-perversionism, and interfaith blasphemy can be seen in the degeneration and decay.  

Holding up the “Golden-peanut award”, which itself is dubious, as proof positive of greatness, does not make up for all the rest.  Historically, why have Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea,* Haiti, Nigeria, the Congo, Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc., not sent “missionaries” to other nations?  Why do they not send humanitarian relief to other nations?  Why have they not given billions of dollars of money to other nations in need?  Why do they not invite MILLIONS of aliens to their nations and put them on welfare programs and ignore all their crimes and destruction of society?  The official representatives of nonwhite nations modernly jump on the so-called “humanitarian” bandwagon only because the Caucasian nations are for some stupid reason expected to foot the entire bill, and give the majority of concessions, roll over and die, and give our nations to the Third world invaders.  Invasion used to be called “war”; now it is called “Dreamers seeking the dream” (yes, and the goal of every cannibal is to “get a head” in life).

[* By the way, see this new report: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48932361 — and the brain-dead, conscience-devoid liberals will claim that “population” or “money” is the problem.  Solution: Red Rover, Red Rover send all the Poopoo New Guineans right over!]

Tell me, in what white nation were there ever Olympics held in which it took over a year to clean up the sh*thole nation and venue, and to the point that even during the Olympics there were human feces floating or sunken in the water of the water events, and the Olympiads were informed in advance of all the diseases they could contract simply by competing...?  And as these brilliant contributors to “humanity” enter our nation, our nations are turned into international urinals JUST LIKE THE ONES THEY LEFT.  I remember even in the 70s and 80s downtown Philly, at City Hall, one of the largest all-hewn-stone buildings in existence, walking through the courtyard on the sidewalk of the city that went through the outer portion of the building it smelled like a gas station bathroom or the tiger cage at the zoo... and it was not the white people pissing and crapping all over the sidewalk and the building.  And it is becoming worse and worse, L.A. being the poster child for third world “dreamers” and their filth, vermin, and disease.  NO ONE is to blame for LA except the filthy aliens and the treasonous politicians who let them in.  Just because you are poor does not mean you live like an animal—even cats are born with the instinct to dig a hole and bury it!!!!!  

A single rose among 100 million thorns does not change the nature of the thorns.  An abberrational bloom is just that: an abberration.  A solitary comet streaking across the sky does not start a “trend” for all other space debris to begin to work and shine!  

Also, to the person who sent the list of Third-world achievers, a brainwashed liberal, presumably white... I also ask: Why do you not live in Mexico City, San Salvadore, Manilla, Tehran, or any other Third-world major city or backward village?  Why have you not moved to the Third World to learn all that they can teach you, since you are impressed with how brilliant they are they you feel the need to defend them?  I wonder if they will be as concerned about defending you?

Notice also that many of the names that he listed appear to be hybrids (that is, not full hispanics or not actually hispanic at all!) and some have part Caucasian names, including several from Argentina; and those who don’t know history don’t realize that numerous South American nations (including Argentina*) encouraged white immigration from Europe in the 1800s to improve their lethargic people and economies, and as they planned, those German communities were eventually utterly absorbed by the indigenous populace, along with the wealth those Europeans brought with them.  The “Guatemalan” listed for an invention, his name is Dr. Luis Von Ahn (who is of German, or maybe Jewish descent).  I am surprised they don’t list “Hulk Hogan” on this “famous Hispanic inventor’s” list, as the “inventor” of Hulkamania, and tearing off a t-shirt with a cut in the fabric before a “wrestling” match, because the platinum-haired giant of a man, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, is of French, Italian, Scottish and Panamanian descent.

[*1 I worked with missionaries in Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal.  What did they have in common...?  In Argentina, I remember mothers on the main streets of Buenos Aires (which at one time were nice red bricks, maybe 20 feet wide, and maybe 4 lanes of traffic going each way) would pull down the pants of their young children, help them squat and poop right there on the sidewalk, pull their pants up, and walk on.  I remember in Portugal grown men of all ages, stepping off the main sidewalk, only a few feet into an alley, unzip, and piss on someone else’s home and office, in full view of men, women, and children who were walking by, and the stench coming from each alley was enough to make you pass out.  Imagine the people who lived above, who had to open their windows to endure the heat, if they could not afford air conditioning!  I am sure that the same thing happened in São Paulo (considering that is a major city of the previous nation that hosted the summer poop-Olympics), but I can’t remember any heartwarming memories as I did not venture out from the missionary property to enjoy the beauty of the indigenous population and their brilliant contribution to planet earth.]

Two of the great inventions that made this list, a collapsing hammock stand and a new way of “creating” banana-flavored chips!  They like to throw that word “create” in there, to make the achievement seem Divine.  Like another who “created” another species of plant; “bred” or “propigate” would be the actual terms. Another Argentinian is of Italian descent,* “Ondetti”.  Also, one of the “Puerto Ricans” is “Guanglou Cheng”.   No, he did not invent the Puerto Rican fortune cookie, along with 2 other Puerto Ricans (whose names are actually Latino, but we don’t know who their mothers or grandparents were).  Another Argentine listed is Jozsef Biró Laszlo, of course, as his name suggests, is of Hungarian descent, but he was born in Hungary, of Jewish-Hungarian descent (no hispanic at all! he was born László József Schweiger).  Also, he did not invent the fountain pen, as the blurb says; he invented the first SUCCESSFULLY MARKETED ball-point pen (which had been invented 50 years earlier by American John J. Loud).  Argentine Julio Palmaz, as I thought, both of his parents are of Italian descent.  William R. Cumpiano, the Puerto Rican “inventor” who crafts guitars, his mother was from Boston, Massachusetts.  If the achievement of “Hispanics” is so vast, why do they have to resort to deception to compile even a small list of 27 names?

[* —as many Argintinians are, which does not mean they are not part indigenous Indian-Spaniard cross, but it does mean they are part European.  Thus, we see another reason why there is the rabid push of amalgamation—to hide the actual and stark differences between the races because that is the only way they can attempt to prove “equality”, by destroying us (which is called GENOCIDE) as they attempt to “breed up”.  Another reason is because the majority of whites would never mix it up with an out right Third Worlder, but as the endless crosses blend together with more and more white blood, brainwashed and ignorant whites become less choosy (and after enough generations of interbreeding with whites, the alien blood is often very hard to notice, but the eternal damage has been done).  Furthermore, in addition to Satan seducing the amalgamation to destroy God’s true people (the true peoples of Christendom), the mixed population and the alien invading population will soon outnumber and outvote the true population.  It is a hate crime and crime against humanity from about half a dozen different angles.]

Also, many of these lists of “inventions” that the liberal offered, merely say that a certain third worlder “helped” with such-and-such invention.*  This indeed, in most cases, may be overly gratuitous, such as the third-string football player who maybe only saw a minute of game time on the field, is given a “Superbowl ring” when the team wins the championship... having really contributed nothing (but it is nice to know that he was there “just in case” and that maybe, just maybe he would have done something to earn his entire salary for the year, if given the chance to “shine”).  So it is possible that the low-rung-on-the-ladder “scientist” (minority scholarship / grant recipient) of the laboratory, who was elected to go to the corner deli or fast food venue each day to get everyone else’s lunch, indeed “helped” with the invention by STAYING OUT OF THE WAY and making sure the real scientists were well fed.  In many cases there are “co-inventors” who are not listed; and others, as I pointed out, merely say they “helped”.  Excuse me if I don’t do backflips.

[* —and even if G.W. Carver is truly responsible for peanut butter, you really cannot call a “food recipe” an “invention” or a "discovery" without a large helping of exaggeration.  Loosely, yes, they can be called inventions and discoveries, but that is gratuitous and for lack of a better term.  In the same sense, anyone who writes a poem, article, book, or a song "invents" putting words together in a special way.  Thus, every kindergartner who has ever fingerpainted is an "inventor".]

And it really is alarming that people believe anything simply because it is in print (especially when their sources are propaganda mills)—who continually rewrite history faster than the ink can dry.

But again, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  If greatness existed you would not have to search so hard for it, and then employ deception in the process of singing their praises.  Besides, an abberration does not establish scientific law.  Furthermore, and more importantly, is not the “duty” of true Europeans to sacrifice themselves and their children, their families, their people, their nation, by intermarrying with the Third World to give “evolution” another “5 billion year chance” of success (of course, my use of the model of the myth of evolution, which most “scientists” believe is merely a medium for sarcasm in helping expose the fraud of the establishment perpetuating yet another myth, that they totalitarianly demand to be accepted as fact, without any evidence).


Three individuals replied:

RE: outsourcing Jobs:

[or should that be “Out-house sourcing jobs”...?  R.A.B.]

The US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Round Table on behalf of Boeing and on the major Large businesses like Disney and GE have been very active in forcing the Department of State to issue special visas. This has in many cases resulted in the firing of Americans and their replacement by non citizen aliens from mostly China, India and Pakistan. I am familiar with Disney in FL in which case several hundred Americans were let go. Disney experienced numerous problems after they fired the Americans. Regardless of the matter this always woks the same way. The American workers are told to train their own replacements—if they refuse to do so they will be let go without pension, medical coverage or severance pay. The usual transition time is about 4 months. All companies who do this usually expect a lean-up-curve of 12 months. In engineering my Dr. Is welding and manufacturing with a SME Certified status, and can verify the learn curve.

Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE SME certified


From a PhD in engineering who's worked around the world:
We knew that in aerospace but no point to broadcast it until the very liberal Bloomberg Report published it. I then sent a copy to everyone I knew. They blew the lid off the story so the left had to accept it. or at least not dismiss it.


From someone who worked for Boeing:

Robert--One container full of airplane seat cushions arrived from some foreign nation, and it was so bug infested, the entire shipment had to be thrown out.

Even high pressure pipe from China had to be thrown out.  I only saw a little of what goes on as the company attempts to keep problems quiet.  They have a slew of purchasing representatives.

They fly all over the world to work with suppliers to bring products up to standard.

There are also good stories.  Boeing apparently was forced into buying wings from Italy.  They thought, they will never get it right so they started building wings somewhere else.  The very first wings from Italy arrived perfect, ready to install.  I ended up cutting up the extra wings, about 20 million worth, for testing.  I felt funny destroying 20 million dollars.  But second hand wings are hard to sell on ebay.

The company point of view is that does a guy with no education who screws seats to the floor really need to make $125,000 a year plus six weeks paid leave every year?  It escalates as businesses around Boeing raise prices to get their share.  Greed has certainly been a factor in America's decline.  But when a government turns corrupt, it is difficult for the common man not to want his share.  Also, do company presidents really need to make forty million a year or so.  One government wanted to tax every car that drives through their town that goes to Boeing at about 60 dollars a month per car.  If you want to use the express lane on the freeway, it costs around ten to fifteen dollars a day to get a sticker for your windshield.

The whole thing becomes contagious as other jobs such as teachers think they should make Boeing wages which raises property taxes.