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This youtube is of paramount importance

Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV

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This information has to spread exponentially... fast... if it does not and if enough people don't stand up NOW, there may never be a chance to stand up again.]


This is an excellent presentation (ignore the evolutionary nonsense, which is only a phrase or two)... Big pharma is LOSING money because of their expensive, toxic drugs (and lawsuits; and billions of dollars and years of testing)... SO THEY HAVE SWITCHED TO VACCINES TO MAKE MONEY (no testing and the corrupt politicians passed laws where vaccine companies cannot be sued for suffering or wrongful death from their product!)... drug companies were losing billions as more people are seeing through their fraud... and NOW "all of the sudden" there is a FLU pandemic.  Thus, billionaire Bill Gates has the perfect environment to push through his agenda of global vaccination of every single person (which will also serve to fulfill his other agenda, the depopulation of earth, now that the elite billionaires have used the third world to weaken and destroy Christendom, so they can push through their agenda without opposition—and then, as there is no honor among thieves, they will repay the welfare class they used to destabilize society, by reducing it to a manageable size so that the billions of masses will stop consuming so much of the word's resources, which the elite think of as belonging exclusively to them).  Conspiratorial, treasonous politicians assisting billionaires and drug companies with the help of IGNORANT, IGNORANT, IGNORANT doctors (their pimps, who only know what the AMA / CDC teach them) want to infect the world's population with disease (which is the real effect of vaccines—they incubate disease for decades, then appear as degenerative disease; and a certain percentage get these degenerative health problems immediately, some are immediately incapacitated, and some die outright).  This controls the population, keeps them sickly, and keeps them dependent on doctors and drugs—and creates the "NEED" for "insurance" and the NATIONALIZING it (even though everything the government touches turns to crap, since the "experts" are conspirators with the "Anti-Midas" touch, whose plan is to destroy everything they touch).  The corrupt hospitals and clinics and doctors overbill, often 100 times inflating the bill (which is racketeering and fraud as well as defrauding the government, since when individuals can't pay their outlandish payments and insurance won't cover it, it is simply subsidized by the corrupt politicians and tacked on to the taxpayer's bill and the so-called "National Debt".)

[See my book, The Liberty Document (details below).  It is not the National debt, but the personal debt of the corrupt politicians who illegally voted to spend money without constitutional authorization, which accounts for 95% of their spending.  It is also the personal debt of all those who have received welfare, subsidies, grants, bankruptcis, etc., and all foreign nations that have received aid from the U.S.]

The ignorant masses, in FEAR think they cannot exist without insurance (even though the world existed for it for over 5,500 years just fine)... and the EASILY FRIGHTENED EQUALLY IGNORANT masses (who are all COMMUNISTS and don't even realize it) are easily controlled by any false narrative, hoax, or government-created disaster at the traitorous politicians' whim.

Communism is force, regulation, welfare state, abolishment of rights.  The ignorant masses think it is "democracy".  Our nation was NOT founded to be a democracy.  Democracy is an intermediary stage from a Republic to Communism.  Nearly every politician, judge, and lawyer, and every educator, journalist, and college student, and nearly all of the masses (especially those on welfare) today in the US is a communist (whether they realize it or not).  They don't know the U.S. Constitution or the Planks of the Communist Manifesto.  If they even once read either document, they would realize they are communists.

[See my special edition of the Communist Manifesto, with additional information and a comparison of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.]

Vaccine manufacturers are on the perpetual gravy train with a flock of geese that lay golden eggs... they enjoy pure profit, don't have to test the vaccines for years to see if they are safe or even work... and cannot be sued...  Most M.D.s are ignorant and don't even know what the immune system is or does and don't study nutrion.  Most doctors are pimps for the drug companies.  Doctors get THOU$AND$$$$ of dollar$ of bonuses for pushing vaccines...!  A doctor may receive a $5-7 THOUSAND bonus for pushing an entire panel of vaccines (over 100 I belive) on any individual child that is a patient of his... HOW is that NOT conflict of interests?  Convincing the parents that their beloved child needs 100 vaccines (that will destroy his health) so the doctor can get paid for each visit, each shot—and then a $5,000 bonus per child, if he can deceive the parents into getting all the shots.



These antichrist super-billionaires (Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Prince William and even Ted Turner, etc.) think that THEY own the world.


They imported the third world into Christendom to weaken and destroy Christendom so it can be overthrown...


once that is done... no honor among thieves, they want population reduced because they don't want so many billions of people consuming "their" natural resources, so they want to kill the population of the earth back to a manageable number, under a billion, maybe half—all to be their personal servants on their global plantation... I first reported this in a booklet 20 years ago. 


But I think the doctor / inventor of email, in the video link above, claims that Kennedy pretends to be against vaccines by things he says, but not by what he does... I can't quite remember exactly.




I see mostly morons in my small town of 3,000 (the county seat of a county in which there have been ZERO reports of "Coronazilla")... you can tell who has a brain, who knows how to think, who does any research beyond NBC.  I imagine it is like this in every town and city, because the majority of the populace are the same: dumbed-down, ignorant drones easily controlled by fear and emotionalism.  Our schools were dumbed down for this reason: the plank of the Communist Manifesto: the STATE educates the children (and adults too)... to only know the "official version" of anything... to keep them in bondage.

People in the grocery store in this small town are wearing masks and rubber gloves like they are performing surgery.  Don't they know about the law of transfer...?  Have they never even watched CSI?  I would love for them to take those rubber gloves, go work with poison ivy, and they WILL LEARN about transfer that they will NEVER FORGET. 

[I DID, and even being careful (having worked around poison ivy for decades).  Even when being extremely careful, I've suffered a living hell for 3 weeks (on multiple occasions); especially this one time, as I was digging out the roots, which contain the most deadly poison.  Poison ivy and its relatives are some of the most toxic natural chemicals on earth, and it is a very stable poison, burning it does not immediately destroy it and even the smoke is deadly.  IN the underground roots even if dead, the poison is viable for 5 years.  The amount of poison ivy sap that can fit on the head of a pin is enough to make 500 people itch.  Poison ivy only merely itches in the mildest of cases; in bad cases, it is TORTURE, even flesh dissolving... and it spreads and can even get in the blood stream and spread and erupt elsewhere.]

Everything they put in their grocery cart while wearing those gloves IS CONTAMINATED (if there is any contamination)... and they think that because their hands are wearing gloves that they are "safe"... even though they will then take those bags and products they touch with the gloves, put them in their car, then take them home and put them in their house and they think the "magic gloves" protected everything?  It is mindless!

They are trained skittish cattle.  You see them in the grocery store, which is like the rest of the town, practically a ghost town, and they are pushing their cart, timidly, with gloves and mask, and when they come to an intersection at the end of the aisle where someone is passing, they stop like a deer in headlights as if it is a cage of wild animals being transported in front of them, and lion may reach out and grab them... I felt like a VIP... no matter where I went in the store, people (the few there) stopped and let me go first.

A few weeks ago I was looking for the smaller size cart, rather than the Cadillac size and I asked where the small carts were.  They said "We've put them up".  I asked "Why?"  They said the larger carts help remind people to stay 6 feet apart.  I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!

I joked at the cashier that I had masks on all my chickens to protect them from bird flu.  Someone else with a brain (and no mask or gloves) jokingly asked how I keep the masks on them.  I said you'd be surprised what you can do with a little superglue.

Now, in all seriousness, anyone whose health is already compromised should take precautions—especially in a nation in which the corrupt, treasonous politicians have thrown all common sense and morality to the wind, imported MILLIONS of diseased aliens and put them and all the trash in the ghettos on a taxpayer-funded breeding program... in a corrupt nation that teaches promiscuity starting in grade school! (and in advertising, commercials, cartoons, and even now the public library children's story time carried out by mentally deranged perverts) and 30% of the entire U.S. has a sexually transmitted disease, etc. (THAT is an EPIDEMIC!).   But the issue here, in the madness that is going on in this nation and the world is not precaution but mindless hysteria and you can easily see which fools believe the government / media as their only source of information.

They have the grocery and post office floors taped with blue tape to show people 6 feet!  The tape companies (and plastic sheeting companies) are now making a killing, along with the glove and mask and sanitizer companies (and for 3 weeks no toilet paper in that isle, still completely empty).  The small post office has now put up plastic between the customers and clerks; the banks are closed except for the drive through and in the drive through the tellers are wearing masks and gloves!  The library is closed but you can call to pick up a book and they will meet you at the door in gloves and mask and hand you the book!

—mindless cattle...!  Of course, government employees and other regulated agencies have to do what they are told, even if every employee does not believe all the nonsense that is being propagandized.  Dentists and oral surgeons and other health clinics closing!

The local nursery closed its greenhouse where plants are stored, but will go in and bring the plants out to you if you tell them what you want, while the fertilizer part of the store is open!  Do they think that the greenhouse is a petri dish that will incubate the "virus"...?

I could not believe that the greenhouse was closed (until April 15--that is, if the corrupt "government" does not milk this for months or years)... I commented at the next nursery about it and the indignant woman said, "he is just trying to keep his family SAFE".  I wanted to laugh out loud.

The new code word, trigger word, brainwashing mantra is—

"SAFE".  Paypal, Amazon, Credit card companies are even using that bogus excuse to discriminate against Christian patriots and not allow them to do business, to keep the community "safe" (from information / truth; Amazon bans more books each week and sanitizes their website of all such titles as if they never existed and were never sold).

I think SAFE stands for:





I got an email from Food Lion saying they are going to donate over a million...

How many companies are coughing up money to help recover from a hoax?

Their donations will result in raising the price of food / other products to pay for their benevolence (or getting a special tax break or "bail out" money of some type).

$2.2 trillion counterfeited in this "Care" (or should it have been called the "SAFE") bill... which they CLEARLY had prepared LONG ago and this Corona-hoax was the grease used to push it through.  The "Care" bill had obama cell phones on it as an itemization, and most all things on it had NOTHING to do with this hoax.  It was what they wanted to do all along... and they want to probably print another $6 trillion.  The already worthless dollar will drop DOUBLE and that means all PRICES WILL DOUBLE—after the elite billionaires who get their bail out money spend it first into circulation.  Then prices will rise when people realize it is not worth as much (the trickle down theory). 

All the while companies and stocks worldwide are being bought up for pennies on the dollar because individuals and companies are trained to go into debt, buy now, pay later... so in such an event THEY CANNOT RIDE IT OUT, but LOSE EVERYTHING!

THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT - the "experts" trained everyone to live like this for this very reason.

PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP AND RESIST NOW... if they wait too long there will be no opportunity to ever resist again...  It is NOT resisting "the government" —the true people (not imported aliens or their countless generations of illegitimate descendents) are the government; the corrupt, renegade, treasonous politicians are resisting us and the U.S. Constitution; our resisting them is not rebellion, but OUR RIGHT and our DUTY.  They must be called accountable for their crimes, and the countless suffering, deaths, and ruined lives for which they and they alone are responsible.

THIS is a communist takeover of every nation of Christendom—throttle pushed full forward and JAMMED in place; and if people don't resist, the treasonous politicians will bulldoze it through, if enough resist they will have to back down... and they must resist NOW, not when things get worse... to not resist till they get worse is like not actually offering any resistence, in a game of tug of war until you are already pulled right up with your to the line and OFF BALANCE... politicians are our SERVANTS not our masters; in contradiction to mindless "Christians" and "Christian" Churches that teach "be in subjection to the powers that be" the issue is NOT about obeying authority—for in reality the politicians are OUR SERVANTS and THEY are supposed to obey us... the true people, not aliens or perverts... Christians who claim we have to obey the government completely ignorant of the Word of God and are communists.. they are pied pipers, false / evil shepherds who have scattered the flock and who are condemned by God! 

My book The War Between the Children of Light and the Powers of Darkness dispels IN GREAT DETAIL the false interpretation of Romans and other passages of Scripture.  [506pp., 20.00 + 5 P&H for pb.; 30 + 5 P&H for Hb.]... and see also my invaluable book The Liberty Document, full of important constitutional and common law information, 350pp., paperback, 20.00 + P&H.


See also


APRIL 5, 2020 AT 8:22 PM

Dr Stefano Montanari, Italian nano-pathologist who is another leading medical figure exposing the coronavirus scam, sees the economic motivation as well:

“It is a colossal fraud. Mortality from the virus is very low … But an illness *with* the virus is another matter. In summary, one cannot die of covid-19 unless the patient has previous pathologies.

If someone has cancer, or a heart condition, and also accidentally the coronavirus, what does it mean? We are really facing a colossal scam.

If someone is run over by a train, the ensuing trauma is the cause of death. If he who is run over by a train happens also to have a cold, the cold is not the cause of death. He casually happened to have a cold.

There are very many coronaviruses. in the overwhelming majority of people it remains innocuous and without showing clinical indication of symptoms. But it hits, as an illness, old people, especially old people who take medicines used to treat other pulmonary diseases, or who have other pathologies.

[NOTE MINE: R.A.B.  "WHO TAKE MEDICINES"THAT is the PULSE of the issue.  The corrupt gov't and medical industry / monopoly DON'T want ANY cure for disease...?  WHAT have they cured, despite HUNDREDS OF BILLION$ being thrown to them?  Their vaxxes did not cure any disease... most all including polio were ON THE WAY OUT BEFORE the vaxxes.  See Murder By Injection by Mullins (inquire, I have a small supply of original Hb.).  They want an EXPENSIVE "CONTROL" that you have to stay on the rest of your life.... these drugs destroy the immune system, in addition to keeping you dependent on them (addicted).  Add to that 5-G (and how much you want to guess that many of these pharma meds may have aluminum in them) and you have the perfect overload to kill someone already weak.]


Healthy people suffer absolutely no damage from this virus. The virus is found everywhere in the billions, like billions of other viruses.

If we sought the virus in the 60-million Italians, we would find it at least in 30 million and probably more.

This virus is found everywhere and it stays there without absolutely causing any harm, just like the enormous number of other viruses, present but harmless. Most of those who are actually positive have no symptoms – as is the case with the vast majority of viruses that exist in this world.

If all deaths were checked – about 650,000 people die in Italy physiologically every year – you would find more than half having the coronavirus, probably many more than half. The omnipresence of the coronavirus type and other coronaviruses is a fact, not a hypothesis.

All these coffins are part of the 650,000 deaths we have every year in Italy – there is no increase in mortality. You know very well, as a journalist, how easy it is to manipulate text and images to create a message.

In Italy, we have 49,000 deaths per year due to infections contracted in the hospital. The data is official. 49,000 people, (130-140 people per day) die because they are admitted into a hospital, say, for an appendicitis and then they die of pneumonia

A respirator is common equipment in a hospital. That we have too few (in Italy) is due to our having, through the last 10 years, destroyed our health system. the purchasing system is corrupted . The governor of the region of Lombardy was recently sentenced to six years in jail for stealing funds (hundreds of millions) destined tfor health care.

We are now economically blocking the world. The ultra billionaire can easily purchase companies that are now worth pennies. All who were rich will be infinitely richer

Only an incompetent can imagine a vaccine against a virus that does not give immunity and has no chance of being effective. We are close to 8 billion people being forced to be vaccinated and it will be an unimaginably enormous business.

People should be told to stay outside in the sun, to walk, to move around, to try staying healthy and eat healthily. Not to stay indoor, in the dark and without sun.”

– Dr Stefano Montanari, Italian nano-pathologist

video partly translated by Jimmy Moglia:


Behind the scenes, Johnson is said to be furious with China for a number of reasons, not least of which is his own positive test result for COVID-19 on March 27. Further complicating matters, a recent shipment of test kits bound for the UK were found to be contaminated with coronavirus. In other words, take the test and get infected. 
Bill Gates' Creepy Plan for EVERY HUMAN on Earth!! and if not vaccinated with papers to prove you are "safe" you cannot travel freely.


W.H.O. Official: "May have to enter homes and remove family members" - YouTube



Rappaport Name Meaning. Jewish (Ashkenazic): most people bearing this name are descended from Avrom-Menakhem Ben-Yankev Hakoyen Rapa, who lived in Porto, Italy, at the beginning of the 16th century. The etymology of his name is uncertain but possibly from German Rappe 'raven'.

New York City Doctor Shares Incredible Insight
by Dana Ashlie
April 4, 2020
Duration of video is 10 minutes

Communist youtube removed this for “violation of community B(olshevik)S(ocialist) guidelines”.

It is amazing how many socialists all got rich off “capitalism” in Christian nations!

Here is a different link to the same video


Clay Travis: Media Must Blame Faulty Coronavirus Projections, or Admit Trump Saved Millions of People


For decades the health industry has thrown away billions of face masks after one use. Trump asks, "Why the hell are we throwing them away? Why not sterilize them and use them numerous times?"

HOW ABOUT A MINUTE OR 2 IN A MICROWAVE? —but of course, not the ones with the metal nose clip... they will ignite the paper masks; but the cloth ones with no metal could certainly be sterilized in a microwave.


Concerning the next article below, I should point out: They are not "un-alienable" rights but INALIENABLE.  If the below author does not know that, one wonders how much else he has "off"; so scrutinize what he says.  Also, note the clear difference in what I say and what he says below... While self-practiced social distancing may be prudent in the face of an unknown of which there is no information (which is NOT the case with this corona hoax)... if the government is promoting some idea or information—most likely it is NOT true; and even if it may have some validity, they are not promoting it for the reasons they claim.  Furthermore, the government is not merely "promoting" or "suggesting" or "encouraging" social distancing, in many areas they are (without any Constitutional Authority)  DEMANDING IT, even though all truth is to the contrary.  The politicians Federal, State, and local are acting like DICTATORS and THAT is the real agenda—to get people USED TO COMPLYING as if they are SLAVES.  I thought slavery was abolished...?

No one wants to be dismissive of the dangers of an unknown entity like COVID-19. Until more is known about it, common sense social distancing has seemed to be a reasonable approach — at least for awhile. How much "protection for our own good" is warranted by federal, state, and local governments, however, and how long should it continue? When should we be alarmed that our guaranteed freedoms are being overridden? Liberty Counsel offers clear and well-researched guidance about our freedoms in the most important areas of our lives. Reprinted with permission. Pat Daugherty, Ed.D.
April 8, 2020
The Presumption of Liberty
In any discussion of a potential limitation of constitutional freedom and unalienable rights, we begin with the presumption of liberty. Liberties such as the right to life, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion are not privileges granted to the people. They are unalienable to the person. Our God-given rights pre-exist government. As the Declaration of Independence states, governments “are instituted” in order to “secure these rights.” Government must safeguard liberties you already possess. The U.S. Constitution also protects many additional rights.

Read More . . .


Extremely important investigative reporting again by Amazing Polly.


how to make fake predictions come true 



just like the continually dwindling holocaust numbers


I’ve seen a lot of wrongdoing coming from the Mainstream Media, but this is shameful.

CNN recently asked Facebook to delete a Project Veritas video. Facebook deleted it!

They hate Project Veritas’ mission so much that they are deleting news content.

Quite frankly, I consider it a badge of honor. I know why they’re doing it: they are mad that Project Veritas exposed them!

Project Veritas had Insiders within Facebook and CNN last year.

If you can send Project Veritas a donation right now, you can help more Insiders come forward.

Our Insiders will get to the truth about Big Tech and Big Media. Help us expose their agenda.

I can’t tell you the details just yet, but Project Veritas has some big investigations upcoming.

I’m not yet sure when I will be able to tell you more, and I hope you understand, but I am asking you to please:

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When CNN and Facebook attack us, it means that Project Veritas is doing the right thing.

They want to ban our videos, but that won’t happen.

Help Project Veritas fight back and expose these powerful frauds.

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Be Brave,

James O’Keefe


Crackdowns on Lone Surfers and Paddleboarders Threaten to Erode Respect for Law Enforcement Even Further

more evidence of biological weapon leak


Dr. Annie Bukacek

30 years of reading Death Certs.  She may have something important to say.


'Fear' - The Greatest Manipulating Emotion on The Planet

Through the fear of losing a job, the fear of losing their material belongings, the fear of alienation of friends and family, and the fear of death to name a few.  This fact is easily seen all throughout history and is surely present with us today..........
by Butch Paugh.

November 2020 “Mail-In” Theft of the United States

The Government and news media have the country fixated on COVID19 24/7 and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. They have the priority backwards! FEAR, not money, is the greatest human control mechanism on earth. The American people must be smart enough to put the right priorities in order, or they will very rapidly lose everything America has ever been.........
by JB Williams.


I guess their logic is it would be far harder to put little masks on all the mosquitoes.
We strain at the gnat and swallow the camel.

Worldwide panic! 
Coronavirus may kill almost as many people this year as the flu does every year. Yet, we are not a bit concerned that malaria kills 400,000 to 500,000 people every year. Have you seen the Lame Stream Media report that fact?
Perhaps Trish Reagan at Fox News was wrong a priori but correct a posteriori. This is certainly fodder for the Trump Derangement Syndrome. One Dem Rep says Trump's suggestion to use hydroxychloroquine saved her life while another Dem Rep is planning to file charges on Trump with the World Court in the Hague for "crimes against humanity" for suggesting its use. This morning a survey of 6000 physicians strongly advocated its use.
Reading the news used to produce clarity, now it just produces confusion!


Flu season starts when big pharma markets millions of flu vaccines

by Editor, cairnsnews


WHO? Call it China Health Organisation!

by Editor, cairnsnews


Nothing is ever as it seems. WHO driven by communists




Federal Government getting set to implement a cashless society on the back of the Coronavirus scam


Britain granted more than $1.2 million in legal-aid benefits to a jihadist who plotted to behead a soldier while victims of terror attacks at London Bridge, Westminster and Manchester Arena were denied any aid at all.
Islam expert Robert Spencer at his Jihad Watch website observed: "British authorities have made their choice...They've abandoned the idea of equality before the law for all citizens and established Muslims as a protected class with rights and privileges beyond those of other citizens...This will no doubt result in the creation of a happy and peaceful multicultural paradise. Won't it?"
1918 Flu survivor talks about Baking Soda as a preventative. - YouTube
Fight COVID-19 With This Simple Ingredient You Probably Have At Home - YouTube

Coronavirus mask policing: Texas city ready to fine citizens $1K for not covering up

The coronavirus mask police may soon be on patrol in Laredo, Texas.

Read More >


Further destroying the economy, politicians UNCONSTITUTIONALLY continue the destruction of the US by means of the communist welfare state... they are throwing crumbs to the waifs and vagrants to justify their own existence, since they (the politicians) are NONESSENTIAL for the operation of society—actually, society would operate better without them...!  But in case anyone asks, "Hey, why do we have to stop getting paid when all you politicians and government "workers" are still getting paid... hence, the continued descent into socialism to pay people not to work (same concept as subsidies) to further destroy the nation, get pathetic lowlifes dependent on the government (and continuing to reproduce) while ruining the economy so the nation can collapse into full blown socialism (right now we are only about 75% to 90% communistic).

So more blood is dangled in front of the leeches, to quit work under flimsy excuses (based upon the socialist notion that children who used to work in the mines and factories 100 years ago are somehow not able to sit at home and watch tv by themselves--thank you nanny state)

 As George Bernard Shaw said, "Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on Paul".

 The goal of the traitorous politicians is to have the number of Paul's outweigh the number of Peters".

Those on welfare and unemployment are thieves (GRAND THEFT, YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR, even multigenerationally all family members!), accomplices in the communist takeover of the U.S. 

 being paid to not work, for ANY reason, is both unconstitutional and unbiblical.

 the destruction of the family and the church creates the void that the corrupt politicians claim the government needs to fill.

That's Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.  A mother who poisons her child so she can appear the hero who nurses him; a fire fighter, who when off duty, starts fires so he can be the hero to put them out.  All politicians and all their accomplices need to have Divine Justice usher them to their reward in the next life.  God send a REAL pestilence, and preserve the elect of Your people and consume the rest, at least, a Firstfruits, until Christ's Return.


Paid to quit? Backlash builds against unemployment benefits on ‘steroids’ | Fox News

For an economy already fractured by social distancing policies meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the perverse incentive threatens to do further damage, according to workers, business owners and economists who spoke to Fox News. | Fox News


This is a good and worthile read (ignore the evolutionary nonsense/mindlessness; also, while aspirin originally was from white willow bark (and other salycilates (english primrose and cowslip, if I remember correctly, in smaller amounts) it was then SYNTHESIZED and made (most probably from Rockefeller oil) in the laboratory, like most pharmaceuticals (and many vitamins) and the synthesized forms are TOXIC and have contraindications (and overdose levels and chemical dependency, they take 1 or 2 main constituents from a natural plant like Valerian root, synthesize it PATENT it to make BIG $$$ (and control people's health and get them addicted) since they cannot patent something natural that God created (and thus the push to GMO and hybrids, which destroy that which is natural; and the same parallel of the invasion of the third world exists for the same reason)... and BOOM they create VALIUM.  The natural is not dangerous, anyone can grow and use it and is non-addictive, though not as strong and does not work as fast, and is cheap... but the prescription drug is dangerous, deadly, expensive, addictive, and comes with a 2 point print size list of contra-indications / side effects).  This is how it is with all DRUGS vs. herbs.  The quinine he mentions is probably synthesized, not made from natural bark.

However, MOST interesting, as I have been pointing out for decades, this professional investigative report below indicates that THOSE WHO HAVE HAD FLU SHOTS IN THE PAST ARE MORE suceptible to this corona virus... and 5G, microwaves, radar, and other things INTENSIFY it.



More of the fruit of savages in civilization - Former Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson reportedly has been accused of being involved in a gang-related murder-for-hire plot related to a 2015 shooting in Florida that resulted in the death of his friend.


Everybody except the $3.16 Billion ABC knows the origins of COVID 19


Police state Western Australia forces leg bracelets onto those in lockdown


Wake up to a dose of Coronavirus reality. We have been scammed says prominent biologist



 REVEALED: Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator (VIDEO) Featured
Written by Jim Hoft |

Source: The Gateway Pundit

April 09, 2020 02:52 PM
REVEALED: Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator (VIDEO)
Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician and Republican state senator, exposes corruption...


Please post at high-traffic websites and email this link


More Corona Hypohoax / Freedom Info - updated (updates toward the end)


and this all-important link...




to everyone that you know and ask them to do the same, etc.  This has to grow exponentially and we need to get the mass and inertia of enough people to stand up and resist and say NO we won't put up with the BS Hoax any more... we have inalienable rights and you are our servants, not our bosses... you get back in line or YOU will be arrested and put on trial for HIGH TREASON, which still carries capital punishment.  And then they need to be held accountable for all the lives / businesses they have ruined, while importing aliens and giving them welfare and full medical care while the hard working TRUE Americans are forced out of work and into bankruptcy.   Their crimes must be punished to the ultimate sentencing and all their assets SEIZED to pay for their crimes.  The national debt (as I show in Liberty Document) is not the U.S. National debt, but the PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL debt of all politicians who illegally and unconstitutionally voted to spend money that did not exist on things for which they had no authority to spend it—and it is the personal debt of all who have been on the receiving end of welfare, subsidies, grants, bail-outs, bankrupt bail outs, foreign aid, tax breaks, government employees with full health care, retirement / pensions, paid holidays, paid sick days, etc. (since when do the servants live better than the masters?).