My Proposed ideas for Honest GMO Labeling Symbols

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The corrupt powers that be, regulators of truth and matter, as they gain stronger monopoly of power, engage in deceit and fraud, and hire a bevvy of talmudic lawyers to circumnavigate justice and find, or create legal loopholes through which they can sliver to defraud and harm the unsuspecting, believing themselves to be judgment proof.  The original marketing words and symbols that were required on products, to indicate GMO ingredients, have been changed (as it was for many things before, such as MSG, HFCS, BHT, and outright poison and known carcinogens), to more innocuous words and symbols, invented to deceive people, and for the same reason that the skull and crossbones were taken off poisons — because it was cutting into sales!  Presumably, they may argue, that symbols are needed because our population (having been subverted by the third world, and the schools dumbed down to a 5th grade level, and college requirements dumbed down in order to give degrees to morons so they can get high paying jobs and raise their own station in life, to further destroy society) is largely illiterate.  But that is a self-fulfilling prophecy that they have created, as Jewish lawyer Alan Dershowitz once defined the epitome of chutzpah as being a boy, after murdering his parents, begging the court for mercy because he is an orphan.