OGIDDS - Obsequious Gender Ignoramus Derangement Dysphoria Syndrome

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First of all, a little pre-humor.


If a women is a proficient gossiper does that mean she has a good sense of rumor...?

When trying to work out a deal with BLM for reparations, do they enter into Negrociations...?

Does a person who chews tobacco have a “spit personality”...?


Political Correctness is a disease of the brain.

I have noticed at numerous college or other professional websites, that staff or faculty, at their webpage or even in their automated email data (or introducing themselves in their own speeches) indicate: “My personal pronouns are: “_____, _____”. Maybe they should add to that, “... and my specific psychotic, deranged, fantasy delusions are _____”.

One woman (married to a Hispanic or Portuguese it seems), president of a small U.S. private college, Antioch College (with a $44 million endowment), Jane (Kelleher) Fernandes, in her first State-of-the-College address as president to the student body ( https://antiochcollege.edu/sotc21/ ), said,

“I am Jane Fernandes; my pronouns are she, they.”

[She was appointed president of the largest university for the deaf—and protests were so great she was removed... for “not being deaf enough”...!!!


She almost ticked all the right boxes: self-hating (presumably) white, liberal woman married to a Latino, just not handicapped / disabled “enough”.]


An alleged professional educator is this ignorant? 

She thinks that the most-important thing to mention in her introduction to the student body is what pronouns she “identifies” with...?

My comments:

First of all, congratulations, you seem to have 1/10th of one I.Q. point higher than the new unconstitutionally appointed Supreme Court Justicette—at least you inadvertantly, halfway admit to knowing what a woman is (though you are confused concerning how many women you am / is / are / be...!  However, I do wonder: What pronoun is to be used by someone who “identifies” as being less than one person...? for someone who ”identifies” as not actually existing...?  Have we already come full-circle from adults back to toddlers who play hide and seek and think that if they close their eyes no one can see them...?

[See: Supreme Court and Congressional Criminal Dishonesty — We Don’t Need Politicians, Lawyers, or even Biologists — We Need Scatologists to Cut the Crap...! — Questions that the Supreme Court Nominee should have been asked -

https://sacredtruthministries.com/articles/supreme-court-and-congression... ]

Listen, I realize we all may need to lose a few pounds, but do you really qualify as being more than one person...?

Is your double chin that big...?

Are you pregnant...?

Do you order and eat for more than one person at a restaurant...?

Do you purchase 2 or more tickets for “yourselves” on an airplane, movie theater, music concert, cruise...?

Do you take 2 or more cars to work or do you commute and “share a ride with yourself”...?

Do you drive in the commuter lane when you (however many persons that may be) drive to work...?  Do you both (or “all of you”) drive at the same time...? and if so how does that work...?

Do you pay 2 or more car insurance policies for “yourselves”...?

Do you pay taxes for 2 or more persons in your own name...?

Do you have a split personality / dissociative disorder...?

Does your shrink charge you for more than 2 persons and do you get a “group discount”...?

Do you receive 2 or more paychecks for the same job...?

Do you do twice the work of one person...?

[I’ve always wanted to do what Nicolas Cage did in the superb movie, Next (2007).  I figured that I could really get a lot of work done, and even prevent a lot of mistakes.  It would just be icing on the cake to get a paycheck for each individual split off persona.]

Do you have 2 or more health or life insurance policies on “yourselves”...?

Do you pay for 2 or more people when you go to your doctor, dentist, palm reader, spirit medium, or whatever you are in to...?

Are you really this stupid and how did you become president of a university and pull down a salary of close to $300,000...?

It must really, really, really be confusing when you talk to “yourselves”.

I would have on my office door at the university:

“I am a normal person who is not a pervert or gender confused.  If you don’t know what pronouns are appropriate to use when speaking to, or about me... keep the line moving and don’t come in.  I don’t want to talk to you.  It is not because I do not practice “inclusivity” (which I don’t); but there are only so many hours in the day, and only so much of me to go around; so THANK YOU for helping me prioritize by weeding yourself out of my schedule.  If you have OGIDDS (Obsequious Gender Ignoramus Derangement Dysphoria Syndrome), see the psychiatrist 3 doors down to the left.”

Would that be allowed?  If not, how then is there “free speech” and “equal protection under the law”...?  Tell me, how can the liberals claim that “discrimination” is evil and “a crime” if they discriminate against those whom they don’t like?

[By the way, the median pay for the presidents of 419 private colleges and universities surveyed was $358,746.00, not counting benefits. I think I should return to college and “major in” and get a degree in College Presidency Science.  The previous president of Oberlin College, Marvin Krislov received $552,956 / year + benefits.  The current president (I am not sure what her salary is) is a woman with an Arabic name (Ambar).  The Chief Investment Officer, Jainen Thayer, makes $643,821 + benefits. 

The previous president of Antioch College, Thomas Manley, was paid $274,437 / year — and https://nonprofitlight.com/oh/yellow-springs/antioch-college-corporation indicates that the college’s total revenue was $17,435,566, while its total expenses were $21,246,138; they were over $3 million over budget / in the hole.  Gosh, they ought to get a job in government; they will fit right in...!  The college just needs its own printing press to cover that deficit.

It is nice that the liberals get stuck every now and then; although I still think that the court judgment was monstrously draconianly absurd (as 99% of settlements are).  Three blacks from Oberlin College were arrested, accused of shoplifting at a bakery and market in town (one allegedly trying to buy a bottle of wine with a fake ID—and the cashier noticed he had 2 bottles under his jacket; is not stealing alcohol a Federal Offense?)—and all three pled “guilty” in the plea bargain.  If I understand correctly, the black claimed that the store owners were racist in their accusation; and students from the college started demonstrating.  Lawsuits followed, and the Bakery sued the college for libel and tortious interference in the lawsuit.  The judge awarded the Bakery $31.5 million (the jury had awarded them $44 million; but the judge lowered it).  The college certainly should have been fined something... but it seems that the corrupt legal profession has turned into the “lawsuit lottery”.  The college appealed twice, unsuccessfully.  However, the Bakery’s business would seriously be affected, since they supplied the college with their baked goods (which the bakery had supplied the college for over a century); and with the accusations made against them they would lose that contract as well as student business.

Furthermore, after the case, it was discovered that a grandson of the bakery owner, had posted some “racist” comments on Facebook.  The college liberals are crying that this verdict is a blow to free speech, but hypocritically, only to their own free speech; clearly they don’t think that anyone who disagrees with them, should have the right to free speech.  However, the grandson’s comments, though unwise did not cause the blacks to commit 2 Federal crimes, in attempting to shoplift and attempting to buy alcohol with a fake ID.  That is the only issue.  I remember a few years ago, as the derangement of political correctness balloons, a NASCAR driver had his sponser cancel their contract because his father used the “N-word” (a word most blacks use 100 times a day) 30 years earlier!  The grandson’s words have nothing to do with the shoplifting or attempt to buy alcohol with a fake ID—which could cause fines or even the loss of the liquor license of the store that sold the alcohol.




https://ohiocapitaljournal.com/2022/04/08/gibsons-bakery-v-oberlin-a-cas... .

I wonder if the colleged erected a bronze statue to honor the shoplifter(s)...?

Oberlin is also known for its liberal attitude toward sexuality and gender expression.  Oberlin ranks among the friendliest college campuses for gender confused / deranged students individuals.]


In this address of “theirs” on October 23, “Dr. She / They” said,

“Up until now, most of American democracy has been based in primarily White neighborhoods with “other” people added in. Antioch centers diverse students in our community and governance; our graduates leave here already knowing how to create equitable communities of people with expansive age, gender, race, and sexual orientation diversity.” (from the school’s website: https://antiochcollege.edu/sotc21/ )

[Really...? —and how was China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Burma (Myamar), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Saudi Arabia, the State of Israeli, Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, Columbia, the Polynesian isles, the United Arab Emirates “primarily based”...? Do we see those nations committing national suicide by becoming a tolerant, inclusive, egalitarian, pluralistic society in race, religion, political ideaology...?]