The Only Way to Keep Politicians Honest and Ensure Freedom

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Before being allowed to hold ANY public office (no matter how small, not even dog-catcher or meter reader or pencil pusher or bean counter) all politicians should be given 
- an IQ test
- a test on morality; 
- a test on the Constitution; and
- a lie detector test (with truth serum)—and these latter should be given MONTHLY with one simple series of questions:
“Have you knowingly ever committed treason and voted against the only true interpretation of the U.S. Constitution—that which was in the minds of the Founders when they Framed the Constitution? or have you ever taken a bribe or voted based upon how a small group of individuals or an individual wanted you to vote...?”
If they don’t pass the first 3 they should never be allowed to hold office.
If they don’t pass the monthly each month they should be executed.
Take all the fun out of sin, take the profit out of crime... is the only way to stop it. 
Freedom and the threat of “life or death” and the fate of civilization—of Christendom—is not a game. 
When someone enters public office HE WAIVES ALL personal RIGHTS.  He is no longer sovereign; he is a servant.  He has no claim to privacy and cannot “claim the fifth amendment”.
Thomas Jefferson said, “When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself public property”.  Those who drafted the Constitution knew it a trillion times better than traitors today who hate our Founders and all that they stood for...!  THEY are public enemy number 1.
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