Please do not hoard the truth...!

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Please do not hoard the truth.  Do not hide your light under a bushel.  Do not be indifferent to all of our kinsmen who are in danger and perishing.  If you find value in this website, share the links with everyone that you know (and ask them to do the same).  You are not responsible before God for results, but for faithfulness.  If you don’t find value in these pages, why are you here?  If you do find value in these pages, why are you content to “graze for free” instead of obeying God and supporting the ministers who are doing all of the work?  The enemy / the leftists / the Antichrists / the savages are winning because they are not lazy or selfish and support the wicked causes that they believe in.  How sad that the Antichrist enemy is more dedicated and believes greater in his cause than do God's people.  You reap what you sow—and it is that apathy and disobedience to God that is destroying Christendom.