Politicians and the First Law of Thermodynamics

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All valid science disproves evolution.*  All things tend to homeostasis, following the first law of Thermodynamics (the Law of Conservation of Energy and Matter) in terms of Entropy (decay).  Things don't progress on their own (from simple to complex), devolution is the law.  Simplest example: leave something outside exposed to the sun, rain, wind, etc., it will dry-rot, collapse, fall apart, fall down, disintegrate, etc.  This is displayed even in politics and the economy and education—corrupt politicians have the "Anti-Midas" touch—everything golden that they touch turns to crap.  In fact, I believe there is probably a scientific formula something like, "the degree and rate of decay is directly related and exponentially proportional to the degree that corrupt politicians come in contact with any stable matter".

Everything they touch disintegrates and falls apart (except their bank accounts... which seems odd, does it not...? HOW can they be inept at governing the nation's bank account... but not their own...? hmmmm....?—but that itself is an illusion... I can't wait to see the look on their eyes on JUDGMENT DAY before God, when they realize that not only are they spiritually bankrupt, but all the millions that they embezzled for living the good life in retirement has "disappeared" from their bank accounts and God calls all their debts due.  There shall be Hell to pay and indeed, they shall pay it... with interest...!).

[* As easily shown in 2 small books I offer by Heinze, "How Life Began" and "Vanishing Proofs of Evolution", 8.50 each + P&H.  If I remember correctly, both L- and D- forms of Amino acids are needed for life.  L (Levorotatory or) is left (also represented "-" or "counterclockwise") and D (Dextrorotatory, "to the back") is right (or "+" or "clockwise"; which are mirror-images in molecular construction of the same amino acid, the building blocks of proteins).  When dissolved in a solution, the L will refract light to the left and the D to the right.  Even in a laboratory, manipulating all the necessary elements (nutrients, heat, electrical charge, etc.) scientists have been unable to "fudge" the environment and its elements to produce both right- and left-handed amino acids which are necessary for life.  —and even had they been able to be so successful, that would not prove evolution, but creation! (manipulating and controlling factors to "cause" life to come to be; which is entirely different from "all the planets aligning on their own").]


The law of averages seems to indicate that "when everything goes wrong just right" in someone elses favor, it is not a "co-incidence" but "conspiracy".