Presidential Limo Driving Training Course... not for the faint of heart

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(I don't know if this is real or computer generated.  I saw at another site this vehicle weighs 10 tons and can only go 60 mph, so I don't know if a vehicle that heavy could squeal the tires from a standstill or if this vehicle is capable of driving as fast as it shows on this video.  I have not seen anything that refutes or confirms this.)
How would you like to be in the back seat (or the front seat; or the trunk)?  I feel woozy just watching this.

This is some incredible driving.

I think I would rather travel by having Scotty departicalize me and beam me up; it may be more gentle.

I think I would need to be on Thorazine before I would get in that limousine.

try to watch this without laughing or gasping.

Note: if you have just taken a drink, swallow it first.

If you have dentures, take an extra squirt of Poly-grip first.

I can't get the smell of rubber out of my nose and I am only half way through it with dial up.

President's limo driver casually backing away from an ambush!  Excuse me, but would you have any Grey Poupon?

I doubt Donald's hair is even mussed up and Melania has not even spilled a drop of her champagne.
—and Melania thought that the Whitehouse needed to be exorcised of evil spirits... how about this limo/driver...!

Perfect environment for the President to practice his State of the Union Address, since that is a pretty good picture of the state of the union--sort of like the headless horseman from hell...!

this is insanely surreal.  By the way, if the Presidential couple has a lap-dog, it's bladder and bowels are now fully empty, if they have a lap-cat, well, they don't have any lap left.

That's why he always looks so refreshed after coming back from a few "rounds" at the golf course.  Now, if they could put a highway that went completely around the world, I think if the driver drove like that in the opposite direction of the earth's rotation, that it would effectively be a time machine that could go back to yesterday.  I'll stay here here in today, it will become yesterday soon enough.  The ox is slow but the earth is patient.  After watching this I feel like moving back to Amish country; horse and buggies seem much more sane.

This kind of driver flies F-14's at MACH-4 after a presidential assignment to help slowly ease him back into the real world.  Do they take a special drug that speeds everything up in their brain and the rest of the world look like it is going in slow motion...?

Only 1 min. 35 seconds... seemed like 8 minutes to me... oh, sorry, I have dial up, it did take 8 minutes.

I think it would be safer (and easier on the heart of the passengers and on the tires) to actually take 2 limos, cut them in half, weld the two front halves back together (I call it the "Push-me Pull-me Presidental Llama limo) and simply have a limo driver on each end of the limo with an intercom so the other can take over in the other direction if needed.

If that invention ever comes to pass, I get royalties!  R.A.B.

The rear halves can also be welded together and be the official limousines for all of Congress since they are going nowhere (making no progress for the nation), then no driver is needed.

I hope after all that introduction you are not disappointed.

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