The Psycho-political Artful Destruction of Christian Culture

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Update: Recently, she visited the U.S., and was detained on her way home

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Monika Schaefer, a Canadian Christian whose eyes have been opened to a lot of things emailed me this link (a few years ago) to an article she wrote at her site.  I have not had time to look through her other postings, but this one has some good info.  Follow the below link and enjoy.

She was recently released [late 2018] from prison in Germany, after serving a year or so of unjust punishment for what she had written and for youtubes that she had made in Canada,* where she lives and is a citizen.  She was arrested while visiting her brother who lives in Germany.

[* A youtube titled something like, “Mom, sorry I didn’t believe you about the Holocaust”.  Her mother, a German, told her that the Holocaust was propaganda and untrue, but she did not believe her mother, until she was older and actually studied the issue for herself.  Why is "defamation of the dead" perfectly acceptable when it is tens of millions of Germans who are being defamed?  If they think that they have the truth on their side, why do they refuse public debate and totalitarianly crush dissent or anyone who believes differently after having studied the facts?  These socialist dictators violate the simple truth aired by the Jewish member of the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Louis Brandeis, who expressed (despite any conspiracies in which he was involved or knowledgeable), “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”.]

Here are a few comments I sent her concerning her article at the above link (which may not even work when the reader may attempt to access it, as the Canadian censors may take her entire webpage down at any time at their whim).

Every time I am in the grocery store it is torture, having to listen to the “music” that is being “flushed” across the radio waves today.  So many of the lyrics are infantile (not to mention perverse) and I am constantly amazed that so many people who cannot even sing are “professional singers” (professional, only in the sense that wealthy, subversive elements pay them to pollute other peoples’ minds).  Even in Contemporary Christian music modernly (though I have not listened to anything new on the radio for over a decade), most “artists” think that they need (to be like the world) and have half a dozen howling baboons / howler monkeys in the background on every song.  They also seem to think that any music video needs to have practically a congo-line of them gyrating and waving their arms and dancing in every possible direction as if that is somehow “music”.

Yes, the modern concept “art” is truly amazing..., or more properly, incomprehensible.

Even in my pre-teens when my dad took me to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and they had a huge canvas with merely a large red dot / circle next to a small blue dot / circle, I told my dad, “I can do better than that”.
In a psychotic society lobotomized with the mental illness of political correctness, if you are of the right tribe and have the right connections, mediocrity will take you far to fame and wealth—and not only mediocrity, but any perverse “expression” of “art”—if it serves to destroy Christian morality and insult Christians and the Christian Founders of our Republic will launch you to stardom.  It is all about the destruction of our culture—and shoving our faces in it; and the most-deviant expression of “art” gets the highest praise from the “destroyers” of Christendom.

So many hideous (socialist, and morally deviant) actors and even worse “singers” and worse still foul-mouthed, perverted “comedians” have made millions because some godless “critic” praised them; and then the sycophants fall all over one another to throw their money at them.

Salvador Dali was an incredible artist, but he had a perverse and mentally deranged mind that could only apply his talent to the bizarre and the perverse.

The Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) reportedly on his death bed admitted his own great prank.  He admitted that he was not a real artist; not in the real sense, as the true masters (Rembrandt, Van Gough, Titian, Boticelli, Rubens, etc.).  Picasso admitted that early on, when he produced some of his odd artwork on a lark (as a whim), he was stupefied when the liberal “experts” and socialites began to fawn over it and him.  He then decided to produce the most grotesque paintings that he could imagine—and then laughed inwardly all the way to the bank when rich fools would pay any price to purchase his “art”.  Picasso was also a card-carrying Communist until the day that he died; in fact, in 1962 he was awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize.

So it is with singers like the Jewish Bob (sing-through-his nose Zimmerman) “Dylan”, who even pretended to be a Christian for a short period of time (or maybe he thought he was sincere: who knows?), then after having made enough money off the ignorant Christian market, he defected from “Christianity”.  Maybe it was a Talmudic joke.  Maybe he was sincere.  Maybe he is unstable.  Who knows?  You can produce the most sub-standard or even mediocre “art” and if you are of the right tribe (and you attack the right values), you can become a millionaire sensation over night.  People then “develop a taste” for your substandard, lackluster, even offensive “talent”... to the point that people think it is actual talent.*  

[Consider the masses raised on cheap, crappy food, who know no other taste.  They prefer crap over quality food.  This is due to powerful psychological factors.  A lifetime of MEMORIES are associated with the bad tasting food on which one was raised, thinking that it was good tasting.  I was over at my uncle’s house for dinner one time and I went to the kitchen, after dinner, to pour myself a cup of coffee and asked if he wanted one.  He said “sure”.  He was surprised when I brought the coffee in a normal coffee / tea cup, and got up, went into the kitchen, and poured the coffee into a disposable styrofoam cup.  I was bamboozled.  He said all the years at one job of his (which he apparently liked) he drank so much coffee out of disposable cups that is the only way he likes it.  I still can’t wrap my head around that one.  Maybe he had absorbed so much of the chemical that it was an addiction.  I myself worked many, many carpentry jobs, and drank my fair share of coffee throughout the day from styrofoam cups, from bakeries, delis, “roach coaches”, fast food places, and even at the shop, for breakfast and lunch (and even dinner after a long day) and in between... but I would never choose styrofoam over any type of real coffee cup or mug.  He must have had powerful memories associated with that job.]

It is not talent; but if people are raised from childhood being fed feces smothered in sugar (and brain-altering chemical flavor enhancers that hijack the brain and perception, let’s call it McSheister’s “Crappy Meal”), they will develop a taste for it and consider it “good”.  It is the “re-programming” of society’s mental “taste buds”.  If such terrible talent is played from the airways in every store you enter, every radio station, in movies and commercials, and if you see the same ugly, mixed-ethnic actors in movies and advertisements, like fungus, they “grow on you” subconsciously because of familiarity and all the “memories” attached to the visual or audio images that are altered with such additional information in your mind.  This is even more-powerfully evident in the psychological programming when in tv programs, movies, and advertisements these ugly people are depicted with normal people, aliens with our people, to the point that the younger generations are completely brainwashed into thinking that is “normal” and that is how it is supposed to be.  Furthermore, they are not merely depicted, but most often they are depicted “smiling” and even “laughing” together, which is a powerful psychological stimulus of acceptance as well as a dynamic that causes a person’s guard to be let down and invaders thus can sneak in.  There is no doubt that some of them are good actors, but others are mediocre but a persona is built up around them in which they seem larger than life, when they are fawned over; when they appear in expensive clothing, driving expensive cars, owning expensive properties, boats, jets, flying all over the world, being greeted by world personalities, etc., the subconscious message (to the non-astute) is “wow, this person is really famous and important because he is so talented).

This modern trend in which the UGLIEST actors get most of the tv or movie roles because they are Jewish (or some Third-world alien or mixed breed—anything but white) is a form of brainwashing; the mind has been desensitized by false association.  Such actors being in so many well produced movies, playing roles that make them seem noble or likable fools the mind in general, concerning any actor, causing the general public to think that those actors are as honorable, intelligent, moral, and kind as the people whom they play on screen.  Quite often, they are anything but.  I believe Abbot and Costello could not stand each other.  Russell Crowe plays roles in which he seems so calm, kind, and in control of himself, but the news stories seem to show how volatile, imbalanced, and out of control that he actually is.  Many white movie stars little better than black athletes, hopping in and out of bed and even siring numerous children out of wedlock with many different women; and even the beloved John Wayne (Michael Morrison) was married to Latina women from 3 different countries.

Thus, foolish minds begin to think the alien movie stars are “handsome”, simply because they have played in some good roles and because they may have a charming personalilty or some mannerism that endears them.  Couple this is women’s hormones and the unstable hormones of young girls, and when one swoons or screams in escstacy, they all collapse and “a star is born”, not by talent, but by unstable hormones that invent a fad which then takes on a life of its own due to peer pressure and easily swayed minds.  The average, deceived, young person’s unspoken, subconscious reasoning is,

“If he was not handsome, why would he be so successful a movie star?  All of the ‘critics’ and ‘experts’ say that he is such a fine actor; so, clearly he has to be.  I didn’t think he was handsome to begin with, but now I can’t believe I ever thought that way.”

Ugly, it’s the new beautiful.  Black, it’s the new white.  Immorality, it’s the new morality.

God save us!