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There is some good information herein (in the excerpted parts of an email newsletter, which I publish below my diatribe; and note that my diatribe may not—at least not now—apply to the jobs some people have; but it may apply to many other situations in life; don’t let anyone discriminate against, persecute, intimidate, threaten, insult, or threaten YOU for being Christian, moral, intelligent, etc.).

I REPEAT... as I have said many times before, publicly and privately, as I sadly noted the IGNORANCE of people who resigned from jobs because they refused a covid jab.



If you resign, they have not damaged you.  Resigning is your choice.

No one else is responsible for damages for CHOICES you make (while it can be argued in court, since there was duress, threat, and coercion, your chance is MUCH BETTER if you did not choose to resign).

FURTHERMORE, quite often the threats are hot air, intimidation.  Secondly, the tide may turn (ESPECIALLY IF MORE PEOPLE STAND UP AND SAY NO TO PERVERSION AND CORRUPTION).

A family friend, who is a nurse, called me in tears, 12 years ago, saying that she works in a major hospital in a large city here in Tennessee, and that they were going to fire her if she did not get her flu shot each season.

I spent maybe 8 hours and wrote a document for her. and emailed to her to read, print out, sign, and turn in to her bosses if she so desired.

She showed it to some of her co-workers and exclaimed, "Wow, is he a lawyer?"

She signed it and gave to her bosses; and they needed a few days to consider the legal ramifications.

They then told her that she would not be fired, but she had to wear a mask during flu season with patients.

[She told me I saved her job; yet sadly, she did not think of how much an actual lawyer—who does not know the Constitution or the Common Law—would have charged for 8 hours of work; and did not even think to make a donation.]

DO NOT RESIGN OR QUIT EVER. Make them fire you.  MAKE THEM conform, bend over to appease you, to be "inclusive" and "nonthreatening", "nondiscrimatory", "nonhateful", championing "equality" and even "celebrating" YOU and YOUR particular "uniqueness" (true Christian morality, common sense, and common law / constitutional / God-given rights).  Stop worring about what they may tell you, that aliens and perverts and antichrists and covidiots say that you make them feel "uncomfortable" or "unsafe"—WHO CARES!  Reply that THEY make YOU feel "uncomfortable" or "unsafe".  The blind pendulum of equal protection under the law and equal rights SWINGS BOTH WAYS...  You have 200 years of legal precedent on your side.  No one asked aliens or antichrists to move to a CHRISTIAN nation.  That was THEIR CHOICE and THEY need to conform.  For them to attempt to change our nation is SUBVERSION and SEDITION.
STAND UP and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD and do NOT be shamed or cowed into silence.  YOU HAVE MORE RIGHT; and if they claim equality and equal rights and equal protection under the law THEN STAND UP AND MAKE YOUR POSITION KNOWN... and MANY OTHERS will stand up if you do.
Imagine a medieval castle being bombarded with boulders from a catapult 100 yards away.  Despite the massiveness and strength of the walls—EVERY SINGLE DIRECT HIT WEAKENS the wall, even though it cannot be seen.  This is better seen in the chopping down of a mighty tree.  You never know exactly WHICH stroke of the axe will set the tree in motion, bowing to gravity and your AXE—but ONE of the axe strokes will be the pièce de résistance / coup de grâce.
If you care about the truth and freedom—don’t so easily give up or undertake searching it out so casually—pursue her as if she were your long-lost love or child that had been abducted from you...!
As I have written for over a decade, each time that you see evil, perversion, filth, immorality, sin, wickedness in your nation, society, church, job, neighborhood, family, home and you do and say nothing, you deny Christ.  Confessing or denying Christ is not merely assenting that you know His Name and have a fondness for Him, or that you agree with "some" of His ideas—a true Christian is one in submission to Christ, who, as the disciples, DO WHAT HE SAID, and STAND UP for and SPEAK OUT AGAINST what HE would have STOOD UP FOR and SPOKEN OUT AGAINST. Those who do not stand up and speak out will stand before God on the Day of Judgment for all they did and did not do.  Christ Jesus is not SAVIOUR of those for whom He is not also LORD; your LORD is the one you obey: MASTER.  If truly redeemed, you are bought with a price and not your own and are to glorify God in your body and your spirit which are GOD'S—and it does not glorify Him to ignore evil and wickedness, hold hands with, marry, invite into the family, accept.  Scripture says, HAVE NO FELLOWSHIP WITH THE UNFRUITFUL WORKS OF DARKNESS BUT REBUKE THEM!  If you go through life as you please, not obeying your Master—representing yourself, not HIM, you are none of His.  Christ became the Author of Eternal Salvation to those who obey Him.  It is NOT that obedience "earns" salvation—but that if you were truly regenerated you will show signs of new life—HIS LIFE.  R.A.B. / S.T.M.
Someone on my email list replied:
Yes Robert!  You are absolutely right!  Many times it is a bluff, but you will never regret standing up for what you believe in!  My industry is closely tied to the government so we were put under much pressure.  When the VP at my company announced at an "all-hands" on site meeting that everyone had to get the shots or loose their job (exemptions were vaguely mentioned).  I shouted out "What about all the people dying from the shots?!"  He started shaking and didn't have an answer.  I personally confronted him in his corner office about masks, tests, and shots more than once.  I also wrote a personal email to the CEO ending my letter with "The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good."  After my confrontation in the meeting, several employees approached me about how to get their exemptions.  I used the helpful advice from David and Peggy Hall at and also studied the laws myself.  All of them were able to get exemptions except one who didn't fully take my advice and was unsure of his beliefs.  However, they never fired him as threatened and he still works there.  I thought that I would have lost my job, but instead I've gotten a raise and I'm being considered for promotion.  I have never had more respect at work.  I got an exemption for masks, tests, and shots.  Some co-workers have suddenly died or are experiencing damaging side effects.  I know of cases where nurses in NYC and NJ hospitals have gotten exemptions and still have their jobs today.  Anyone looking for a job now should take heart.  There are many companies desperately trying to find competent workers.
The below was excerpted (with permission) from the June 19, 2023 edition of Patriot Neighbors (see contact information to view the entire e-newsletter for June 19, 2023 or to get on the mailing list for each issue).