Reality - Delusion - Grief - Eternity: Mourning Parents want Priest Removed because He was Doing His Job! UPDATED

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Parents say priest told mourners that son may be kept out of heaven over suicide—


It is truly amazing, and sad, the IGNORANCE of many people.

First of all, while the Catholic doctrine on this point is WRONG, this does not change the fact that these people are CATHOLIC.

If you sign up for membership at a SWIMMING POOL, it is REALLY MORONIC if you then complain to the leadership, "I don't like getting wet all the time!  Why is that big hole in the ground filled with water...?"

If you are too stupid or spiritually dead to read the Bible, then just shut up and accept whatever your priest tells you.

If you don't like that--FIND ANOTHER RELIGION OR NONE AT ALL! 

Of course, the only sane response would be to read the Bible for yourself, learn the truth, and SUBMIT TO IT!

Bible doctrine / true religion does not exist to "fluff your aura".  If you raised your child so poorly that you allowed the WORLD to influence him more than YOU influenced him... don't expect a "happy ending".  If you let a public (or even Christian school or Catholic school) pollute his mind, if you did not supervise his life, if you did not dictate who his friends were, what his habits were, what music he listened to, movies he watched, hobbies or leisure he participated in, if he smoked, drank, did drugs, etc., don't blame someone else if it is not a happy ending.

I ask to such deluded people, Have you ever read the Bible for yourself?  Do you understand what "REALITY" is...?  Reality is not a "nice idea" that you make up yourself, like writing your own novel or computer program.  Guess what else...?  The Catholic Church hierarchy and the secular government will be of no help to you in a Lawsuit against GOD on JUDGMENT DAY!  Get used to reality, it is going to be for ETERNITY.  Make the right choice NOW and don't blame someone else for REALITY.  Reality is not determined or established by "majority vote".

Maybe the parents wanted the funeral to be conducted with the song, "Tell me lies... sweet little lies" playing softly in the background...?

While indeed it is TRAGIC that this family lost their son under ANY conditions, let alone by suicide at this age, the GREATER TRAGEDY would be if they and the rest of their family go to Hell too—where they will NOT see their son and even if they did bump into him, they would claw his eyes out because pain responds with AGGRESSION.  The old experiment in which painful electrical voltage was run into the metal cage in which there were 2 rats, clearly demonstrated this: Once inflicted with pain, the rats autonomic response reverted to baser instincts and each simply reacted under the assumption that the only other creature present is the one causing the pain.  So will it be in Hell, even if 2 people who loved each other happen to bump into each other.  In darkness and smoke and flames, seeing will not be that easy.  The population density of Hell be either be like 2 people dropped randomly in different places on a continent the size of Australia by chance eventually bumping into each other blindly, or it will be like a rave party of wall-to-wall people—imagine what a rave party in a cramped building would be like if fire broke out.  Or Hell will be like a combination of the 2; with darkness, fire, smoke, choking, bumping into people who respond by attacking you. 

This is not a pleasant thought... but it is not supposed to be a pleasant thought.  The purpose of the discussion of unpleasant thoughts is not to avoid the discussion, but to avoid the possible eventuality of the tragedy!

While this priest may have been insensitive, the purpose of a priest is not to lie to people and make them feel better and lull them into similar irresponsibility and apathy only for the same fate to eventually befall them.  Of course, it they are Catholic, and they believe Catholic doctrine, it should not have upset them—but given them INCENTIVE to light more candles, pray more often to Mary and angels and the saints, and get their son out of Hell and / or Purgatory and into Heaven.  Actually, based upon Catholic doctrine, this priest was showing love for everyone present, while the parents were not even showing love for their son, preferring to hear sweet little lies rather than reality to motivate them to what their religion teaches. 

[Now, the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory and Hell is just as wrong as their doctrine on suicide or salvation and most other important doctrines.  I am not suggesting that lighting candels and praying to saints is anything other than pagan delusion.  My point is, they are Catholics and if they don't even believe or follow Catholic doctrine, why do they even call themselves Catholics or care about a funeral service?  The only hope is in the true doctrine of the Word of God that salvation comes to those whom God awakens to life,* who repent of sin and their sinful nature, confess it, ask forgiveness through Christ's Sacrifice, confess Christ as LORD (Sovereign, King, Emperor, Master) and obey Him; who then are indwelled by the Holy Spirit who will then lead them into obedience to all that God commanded.  Obeying God does not play any part in salvation—it is the BY PRODUCT OF IT, if there has been true regeneration (new life, rebirth).  Without turning from what God forbade and turning to what God commanded, there is no repentance, only pseudo-spiritual delusion.  Without the evidence of new life, there never was any.  Every tree is known by its fruit.  If you are a branch on the Tree / Vine of Christ, you WILL bear His Fruit—obedience to all that God commanded, which Christ showed us how to do.  That is the "good works that He before ordained that we should walk in them".  "Bring forth therefore fruits meet [required, indicative] for repentance".  "Go and sin no more."  "If any man be in Christ He is a new creature, old things (rebellion, sin, disobedience) are passed away, behold all things are become knew".  "Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfull the lusts of the flesh [everything that God forbade".

* Nonexistent fetuses don't choose to be conceived.  Infants don't choose to be born.  Sheep don't choose their shepherd.  Grape vines don't choose their husbandman.  Lazarus did not choose to be resurrected—Christ called him forth!  "The wind bloweth where it listeth [determines]... so is everyone that is born of the Spirit".]

Instead, they want the priest run out of town on a rail and reassigned in Hell.  Don't they realize that religion (that is, the major ones) is ESTABLISHED and does not have a script that you can "ad-lib" and change it and make it up as you go along? 

And why are they so selfish that they want everyone else in this Catholic congregation to have to lose their priest—whom they may love and appreciate—all because this one grieving family had their feelings hurt about reality...?  This demonstrates psychosis as well as psychopathology.  It is immoral as well as ignorant.

The more and more that irrational people are catered to, the more irrational they and everyone will become.  This leads to psychopathology and irresponsibility and living in perpetual delusion and then cursing the darkness because they reject the light! 

Civilization is in a moral and economic FREE FALL from 35,000 feet and there is an inevitable and immanent rendezvous with ground zero called REALITY.  But this family is offended that the priest is "ruining" their free-fall by being so rude as to inform them that their rip cord is tied in a knot to the parachute bag itself. They think his rudeness is a greater crime than if he simply allowed them to impact ground level face first at 180 mph and at that time (or a few seconds before) realize that the rip cord will not deploy their chute.

THAT is the greater tragedy, than this one boy's suicide.  The fact that this family would prefer to throw everyone out the plane without a functioning parachute, than to have to deal with painful reality of their own failure to their son, as well as the reality that they need to truly seek God to prevent their own destruction... THAT is homicidal... mass homicidal. 

If you want merely to existentially worship the moment and perpetuate endless delusion, then be like the hypocrites of New Testament times, who hired "professional mourners" to moan and wail at funerals.  If you don't want to know when the tsunami of Divine Reality in Judgment hits, then by all means, continue the narcotic delusion in which you wallow and don't change your course.  However, if you understand even the simplest of math, then subtract the likely age to which you expect to live FROM ETERNITY and let me know what the answer is (HINT: IT IS STILL ETERNITY) and then answer the simple question: Is your clutching a fist full of years of semi-pleasure really an even trade for an eternity of JUDGMENT? 

Now, you may counter, "but I don't believe in God or Judgment.

Of course, the side / peripheral answer in return is: Why then do you go through the motions of going to church or having a priest or minister officiate a funeral sermon? —why not hire professional actors? (as the government does, more and more each year in so-called terrorist acts) why not hire a "motivational speaker" for the funeral, and he can give a convincing performance of all the "aura-fluffing" happy delusional ideas that you want to hear and believe...?  Instead of a funeral, why not, have a party with dancing and puppet shows and a magician and trick ponies...? 

However, the main answer germane to our current discussion regarding Eternity and mathematics, would be: It will require a little more complicated math, but do you really think that your "odds" are good? (and do you ever go to Vegas and what is your success rate?) and is Eternity really worth playing Russian Roulette with your soul...?  Now, if there is no God and the Bible is merely the grandest, most-sophisticated, most-convincing "hoax" that has ever been conceived in the mind of man (or actually conceived in mind-boggling harmony by several dozen writers over the span of about 1,500 years—and unless you have actually studied the Bible, you do not realize that it is not merely some scheme humans devised*1) and it turns out that when you take your last breath on this side of Eternity, there turns out to be nothing on the "other side" (which you will never know, because if there is no "other side" and there is no after life, there will be nothing to know and you will not exist to know it)... what have you have lost in believing in God and submitting to all that He commanded?  What is the "down side" for all of Eternity if you were "right" and God and Eternal Judgment or Eternal Joy do not exist...?  Now, on the other hand, if you are WRONG and the Bible IS TRUE and you rejected God (and rejecting His DOCTRINE and rejecting His COMMANDS is rejecting GOD) and irremedial, inescapable Eternal Damnation is TRUE, tell me, what is the "down side" to that, and again, is your soul worth a spin at the Roulette wheel worth gambling your soul over, in exchange for a fist-full of semi-happiness and pleasure*2 in this life...? 

[*1 See, The Ivan Panin Collection, God Counts, and  The Signature of God.  Email for details.  Many former Agnostics and Atheists, who set out to disprove the Bible, were converted realizing that it could not have been written by mere humans (and it wasn't written by "space aliens").

*2 I say "semi-happiness and pleasure" because even the wealthiest or "happiest" of people do not have nonstop happiness and pleasure (if they did, the would not divorce and sue as frequently as they do).  They experience heartache, despair, even loneliness, loved ones abandon and betray them or leave them in death; they too get sick and suffer the ails of our frail, limited, fragile bodies.  They suffer fear, aggravation, anger, hatred, shame, loss, bitterness, etc.  They are used, oppressed, cheated, lied to, etc.  They suffer the same things that we do, though they try to pretend that they don't and that they are immune.  No amount of pharmaceutical drugs can cure all the physical and mental / emotional ails common to all—and neither can any "recreational" drugs.  They may prevent a temporary distraction, but most all of them come with a costly price tag in the side effects which often are worse than the original problem.  No amount of pleasure can even out all the evil.]

"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Matthew 16:26)

"...behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation." (II Corinthians 6:2)

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the Judgment." (Hebrews 9:27)

Those who reject sound doctrine and those who refuse to obey what God has commanded, reject God.  True repentance is demonstrated by stopping doing what God forbade and beginning to do all that He commanded.  Works / obeying what God commanded do not "contribute" to salvation, they are evidence of it.  If a tree is dead it does not bear fruit.  Bearing fruit does not make it alive, it is a sign or indicator or a proof that it is alive.  There is also false fruit.  We are to bring forth the fruit that God commanded, not what pleases the world.

"This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh [everything that God forbade]." (Galatians 5:16)

"Choose you this day...!"

God save Your people!

God, convict this hurting, but sinful and deluded family of their SIN and their IGNORANCE and their IMMORALITY and IRRESPONSIBILITY.  Convict them of acting like lab rats and lashing out at someone else because of their pain, which, to some degree, is self-induced and self-perpetuated.