Reparation Constipation...?

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If blacks who were never slaves, in a state that never had slaves, can get millions of dollars in “reparations” for something that never happened to them... can we whites who never owned slaves get millions of dollars for all the wealth that we would have made sitting back letting those blacks who weren't slaves work on the plantations that we never owned...?


This whole notion of Reparations is constipated lunacy, which, once the first irrational and unconstitutional legislation is enacted, will serve as a massive laxative and the dam will burst and be unstoppable.

California was a not a slave state. 

The vast majority of all blacks in the US now were not even in the US at the time of slavery, but came afterwards (and the majority of “blacks” are probably not black, but mixed).  The vast majority of whites here in the US came after the time of slavery. 

The US received less than 1% of the worldwide slave traffic.  Why is worldwide focus on the U.S. the issue, instead of the other 99%?

How can it be treated as a crime when it was not a crime at the time?


The U.S. was only involved in slavery for about 150 years.

Jews, Turks, Arabs, and blacks themselves were the slave traders and ship owners and they controlled the slave trade for over 3,000 years!

During much of that time many of the 50 states of the U.S. did not even exist.

Less than 3% in the US owned slaves over the whole period of slavery.  How can the other 97% be guilty for the 3%?


Free Blacks owned blacks as slaves in the U.S.


Plantation owners did not get rich by having slaves work on their plantations; it cost MORE to own slaves than have employees who go home at the end of the day and provide for all their own needs.  Plantation owners owned slaves BECAUSE they were wealthy; not to become wealthy. 

Only about 600,000 blacks were brought to the US during the time of slavery in the US, though Islam kidnapped over a million white slaves and killed about 240 million over the space of 1,500 years.  

Blacks in Africa owned whites as slaves.

Whites were enslaved by Islamic nations.

Whites were enslaved by Britain, primarily Irish.

Blacks in Africa owned other blacks as slaves.

American Indians owed blacks as slaves.

American Indians owned whites as slaves.

American Indians owned other indians as slaves.

Blacks and American Indians massacred and ate their victims.

Neither American Indians, Jews, or Blacks have cornered the market on suffering.

The fool politicians in California can’t balance the budget, keep aliens from invading, keep homeless from polluting, littering, using drugs, defacating and urinating on the sidewalks, from breaking into cars, camping out on the city sidewalks, front lawns of residents, they can't get the rats out of city hall or find a politician who is not corrupt; now they want to give MILLIONS to blacks who were never slaves, whose ancestors were not in the US during slavery.  This is welfare on steroids.



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