Solution for the Corrupt Elections in the U.S. and the hamstringing of the Communist-Demoncrap-Republishams

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Solution for the Corrupt Elections in the U.S. and the hamstringing of the Communist-Demoncrap-Republishams

There are approximately 600 cities, counties, and states that are considered to be “sanctuaries” in the United States.  The phrase “Sanctuary City” is actually blasphemy against the Bible. 

The 11 largest are:

Spew York 8.3 million
Los Fallen Angeles 4 million
Shitcago 2.7 million
Philthydelphia 1.6 million (12% born outside US!)
Sand Diego 1.4 million
San Jose 1 million
Columbus 900,000
Scam Francisco 882,000
Seattle 754,000
Denver 727,000
Washingdumb D.C. [District of Conspiracy / District of Criminals] 713,000

= nearly 24 million (not counting illegals who are not counted in cencus but illegally allowed to vote).

This number alone, if not allowed to vote, would change the election.

Add to this many other cities that are not “officially” sanctuary cities, but who function as them in not cooperating with enforcing the laws of the United States, such as, Miami (the geographical boundaries have been “renamed” to claim Miami has only 436,000, but in reality, Greater Miami Metro area has 6.3 million), Atlanta (500,000), Houston (2.4 million), Dallas (1.4 million), Phoenix (1.8 million), San Antonio (1.6 million), Austin (960,000), Jacksonville (960,000). These alone are another 16 million, combined with the other 24 million above, makes 40 million, over 10% of the U.S. population. Of course, many other cities could be named. These are also the same cities with the most crime.*

[* See my book, The Other Side (1991 / 2008 / 2022 2nd rev. / expanded edition) 3 in-depth examinations on: 1: False Prophets of Peace: Is Communism Really Dying?; 2: Public School Education in America Today: Programmed to Fail Through Educational Warfare; 3: Who’s In Charge, Who’s To Blame?: Crises Facing America & Christendom Today; & 2 shorter articles, 648pp., 6x9 pb., 32.50 + P&H detailed comparison older / current statistics crime, prisons, immigration, police & military, powerful quotes and information exposing education, false religion, corrupt socialist gov’t, thoughts and philosophy on freedom, Constitutional and Common Law, etc. Illustrated.]

These liberal, mostly nonwhite cities, crime ridden and bankrupt (morally and financially) are also overrun with illegals and their offspring (which are also illegal to all generations — for nothing legitimate can arise out of fraud). Since the “government” of these cities (including Washington D.C., Congress or Anti-Congress [all of those “elected” to office who have no Constitutional right to hold that office], the Presidential or Anti-Presidential [as in the case of Biden] Administration) ignores the U.S. Constitution and the valid laws of the U.S., they operate without the U.S., whether openly or functionally “Sanctuary Cities” and are foreign entities and not part of the United States. All ingress and egress from these cities needs to be SHUT DOWN, allowing no one to leave and no one to enter. This includes no food coming into those cities except that which they grow themselves. All inter- and intra-state travel should be STOPPED. This includes entry or exit from the territorial waters of the United States and it includes any violation of the airspace of the U.S. No food or other items, medications, water — should be allowed to enter those cities. This is a war and that is what should be done in a war. Cut off the enemies supply lines.

This would STOP corrupt cities, subverted by aliens and traitors, from voting in U.S. elections — this less than 1% of the U.S. geographic land mass should not order how the 99% are to live. The 99% should not be forced to feed their captors and tormentors. The cities themselves are UNSUSTAINABLE, so why should they dictate the terms of life to all the others who are sustainable...?

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