Something's Rotten in Denmark (and everywhere else in Christendom) Highest Standard of Living = "HIGHEST TAXATION"

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(See below graphic to undestand my comments.)

This is all being done so that the aliens can replace us... and our faith... to destroy the seed of and faith in God from off the earth.

STOP DRINKING THE COPENHAGEN KOOL-ADE...! (stop drinking ALL kool-ade, it's poison).

What the traitors and enemy among us are doing violates all "Natural" Law (that is, valid philosophical principles of truth recognized by any honest, intelligent mind; which principles are based on Biblical Law and principle and understood by most honest, moral people, even if they have never read the Bible, because God said that even in our blindness, He would put His Law in our minds and write it in our hearts—and it is only since the spiritual / moral foundations of Christendom have been attacked, that freedom and law, order, and justice are being assaulted too, and replaced with a Salvadore Dali / Picasso nightmare, instead of the Rembrandt that Christendom had been for centuries).
What the traitors and enemy among us are doing violates all Biblical Law.  And why should it not, since ignorant Christians have willingly, passively, accepted the lie that God abolished His Law... contradicting God's very words in the matter; contradicting Christ's very words in the matter.  You reap what you sow.
It violates God's Law of the Harvest (you reap what you sow).
It violates God's command not to help the ungodly or do good unto them that hate the Lord.
It violates common sense.
It even violates the communist liberal's own philosophy / religion of Evolution:
Survival of the Fittest / Natural Selection—one of the major tenets of their religion.
They apply it to 4-legged animals: Don't feed the bears, it will make them dependent upon man and lead to aggression and attacks when they want more and don't think you are giving them enough or fast enough; or when they don't want the marshmallows you throw them, but want your steak dinner and banana cream pie—and your house and car and pool and daughter!  This is the dogs demanding that the master's children squat under the table (for the "unpardonable sin" of for centuries and millennia expecting dogs to behave like dogs) and wait for crumbs...
Christendom awake.  Repent.  Don't "go to the dogs".
The very purpose (in wicked conspirators' minds) of the invasion of aliens is to outvote us and take our nations—all of Christendom from us.
Satan's plan is to mongrelize us out of existence, so that God's Promise to preserve a remnant fails (meaning, therefore, that God is not the Omnipotent, Perfect, Immutable God that He has claimed to be, and Satan will renew hope that he can eventually defeat God altogether), and if there is no remnant, there is no bride for Christ to return to.
We are the chess pieces.  Don't pawn yourself to the enemy and compromise what is Holy, or you pawn yourself out of the family of God, which, in reality, reveals, that you were never in it (I John 2:19). 
The 1st Job of the remnant is to survive—not by any means (such as denying Christ, digging a hole and hiding, etc.).  Surviving means keeping oneself pure, unspotted from the world, separate, segregated, holy in every way as God commanded; not polluting oneself to "blend in" and not "being a friend of the world", not amalgamating with the heathen, perverts, and those who hate God and have attempted to throw off all moral boundaries that He has established... by not amalgamating into Babylon ("confusion by mixing") which shall be destroyed when Christ returns: He in disgust will strike the feet of iron mingled with clay (which represents integration) and which epitomizes the last Kingdom of this earth's age.  The Dragon / Serpent is vomiting out a flood (the third world) to drown God's people.  Flood insurance won't be of any help.  Neither will your Fire insurance or chopper medevac insurance save you.  Psalm 91 will be your only defense and that "secret place of the Most High" is obedience, which is evidence of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, which is evidence of regeneration, that a person has confessed Christ, repented of His sins, and asked God to forgive him, applying the debt of Christ's Sacrifice on his behalf—and then "go and sin no more" because "if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all is become new".  If it has not, there was no regeneration.  Where no fruit is evident the Holy Spirit is not evident—God's fruit, not man's substitute.  Where there is no Holy Spirit there was no regeneration.  Morality never changes.  If you think it does you are following a false christ.  The True and Only Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever; and as God, in Him there is no shade or shadow of turning.  Morality is defined by God's Nature, His Attributes or Divine Perfections, the chief of which is His Immutability.  He commanded, "Be holy as I am Holy".  That Standard for us cannot change, or we cannot be holy as He is Holy, for that Standard for Him never changes because He never changes.  "I am Yahweh and I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed".  His Immutability is our hope.  How could we trust someone who changed without notice?  His Immutability is our hope because He has covenanted and promised, and not dealt with us according to our sins as we deserve to be, but according to His Mercy through Himself providing the only remedy for our sins, and ransom for our very lives—the Sinless for the sinful.
Job 2 is to seek out the lost sheep while opposing and rebuking evil—not to evangelize the dogs or pigs.  God commanded His people to be trackers (hunters) to seek out His sheep ... not to be wild animal catchers who grab whatever is available.  Men don't gather figs of thistles or grapes of thorns.
God save Your people...!  Turn their hearts and minds.  Turn their captivity.  Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon Your people to convict them of sin: the knowledge of what sin is (without which they cannot turn from it) and the knowledge of their guiltiness of it. ... bring them to repentance so You can hear our prayers and deliver—and pour out a pestilence of BUBONIC PROPORTIONS WORLDWIDE upon the wicked and all who hate You, who hate Your Law, who hate Your Morality, who hate and want to destroy Your true people, the true people of Christendom... pour out a plague and have it harvest the wicked, the corrupt, the perverse from the highest to the lowest, in every nation... at least please give us the Firstfruits of of the culling of the wicked, as You promised that you would have the earth help the woman, to receive the Flood let loose to drown her and her child (Your people).... have the wicked drop like flies, then be consumed by flies and vultures and vermin and other scavengers to then be defecated and by which, after rain, the earth will receive the flood. ... and let it not come nigh unto Your people, because we have recognized You as our Habitation (which only is if we actually submit and live as You commanded, or there never was any true repentance, only "spiritual windowshopping" (Hebrews 10:26,27).  Give us at least the Firstfruits, in Christ Yehoshua's Name, until Christ returns with the holy angels to separate the wheat from the tares, every plant that You have not planted, and all things that do offend.  Amen.