Third World Immigrant / Refugee (Definition and Explanation)

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Third World Immigrant / Refuge (gimme-grunt / rape-fugee / ape-fugee / refuse-ee): [I say tomayto; you say tomahto.]


Someone who would rather travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to invade and make other people’s functional, safe, and prosperous nations WORSE, than stay in his own country among his own people and make his own nation BETTER (which nation WAS better during European Colonialism, before which time his people lived little better than savages in the so-called Stone Age — who demanded “independence” from those who brought them civilization and now demand to enter the civilization of the European nations from whom they demanded to be freed; while at the same time, having accepted billions of dollars in international aid from the nations from whom they demanded independence);

who blames the white people of the host nation that he is invading of being “racist” — despite the fact that he comes in to steal and rape and kill and claim as his own that which is not his own (and intermarry with people who are not his own, to inherit wealth that his ancestors did not build and sacrifice to save; because he and his own ancestors behave like feeding parasites who exist solely for immediate gratification, with no thought of tomorrow or bettering themselves and their families);

and who blames everyone else for his own problems;

who demands to be recognized as “equal”, though his own people (from whom he fled) are not equal with the people whose nations they are invading, which is evident by the fact that they cannot maintain a safe, functional, and prosperous nation without the help of those peoples whom they refuse to recognize as superiors; who then confederates with his own people from whom he fled, in the land that they have invaded, and then do all that they can to turn that nation into the type of nation from which they have fled.

The invading “immigrants” could not have invaded on their own.  They have “guys on the inside”, traitors of the host nations, who facilitate their entry into nations that they have no right to enter.

The corrupt, treasonous, criminal U.S. politicians’ solution to create “equality”: 1. dumb down the entire population (host and parasite) so all are equally mindless and ignorant; 2. demoralize the entire population (host and parasite) so all are equally perverse; 3. cripple the entire population (host and parasite) so all formerly healthy an strong people are equally handicapped; 4. brainwash the host nation youth with lies, propaganda, and false guilt so that they breed themselves out of existence with the invading aliens so that there is no longer “us” and “them”. Once this happens, the billionaire elite, who think that they own the entire planet Earth, will initiate a kill off of 90% of the global population, because it is far-easier to control a small group, and because they don’t want 7 billion “useless eaters” consuming what the billionaires believe to be “their property” (all resources of planet Earth).

The U.S. Colonies were only able to stand against the World Power of Britain, because we were ONE PEOPLE, of ONE FAITH and the moral recognition of ONE DEFINITION OF GENDER and ONE POLITICAL SYSTEM.

Mindless and thankless parasites give no thought to where their next meal will come from once they have parasitized the last host to the point of extinction.  What will they do?  They will simply parasitize each other.  And we should simply turn it all over to them...?  No Law of God, no law of logic, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution are we so obligated.  Jesus never suggested that His sheep lay down their lives for the wolves, dogs, swine, and serpents.  In fact, He forbade it and commanded us to be separate.

The subversive, traitorous billionaires set on not merely world domination, but exclusive ownership of planet Earth and exclusive power over who lives or dies (thus, they imagine themselves to be GOD) say, “You will own nothing and be happy. You will eat bugs and be happy”.

I say: “YOU FIRST! GIVE UP 100% of everything that you own (including your bodyguards and your gated-community, high-security mansions) and then eat maggots and larvae. But how will you pay for those maggots if you own nothing? Find fresh ‘road kill’...? But won’t there be far-less roadkill if there are no vehicles on the road? But guess what...? If you give up everything that you own, then you won’t have power or influence to make the rest of us give up what we own and eat bugs.” —Robert Alan Balaicius

THIS is the Law, whether people like it or not.  It cannot be changed.  Those elected to legislature and executive and judicial branches TOOK AN OATH and SWORE to UPHOLD and DEFEND the U.S. Constitution — and when they then undermine and change it to the very opposite, they commit treason and step out of their offices (and immunity) and become enemies of the true State, the true Government: the true people and the U.S. Constitution as it was written and intended, in complete harmony with the original State Constitutions, which the U.S. Constitution had no authority to overrule or demand to be changed.  Again, see my, The Liberty Document, Balaicius, 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.

There is no statute of limitations on fraud, treason, or murder and genocide; and all politicians who have voted for and allowed third world immigration and naturalization and declaration of anchor babies as citizens are accomplices in murder; about 27,000 / year in the U.S., and back to so-called Civil Rights legislation, and before that the unconstitutional Emancipation Proclamation (and the hundreds of thousands of US soldiers who died in the Uncivil War) at which time crime rates increased, and continued to increase in proportion to the third world / savage population.  Yes, they kill each other, but their irresponsible breeding overcomes that, especially when the U.S. taxpayers have been illegally forced to pay for the feeding and care of the criminals who will kill them a decade later.  However, whites breed more responsibly, so after 16 years of raising their singular child, if that one child is murdered (or absorbed by the savages), what does that do to our people?  Those family lines cease to exist.  What happens when 90% of the tree thus dies? — and WHO inherits the wealth of the 90% of the family lines that are killed or absorbed...?


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Reality is not established by what 1 or 7 billion people want it to be.  Those who believe that it is are psychotic.  Admitting and accepting the problem is the first step toward overcoming it.  The solution is not to force everyone else to enter your delusion with you.


“If fifty million people say a foolish thing it is still a foolish thing.” —Anatole France



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