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There was a Jewish fellow near Ithaca NY, who confessed Christ, and had read all my books (several times, in addition to reading them at least once out loud to his wife as she knitted)... and he was in 100% agreement with all I wrote, year after year.  He gave me the following endorsement, but asked that I not publish it until he passed away (which he did about a week ago), as he feared his own people might exact revenge against him for telling the truth.


Testimony of Richard P. Edelman--9-25-18

                  I was born at the tail of end December, 1946, in New York City.  My parents were non-practicing Jews who had no interest in anything having to do with the supernatural.  My father thought of the Jewish religion as a swindle, and despised the rabbis and other "leaders", whereas my mother simply knew almost nothing about it.

      Probably due to the intercessory prayers of a YMCA swimming instructor, and also to similar prayers from the Lutheran parents of a third grade classmate, I began a totally unexpected spiritual journey at the age of eleven, when I began to read the Billy Graham column, "My Answer", in the local newspaper.

        Over the years I somehow could not get away from a need (or a desire?) to understand what Christianity was about.  While an undergraduate, and later a graduate student, at a large university in the mid-1960's until the early 1970's, I occasionally attended non-denominational services at their large ornate chapel.  One night  in 1970, at an advent celebration, a robed choir came in, carrying candles in the darkness, and singing a riveting hymn that I had never before heard.  It was "O Come, O come, Emmanuel".

       It took me over 33 years to even begin to understand what that hymn was really about.: the "wandering in lonely exile here" of the so-called "lost tribes of Israel", as they fulfilled the destiny outlined for them in the first six verses of the 18th chapter of the book of Jeremiah.

        Meanwhile, I was "all over the map" theologically during that one third of a century.  I attended services at everything from Unitarian to fundamentalist Baptist churches, and even managed to join the Roman Catholic Church for a short spell.  I also immersed myself in New Age spirituality--mostly westernized Hinduism, sometimes with a Christian veneer to make it acceptable, as I really could not identify myself with the peoples and cultures of Central and/or East Asia.

      In the early 1990's, after having a salvation experience, I tried to settle in to a stable church, but found that neither the Baptists nor the Presbyterians nor the Worldwide Church of God could answer my questions or resolve my doubts.  Indeed, one Baptist pastor told me something like, "Not only can I not provide you with answers, but I have no idea where I could even send you to find answers!"  While I do not recall just what, specifically, I was asking,  I could not help but understand that a lot of people considered me to be someone unusual---that is, someone who was entirely self-taught, never having had a mentor, and with no formal spiritual training whatsoever, who none the less had a more voluminous knowledge of the Bible than almost anyone they had ever met.

        Not long after this, I latched on to Theonomy and Reconstruction, and thought that perhaps I had found my way. I devoured R. J. Rushdoony's three volume "Institutes of Biblical Law" in a little more than two months, and before long I became known to many of the leading exponents of that school of theology.  But once again I found the same inability on the part of others to expand beyond their tiny boxes.  Some of them tried very hard to help me, and I am thankful for their efforts, but I knew that I could not stay with them.

        In early 2004 I rediscovered the British Israel teachings with which I had first come into contact during my time with the Worldwide Church of God.  Not long after I discovered that B.I. was badly limited and flawed, as I discovered the wider and deeper truths of Christian Identity.  I found some help from the writings of earlier writers (such as Rand, Comparet, and Swift), as well as developing an on again, off again correspondences with present day exponents of this never-ending study.  I have to say that Eli James and the office staff of the late Pete Peters kept me going---without them I probably would have stagnated.

         Finally, on August 31, 2010, everything changed. The Lord apparently heard the prayer that I had sent forth some 20 years earlier, when that Baptist pastor had told me that he did not know where I could find answers.  

      What happened was that I wrote to a man whose article (or, more properly, booklet) had been published in Eli James'  newsletter.  The title of this article was "Our Blood Upon the Altar", by someone with a most unusual name:  Robert Alan Balaicius.  I knew NOTHING about him, other than that Ted Weiland had dumped scorn on him because, unlike Weiland, Mr. Balaicius was a believer in "two seedline".

      When this writer answered my e-mail, and mentioned books and articles that he thought would be helpful to me, I felt that I needed to tell him something important--something which might lead him to withdraw his offer of a discount on books (which he has offered for 32 years to those on limited incomes, despite his own need) written or annotated or edited by himself...and possibly even to break off contact with me.  Quite simply, I told him that, while I know almost nothing of my long-distant past, my immediate ancestry was Jewish. I did the best I could to assure him that I was not an infiltrator, nor someone trying to get information which I could then pass on to Jewish organizations---that, indeed, I have never belonged to a synagogue or other Jewish organization, and considered myself to be a convert from modern paganism (i.e, "New Age"), rather than from Judaism.

       All this brings me to a discussion of Robert A. Balaicius... who never ceases to amaze me and is light-years ahead of everyone else... and I am an avid reader and have deeply read about everyone.  He makes complex matters so simple and ties it all together with an unbreakable thread of logic and the Scriptures, which used to seem like a closed book, or, at least a book with many, many "unanswerable" seeming contradictions, through his books, those contradictions are all blown away, every single one of them, and the Bible has become an open book, with vivid coherency from Matthew to Revelation.

       Quite simply, he is the most learned Bible expert I have ever come across.  Yet he is much more than a professor or scholar.  He has written perhaps 100 books [actually, nearly 200 now since the 4 years this was written] since beginning his full time ministry in 1990, and I have purchased more than half of them.  But most important, I think, is that Robert LIVES what he writes about.  While I have never met him in person, the following factors need to be considered.

      Given the fact that my wife and I are senior citizens in poor health, and are on a very "moderate" fixed income, Robert allows us a 50% discount on anything that he has himself written, edited, printed, and/or annotated. (And he has edited and/or annotated the works of many other writers, almost always providing excellent corrections and more interesting writing than that which he comments upon!)  Not only that, but he will pray within minutes of receiving a prayer request, and is usually the first person to respond when I send one out.  He is a more reliable prayer partner than anyone in my home church. And I know that he will do the same for just about anyone, including people who do not support his ministry financially, or even place orders for items on his lists.  Despite how busy he is, and despite the fact that I was not a supporter of his ministry (though I became one, though on a small social security pension) he always took the time to answer any email I sent him (and I did a mathematical estimate and believe it must be nearly 6,000 emails over the space of about 8 years); and he answered most email within minutes, unless it required a detailed answer, which then may have taken him a little longer to get back to me; but he always answered every single question in great detail; not merely giving a telegraph answer or brush off as many ministers do, saying they don't have the time--even though they have a staff of secretaries and assistants, and Robert has none.

      What has amazed me perhaps more than anything else over the years is his willingness to accept correction.  On MANY occasions, I have pointed out that he mixed up certain Biblical characters (such as reversing the roles of Onesimus and Philemon), or provided a wrong Scriptural citation, or perhaps constructed a sentence in such a way that the idea is not clearly expressed.  Each time, he acknowledges the error, and makes a note to himself to correct the error if he should have the time to re-publish the book or article.  On other occasions, when the problem is an idea not well expressed, he will make the correction right away, or else--on at least one occasion--confess that he cannot decipher what he was thinking about at the time, and will simply admit that the idea has been lost.

       If one reads enough of Robert's writings, that person cannot help but be impressed with the quality of this man's spiritual life.  His dedication to the Lord is unquestionable, and he is quick to point out that mere understanding, without growth in true Christlike character, is worthless.  I can only say that the depth of his understanding of the Bible and the writings of other Christian writers is truly amazing.  Often he is "over my head", but, then, I am grateful for this fact.  After all, if he knew no more than I do, he could not do much to help me with the renewing of my mind.  

[Correction, the Holy Spirit renews the mind as one is daily in real reading and study of the Word... not merely checking off one more thing to do each day, but as if doing exploratory and corrective surgery or examining oneself in the mirror before going out to a photo shoot, to make sure you are as you are supposed to be; God by His Grace and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit then work the Living Word into that person who truly desires to be more like Christ.  I realize that Richard did not mean to imply that I helped renew his mind, but that I was merely a tool in God's Hands, since God quite often works through His people.  Robert.]

       And that is one of the most important aspects of his remarkable one-man ministry.  Most of us who come out of mainstream Christian churches are very badly in need of such renewal.  I can only say that I am amazed when I think of how far I have come since God sent this man into my life.  And I am also amazed at how far I still have to go.  I should add that Robert himself is keenly aware of how far he himself has to go when he compares himself the the Lord Jesus Christ and how terribly he fails and it is only by God's grace that there is any goodness in  him.

      Robert also writes upon a variety of subjects, all from a Biblical perspective.  He understands that our thoughts about EVERYTHING must be brought under captivity to the obedience of Christ--not only our thoughts about religion. Thus, he has written voluminously about such matters as political and social issues, history, current events, and even such varying topics as medicine, agriculture, animals, and many other fields of study—all mortared together within the frame work of God's unchanging sovereignty and perfection, with reformed theology and the lynchpin of the fact that the Anglo-Saxon and kindred peoples (and not the Jews) are the actual descendants of the Biblical Israelites and the people of God; and that God's Promises, Covenants, Law, and Plan have not ceased, changed, or been "spiritualized" into nothingness by being applied to all.  I do believe that he is what used to be called a "Renaissance man".

    I am impressed by his humility, and he has said on many occasions that it is not about anything great in him, but that the truth is really that simple.  He says that the problem that most christians have with the majority of truths upon which he writes, is not an intellectual problem, but a spiritual problem, and a problem of the will.  Most christians are humanists who interpret the bible backwards, expecting God to agree with the notions of modern sinful society.  Maybe it is due to this humility and dedication and childlike faith that the word of God is true--and that he then endeavors to prove it true and that it has no contradictions, but that the contradictions are in the confused mind of the reader--that he has discovered the clear, undeniable answers to nearly every single "problematic text" or question that I ever had over a lifetime of study, and he distills it into incredibly interesting books that sometimes open up the Scriptures as if watching a movie on a projector.  He is one of the great defenders and apologists of the Christian faith, and the amount of work that he has produced, alone, is phenomenal; and anyone who would "taste and see", if God's spirit awakens them, would have to agree.  Yet, I personally assume that he is simply ignored because his arguments are so air-tight they cannot be refuted.  In that he is similar to Dr. Gordon Clark, whom Robert also turned me onto; though Robert, in humility, is quick to confess that he is a not a real scholar, not like Dr. Clark.  Robert often compared himself to Sir Isaac Newton (in a very limited way), genius and founder of many fields of science, who compared himself to a little boy on a seashore, finding a pretty shell here or there, while the whole ocean of truth lay ever before him undiscovered.  I have to agree with him that the majority of christians are not really interested in truth, unless it turns out to be what they want it to be; and thus, neither God nor Jesus is their Lord; and they forget it is they who are supposed to submit and conform to God; not the other way around.  Regardless, I have been so convinced of all that he has written, and I know that the Jews—even though I am a Jew—are not the Biblical Israelites, and indeed, are the enemies of Christ and Christendom; but blind Christians can't see it.  And so I have endeavored to teach all Christians that the Anglo-Saxon and related people are the actual Israelites of the Bible, whom God scattered through the world, who appeared in Europe shortly after the dispersion of Biblical Israel, and they became the most significant people on earth, especially during times of Reformation, because they are the people of God--and all other people have wanted to flood into Christendom, while at the same time hating them and doing all they can to turn the nations of Christendom into pagan nations like the ones they left.  Yes, as Robert often quotes Lord Byron, "truth is sometimes stranger than fiction"--especially when the truth has been buried for so long; especially when God himself is the one that blinds eyes, and opens some; but if one is honest enough to actually with an open mind investigate the facts as Robert presents them, the truth is no longer strange, but something wonderful and undeniable.

      I should add that he works about a 90 to 100 hour work week in order to accomplish that with which he has been entrusted.  Please don't ask me how he can keep up such a pace. It can only be that God provides him with the needed energy and determination.  Very few can even begin to imagine what such a life must be like. 

     I hope I have given enough information to lead others to seek him out and learn from him.

      Perhaps he will provide for you what he has provided for my wife and myself for over a decade.  My wife, who is not Jewish, and I married later in life, and despite both our poor health, we studied the Word of God together, and as I would read out loud to her, she would agree that Robert's explanations are the soundest logical explanations, on every topic that he deals with, that we have ever heard.  Sometimes I would ask other questions, or I would type my wife's question, and never did Robert not have the answer.  I cannot say that I ever experienced anyone like him in my over 60 years of searching for the truth in order to understand the Bible.


     You can reach him at

                    Sincerely, in Christ Our Lord,  
                                  Richard P. Edelman
                                   25 September 2018


Here are some other comments he made

Hello, Robert,
    I find your massive book "Who Was the Serpent in the Garden" to be a most remarkable production.  There is SO MUCH in it that one would never expect to find in a "Bible exposition".  I am amazed at the competence you seem to have in so many different areas of life--even to the point of being able to explain what happens when a person "crawls through dust" in order to earn his living.

     Could any such claim have been made by any of the thousands of "professorial" commentators, who have tried to explain the Word of God over the centuries?

     This morning, during our prayer time, I read out loud from your comments from the top of page 134 to the center of the following page.  I offered it as a prayer for Christians who need to understand the present conditions in the U.S. and Europe.  There is more of value contained here than in the multiple thousands of pages I have read by the so-called "prophecy experts", almost all of whom teach us to "look to the state of Israel" while their own country is being subverted as they write.      And almost all of them are among those who insist that "America is not mentioned in prophecy"!  Wow!  This is really an adventure!      This book continues to be remarkable.  It is too soon to say if it is your best one ever.      Your summary of seedline teaching is quite brilliant, and shows that you have been further developing your understanding over the years--even over the recent past.

Hello, Robert,  

     One reason why I am taking so long to get through the Romans commentary--in addition to the unprecedented Identity perspective, which I suspect has never been employed before--is that you clearly explain the different meanings of the word"law", which so few have been able to do. (Well, this is at least true in my own experience...  I do recall reading a dispensational commentary on Romans about 20 years ago, which was written, I think, by a Baptist whose name began with "H", but I can remember little about it.

      Your explanation of how it is not the Law of God, but the law of sin and death, which is the subject of Romans 3:31, and chapters 6 and 7, makes so much sense, that one wonders how so many great scholars have not been able to  perceive it.  But it takes me quite a bit of thought and reflection to re-orient myself, because almost all of the teaching I have received has provided me with the usual understanding of being "dead to the law"!  And all those years of receiving error do not just vanish right away!

   Your comments on chapter 15 read like an exciting adventure story.

   I had never before heard anything like what you wrote about how God chose Paul to go to the so-called "Gentiles" because the Israelites of the remnant of Judah were haughty and proud (and you tie it in with several of Christ's parables that teach the same truths, that no one else has realized), and were disinclined to witness to the Israelites of the dispersion, whom they considered second-class brethren.     And then you point out how they witnessed, at first, not to those returning from the long exile in Assyria, but, rather, to the earlier-arrived Danites and other Israelites who were the founders of most all civilizations founded by Greeks and Phoenicians along the entire Mediterranean coastline, and who had wound up in southeastern Europe much earlier...and that it was they who eventually reached the bulk of the "lost sheep" of the Assyrian and Babylonian dispersions. I also like how you offer very little opinion in your books, but facts and documentation, and in the few occasions where you do offer an opinion, you clearly point out that while evidence may be lacking in that area, that what you suggest as a possibility is your opinion, and could be right or could be wrong.

    Wow!  Anyone who still thinks of the book of Romans as having to do with "the Jewish people" and the "non Jews" is so confused that one wonders how they can get anything at all out of the book, other than the moral guidelines of chapter 12!  I am coming to the end of Romans.  It is a condensation of a seminary level class--only it is more profound and more accurate!


Under a pseudonym he posted online this comment about another book of mine:

   I highly recommend Robert Balaicius's books "Uncovering the Mysteries of your Hidden Inheritance", which explains who God's people actually are; and his book "A Bolshevik Primer", and the very important supplement it leads into, concerning the planned extermination of Christianity.

   In his, Bolshevik Primer, the author updates, corrects, and revises an old document concerning the reign of Bolshevism in the Soviet Union. It focuses on the possibility that the dictator, Joseph Stalin, may have been murdered.  We learn many facts from this modestly sized book, concerning just who was behind the terrible system of communism, and what their real goals were...and still are...

    But the supplement (Robert's notes and addition to the original small work) is far more relevant, relating as it does to the events of the present day.

    If you hold to the usual "end times scenario" of the evangelical churches--that is, the rapture, followed by God's intervention on behalf of the "state of Israel"-- then prepare yourself for a shock.  There is no miraculous escape waiting around the corner.  If you do not die first (the way people have died for millenia), then you will be here for the Great Tribulation!

     It is not the "Israelis" who are hated by the whole world.  And neither they, nor the Jews more generally, are the focus of prophecy.... although they certainly do figure in to some degree.

     You will learn why the great masses of the world hate Euro-American Christian civilization, and why the forces of evil are so intent on destroying all the nations of Europe, plus the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

     The recent stream of alien invaders, masquerading as "asylum seekers", etc., is designed for totally evil purposes.

     I won't spoil the surprise.  

     I can only say that it is very different from what you have been taught in church, or through the media or the educational system.

    Order a copy and read it, soon!

    This is not a long or a difficult book.  The author is a profound theologian, but this is one of his works which has been designed for the general public!