Two-Faced Jack- and RINO-asses

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Someone emailed me the following:

Is Trump in charge here ?


My reply:

Politicians talk, and back-stab; that's what they do.  They only do the former so you are not expecting the latter.

The old saying goes: How can you tell when a politician is lying? —his lips are moving.

Sadly the adage is a truism.

Furthermore, why are contracts and the "law" so confusing? —they are made that way by lawyers for loopholes and deniability and outright "legalized" fraud (an oxymoron, but so also are the phrases Officer of the Peace, Representative of the People, and "Military Intelligence").
Why do politicians surround themselves by lawyers, PR specialists, spin doctors, speech writers, and other nonproducing creatures that only feed off society?
—for the same reason as the answer to the previous question.
May God pour out His Righteous Vengeance upon all those who think it such an unimportant thing, the sacred responsibility with which they have been entrusted to PRESERVE OUR VERY LIVES, as well as OUR RIGHTS (not the rights of aliens) and OUR WAY OF LIFE.  May God DESTROY all such traitors and their entire house, and all their accomplices and their entire houses and remove them from the land of the living and purge their very memory from the annals of history.
Politicians should not be allowed to spend a penny of taxpayer money on anything that they would not be willing to pay for out of their own pockets; and if the expediture is not Constitutional (as 99% of what "government" does is NOT Constitutional), they should be arrested, tried, and sentenced for treason (and before the sentence of treason is invoked, the law needs to be checked to make sure politicians have not changed the sentence for treason from hanging / firing squad to "a check for $1,000,000 and a one-way trip to Tahiti").
The servants need to be "let go"; they are traitors and loyal only to themselves and their illegitimate-conspirator-masters.  Often in business one realizes it is it better to do the job yourself rather than hire dishonest, inferior, untrustworthy help.  Many things you will then realize don't need to be done and money need not be wasted on them.  If customers want a cup of coffee, let them buy their own; if they want to sit down, they can sit in their car.  How much would that simple thinking alone save?  Now, if the business is turning a massive profit, then there is room to give a little back; but if not, only a fool goes into debt for what is not needed.  99.99% of all politicians are fools and crooks and both. 
God pour out Your Holy Wrath upon them all for having destroyed Christendom; may they fall first from their own weapons (the imported aliens)... turn their weapons back on them, and especially on all traitors on the supreme court and Congress who rule according to "civil" law, not Constitutional law, and who rule upon human sinful lust rather than the morality upon which Christendom was founded—who in so doing commit High Treason against God and His people—the people of Christendom.  God did not say to absorb the heathen—He said COME OUT and BE YE SEPARATE!  We are not to even bid "God speed" (any mere verbal blessing) on our own kinsmen who reject the DOCTRINE of Christ (the entire Doctrine of the Old and New Testament—not one jot or tittle shall pass; Doctrine doesn't change; morality doesn't change; truth doesn't change: the God of the New Testament is the very same God of the Old Testament and HE CHANGES NOT)... if we even bid our own kinsmen "God speed" if they reject the Doctrine of Christ God says that we are PARTAKERS IN THEIR EVIL DEEDS.  We are their accomplices in all their evil.  HOW MUCH MORE sin, therefore, is it to do good unto them that hate the Lord, whom God FORBADE us to ever seek their peace or prosperity?  Most of modern "Christianity" is HUMANISM (which is merely a euphemism for Satanism).  CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY.