The Unrecognized War Against Christendom

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Swedish police have surrendered control of 55 areas to muslim gangs.  186 ghettos have sprung up in Sweden in merely the past 2 decades! SURRENDERED.  SURRENDERED the property, real estate and heritage of the Swedish people to animals....

OUR ancestors built these places and WE own them.

Furthermore, NO DISTINCTION should be made between "radical islam" and Islam.

Were it not for the "Islamic actors", the "good nice" muslims who paved the way with their feigning pretense we would have never allowed muslims in.  The majority of those who "convert" to Christianity are no different, merely feigning Christianity until they had the numbers to throw off the mask, even as they historically did in other lands... even as the jews historically did to prevent being evicted... but decades later when they had the numbers in the community to throw off the mask, it was learned that they never converted, they secretly practiced their religion and hatred of Christianity in private and only pretended to be Christian.

Our Forefathers did NOT secure the right for "all religions" but only for Christianity... not for all peoples, but for our posterity--our people.

God commanded us to be separate, NOT to help the heathen, not to fellowship with them, not to intermarry with them, and NO OTHER GODS.  This is Judgment from God and until God's people truly repent of their sin (which entails actually realizing what sin is) they will continue to be destroyed and millions of branches of our family tree rot and fall off daily through intermarriage and murder.  As it was in the days of Noah... violating all the boundaries that God established, and to the point there were only a remnant who survived....

This is a war, yet the majority of God's people think it is a block party.  They are not seeking asylum or a better life, but conquest... and laughing the whole time, committing crimes in our faces as they enter... and then demanding whatever they want.  Our forefathers did not give these savages any rights.  Our politicians have no right to invite them into our society and give them our money and let them rob, rape, kill, and displace us--stealing the cities OUR FOREFATHERS built and which WE OWN.  See other videos at the sidebar at this site.  Realize there are HUNDREDS of videos and stories like this.  This is not an aberration—it is an invasion and a war.  It is not merely random, it is planned... planned by the savages and planned by our corrupt seditious politicians guilty of High Treason.

God open the eyes of your people, convict them, and possess them by Your Holy Spirit to repent!  Father save us and destroy Your enemies, open the earth to receive the flood, send a pestilence, send a plague... may 1000 fall by our side and 10,000 by our right hand but let it not come nigh unto us!


Watch the whole video... this is merely the tip of the iceberg... and BILLIONS of your tax dollars are being given to fund YOUR DESTRUCTION and the DESTRUCTION OF YOUR FAMILY and COUNTRY and RACE and RELIGION.

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Sodomites and other perverts also taking over

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The entire third world taking over... our nations largest cities are SANCTUARY CITIES for Savages and criminals and our politicians--our PUBLIC SERVANTS are the ones selling us out, raping us, robbing us, destroying us--why do they declare war across the globe, and have our troops in around 150 foreign nations--WHEN THE WAR IS RIGHT HERE?

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