Vax Populi or Vax Propaganda for Propa-geese or sheep / schmucks.

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Vax Populi or Vax Propaganda for Propa-geese sheep / schmucks.  (Schmuckers for Suckers...!)

Mainstream vaccine information is not science—it is propaganda. How do you know that a politician is lying? —his (her, or “it’s”) lips are moving.  How do you know that “science” or “history” or “psychology” or “sociology” or “anthropology” is propaganda and not truth? —an open forum and public debate on the topic is stifled, if not outlawed.  A half-dozen examples could easily be given; but if the reader does not already realize these on his own, it would be senseless to list them, because he will never believe them if he heard them.  That also is a sign that brainwashing (propagandizing) has been successful: the subject thinks that the propaganda is truth, and therefore, has ZERO interest in pursuing the topic, ordering books, doing research—even asking a question.  He is content; thinks the question is not only settled, but unimpeachable.  Those who may not have the sewer lid clamped down and welded shut may not be so naïve, but they have been embedded with a post-hypnotic suggestion: FEAR.  Thus, they will never pursue the topic either.

It is truly remarkable that otherwise intelligent people, who realize that there is a boycott / blacklist—totalitarian shut down of open debate or free-flow of information on these topics* and that those who control the monopoly on these topics also control a multi-billion dollar industry, and yet they are so mind-numbed that they don’t see a problem.

[* which Amazon and Google and other leftist organizations continually censor and discriminate against, as if they are the source of morality itself, as if they have the monopoly on re-inventing morality within Christendom and then demand that all bow to their false god.]

If Vaccines are safe, why is there no open debate on the topic, with experts from both sides? —because the “powers that be” would lose a very large percentage of brainwashed drones when the crack in their matrix was realized by the masses. Where is the “science” if they have to mandate “belief” by (unconstitutional) legislative decree and force propagandization in the controlled media and public (and now private) schools?

Tell me, if a nonvaccinated person can be an “asymptomatic carrier”) (a walking “Co-vid Carl” / “Corona Cathy”), then cannot also a vaccinated person be the very same “death-delivering” (insert ooohs and other ghostly and ghoolish scary sounds here) Trojan Horse?  Cannot every dog and cat and squirrel and bird, mouse, rat, chinchilla, fly, flea, ant, and grasshopper also be a carrier of death?  Why then are they attempting to have a KGB STORM TROOPER crack down preventing non-vaccinated / nonmasked people from exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL, GOD-GIVEN, HUMAN rights to travel and conduct their lives?  A vaccinated person can be just as much of a “carrier”, can he not? —even as he can carry “trace” gunshot residue, cocaine, dust, mold, dander, or hair from anyone with whom he was inadvertantly in contact—even brushing by a stranger on the sidewalk.

You do not need even to say, “I am not wearing a mask / cannot receive the vaccine due to a serious existing health problem”—because that statement alone is a declaration of your personal medical information that you are under no obligation to share with anyone.

The HIPPAA-cryptic oath...?

The HIPPAA law was passed to protect diseased homoperverts.  However, our Constitution demands equal protection under the Law.*

[* This applies to politicians too.  They are not “above” the Law—they do NOT have the right to “plead the 5th”; nor do they have the right to privacy.  They willingly WAIVED those rights in order to assume public office.  See my book, The Liberty Document, for documented quotes to this effect.  Thomas Jefferson said, “When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself public property”.  In fact, public servants should be held to a higher level of accountability (and NOT be given “official immunity”) since the consequences of treason (and incompetence) is too great.  Why is turning over the presidency being called “transfer of POWER” ...? instead of transfer of Constitutional Responsibility—which it is supposed to be...? —because the corrupt politicians are all traitors and think that they are untouchable; they think they are the new nobility and we are their chattle.  They think this because they have gotten away with their crimes for too long.  They need to be tried for Treason, and if found guilty, executed and this includes every judge and every member of the Supreme Court if any have ever even once ruled in violation of the U.S. Constitution—which is the Supreme Law of the Land and which Congress has no authority to change.  Likewise, any member of Congress who has voted in violation of the Constitution needs to be arrested and tried for Treason.  The U.S. Constitution is NOT a “living, breathing document” as the African dictator, Anti-president Obongo declared, without authority.  The U.S. Constitution is not open to modern interpretation, but, Jefferson declared, must be interpreted according to what it meant in the mind of the Founders at the time that they wrote it!  So also the Bible!

Furthermore, equal protection under the Law does NOT include aliens.  Aliens have NO rights in our nation.  They have their own nations.  While in our nation, their only “rights” are basic rights to not be molested without cause.  However, even those rights should not be afforded, because such rights are not granted to Americans travelling in Third World nations any longer, because no one respects or fears the U.S. any more because we are a Third World Banana “Republic” (the word republic is used extrememly loosely, “dictatorship”, of course, is the true meaning in both applications) overrun with uncivilizable savages.  And it seems a collision of the phrase “When in Rome do as the Romans” with the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” has resulted in “Anything goes as the invaders impose their anti-culture upon the invaded host nation—but the host nation still has to mind their p’s and q’s and follow their own laws of civility, while the invading aliens can torch, rape, and murder at their whim”.  John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.”  When our Founders, and the Puritans / Reformers used the word “religion”, they used it solely as a synonym for Christianity; to them there was no other religion; only paganism and superstition.  They obeyed God’s Command: NO OTHER GODS.  Our form of government was made only FOR OUR PEOPLE.  It is entirely unsuited to savages—even those who have been “domesticated”; because the “learned behaviour” will only be extinguished in time; and more quickly the more that they associate with those of their own kind.  It is inevitable that they will violently attempt to change our nation into theirs; and pervert our form of government and religion to their own.  Third world peoples who have “converted” to Christianity inevitably corrupt it from within.  Even as they change our laws to suit themselves; so they change the Doctrine of the Word of God to suit themselves.]

The psychotic HIPPAA laws need to be applied equally across the board—and they cannot be “rescinded” once one group has used them to their advantage, so that the main population cannot have the equal protection that is by right theirs alone.  Diseased people (people with a real communicable disease, like hepatitis c, leprosy, tuberculosis, AIDS, etc., not an “imagined” deadly disease like the common cold or flu) indeed should be quarantined—not be allowed to work in the food industry!  As I have shown in previous Ruminations, about a third of the U.S. population and about 70% of young people have STDs.  THAT is an epidemic of GARGANTUAN proportions; not a mere pimple like this Coronarama.  Young people and aliens are the ones who mostly work in the food industry!

According to HIPPAA, not only is your medical information sacrosanct—but so is your identity!  If you call a hospital or nursing home, it is like stepping into the Twilight Zone, in which your history and family’s history has been sanitized by a CIA sweeper team.  If you call a hospital, not only can they not divulge the medical information of someone, they won’t even admit that the person you are asking about is even there or has ever been a patient!

So, if you are accosted about not having a mask or questioned whether you have had the vaccine, you can answer:

“I invoke HIPPAA and the 5th Amendment...!”

That’s all you really need to say.

If someone ignorant pursues the matter, you can read him his Miranda Rights adjusted as a warning (not an arrest) to desist his unlawful intrusion into your life and violation of your rights.  Your medical information is PRIVATE.

“I waive NONE of my rights at any time and CLAIM ALL of my rights at ALL times.  I don’t deny or admit anything in regard to whatever you are babbling about.  My health information is PRIVATE.  I invoke my God-given, inalienable, Constitutional rights to be SECURE IN MY PERSON, PAPERS, HOUSES, and EFFECTS! YOU, on the other hand, have the right to remain silent and STOP attempting to violate my rights.  ANYTHING that YOU say can and will be used against you in a court of law if you continue to attempt to intrude into my personal life into which you are not invited!  Stop and desist now.  Walk away!”

If the “socialist civil protection / dictator enforcement unit” says anything like,

“Hey, I am just trying to do my job”,

you can reply:

“Yes. And you are in good company!  To this day alleged Nazi war criminals are being hunted down and executed for merely allegedly “following orders”...!  You have no right to violate my rights or my life and if your orders are to do so then you will face the consequences, if you do not have the mental acuity or moral conscience to know that it is IMMORAL and CRIMINAL to enforce an ILLEGAL “law”, or the courage to not enforce it, then you need to find an honest line of work and one that requires less brain power and moral backbone.”

“No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it.” (Sixteenth American Jurisprudence, 2nd Ed., Section 177)

No “law” (judicial or mayoral or gubenatorial decree, or statute or police code) that violates the Constitution is valid.  It is as if it were never passed.   It can offer no guarantee or incur any penalty.

“The claim and exercise of a Constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime.” (Miller vs. U.S. 230 F 486 at 489)

Furthermore, individual liberties are antecedent to all government!

The notion of “governement” as an autonomous unit is a myth.  The true government is the true people.  Without the people there can be no government.  The only job of elected or appointed public servants is to DEFEND our rights; not change or curtail them; and to “keep men from injuring one another”—which does not mean that legislators can make everyone wear a “bubble” to prevent people from hurting one another “bumping into each other” while walking down the sidewalk.  It refers SOLELY to malicious acts or acts of aggravated negligence.  It does NOT refer to driver’s licenses and a plethora of rules in order to exercise ones RIGHT to travel.  Under our Constitutional system of law, people cannot be fined in advance and have their rights abrogated for a “crime” that they “may” commit “in the future” (which fines are called “fees” or “taxes”).  Under our system, if you truly damage someone (not merely hurting someones feelings by saying something that he doesn’t like, even if it is true; but an actual injury, punching someone in the face, driving your car into their house, etc.) then YOU are to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE.  Of course, this is not done because individuals are purposely declared “not responsible” and anti-intellectually all society is declared “responsible”; and thus a myriad of laws, fees, etc., are invented, and an army to enforce them, because it is “BIG BUSINESS” (a multi-billion dollar a year industry).

It is amazing that evolutionists violate their own laws at every turn.  Vaccines are a clear violation (survival of the fittest / natural selection) as are the laws not putting criminals to death, which then allows that immoral gene pool to continue to reproduce more criminals.  The “Darwin Awards” are mock awarded to numerous individuals each year who improve the gene pool by doing something really stupid and paying for it with their lives.  That is what crime should be—their exit out of this life.  That’s what God declared should be done: criminals of certain heinous acts are to be put to death.  Thieves / vandals / those who damage someone else accidentally are to pay back TO THE VICTIM (not the “State”) between 120% to 500% of what they stole / destroyed.  If they cannot pay it back, they are to be forced into slavery, required to work for their victims until their debt is paid off.  If they refuse to work (or if the debt is more than they could ever pay off in several lifetimes) they are to be put to death.  However, a corrupt “government” and equally corrupt insurance agency simply get together and require everyone to purchase insurance policies (fine them for things they have not committed just because it is possible that in the future they may)—and the invention of a massive amount of never-ending new regulations to which they need to submit.  This makes insurance companies and “government” agencies wealthy.  It is COMMUNISM.  It is unconstutitional.  According to the Common Law—by which the Constitution must be interpreted—a person is accountable for a damage he actually causes; not one he has not caused; and not an “imaginary” one in someone elses feeble / demented mind.

[See my book, The Liberty Document: The National Debt: Does It Exist & If So Who Owes It? & Some Thoughts On The Hidden Agenda Behind Immigration, Gun Control & The Health sCARE Monopoly (2020) Full of statistics, common law citations, court rulings, clear thought, powerful information; 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.  for more documented quotes and citations.]

Your body is your property.  Your life is your own.  Someone elses body / life ends where yours begins.  You cannot be forced to play twister and become a contortionist to comply with every possible irrational perverse need of every neurotic and psychotic (or dictator) roaming free in society.  If someone else is afraid of you not wearing a mask or you not being vaccinated—it is their right to STAY HOME!  If the vaccine works, what do they have to fear?  Tell them to get the vaccine another dozen times.  You can never be too “safe”.  YOU cannot be forced to comply to satisfy their derangement and enter into their delusion with them.  They can purchase an astronaut / hazmat suit and have built at their house a special “decontamination chamber”.  You do not have to learn and practice their superstitious, psychotic rituals.  We were NOT founded as a “democracy”.  Our Constitution says so!  Our Law is not established by majority vote (whether the populace is our people or imported aliens put on a taxpayer funded breeding program).  Our Law is not established by what billionaires or self-imposed dictators with a god-complex want it to be.  Our Law is established by our CONSTITUTION, which CANNOT be changed.  We are a CHRISTIAN, CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and anyone who says otherwise and does anything to change that is guilty of sedition and / or High Treason.

It is truly amazing that elected public servants in Southern California / Los Angeles county have forced people to wear masks, shut down businesses, not talk to their neighbors (all good communist compliance mandates)—and at the same time they have declared that they will no longer prosecute thefts under $900,* they let diseased, homeless, illegals camp on the sidewalks, parks, and on private property, crap and piss wherever they please, throw their garbage and used drug needles on the streets and sidewalks.  They do nothing to round up illegals or stop their illegal entry into our nation.  They have declared that they will no longer pursue the prosecution of those who commit crimes of “making criminal threats, possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia, being publicly intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance, loitering to commit prostitution, resisting arrest, or a host of other crimes”.  Can no one see the blatant hypocrisy?  Wake up and smell the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER.  Alien representatives in Texas are trying to pass laws so that your first reaction is to “flee inside your house”; and let the savages steal everything outside it and destroy everything that they can’t steal—before setting your house on fire in which you are now trapped.  A man’s home is his castle—and his land and all property outside his castle he has the right to defend with lethal force. 

Coming soon to a Third-World neighborhood near you!   Isn’t die-versity GREAT!  Multiculturalism = “many exotic ways to die a horrible death!”  How wonderful!

[* How many times could you afford to be robbed of $899 before you were forced out of business or forced to sell your house?  What if a gang planned to daily rob you, each gang member being careful to take no more than $899 per day.  What if random individuals frequented your store or other stores as casually as a person in the village goes down to the lake to catch a fish for lunch?  What if he considers your store his private lake?  This is insanity.  Our politicians have ILLEGALLY invited many tens of millions of Third World aliens into our nation, and ignore many other tens of millions who enter illegally to dispossess us of our wealth—and have not only gotten us into around $30 trillion in debt (for social welfare programs, bailouts, international aid, wars) but they have also stolen untold trillions of dollars of real estate and infrastructure (that our taxes continue to pay for upkeep) of megacities, towns, and neighborhoods that our ancestors founded.  This is genocide.  It is war.  All politicians who have not opposed this with every fiber in their being need to be brought up on charges of not only treason, but genocide and war crimes.]

A massive amount of evidence reveals that this entire “pandemic” is a hoax.  There is ZERO science behind it.  It is all propaganda.  Not only do they not have the right to vaccinate, quarantine, or mask up, or force 6-foot rules and other nonsense on anyone, there is no evidence that the virus even exists, or that it is any different than the common flu.  Those who reject that thought have not even scratched the surface of research and might as well stop reading and go submerse themselves in their bathtubs.

You cannot be forced to comply with any mandate; and the burden of proof is on their side to prove the virus is real and that if their methods are not followed the world is in danger; and they need to prove that their methods and their vaccine is safe and effectual and necessary.  Furthermore—by their presentation in court of their “science” they then “open the door” to you calling your expert witnesses to disprove their voodoo “science” (propaganda).  They cannot do this.  Truth is what they fear; that is why they use fear to force the majority into anti-intellectual compliance. 

Furthermore, all politicians and statesmen, doctors, hospitals, and drug companies have to have ZERO immunity if people’s lives are damaged now, or 40 years from now after the vaccine has incubated disease to then erupt.  They are to be held PERSONALLY criminally and civilly liable for every single person who suffers.


Is it not amazing, that they call someone dying on his motorcycle in an accident a “covid death” or someone with cancer “a covid death”; but after someone dies from the vaccine, it is called a “heart attack” death from someone with an “existing condition”.  The same rules have to be applied equally.  If every death of someone ALLEGEDLY declared to be “Covid positive” (even if the person was asymptomatic) is called a “Covid death”—then anyone and everyone who dies after receiving the vaccine, whether from a car accident or old age, is to be declared a VACCINE MURDER.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


Additional thought.

If it were declared illegal to have a pacemaker, would the police be allowed to make a cardiac arrest...?