Water, Milk, and Cultured-Milk Products

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Water, Milk, and Cultured-Milk Products



Most people are dehydrated and do not know it.  Most all living things are well over 50% water.  Most fruits and vegetables are between 80% and 92% water.  The human body is over 60% water.  Water is the essence of life.  3 things we cannot live without: air, water, nutrition.  Water is essential for every single cell in the body.  Water is essential as the medium by which nutrients are brought into each cell, as well as the medium by which waste products are removed from each cell.  Water is the medium that allows inter-cellular communication and provides the environment for the body's electro-magnetic impulses.  Without water all life ceases.  It is important to merely to drink fluids, but to drink several glasses of water each day (and a few of these should be drunk by themselves, on an empty stomach).  Water is very cleansing.  Certain food and drink can be dehydrating.  When the body is dehydrated, nutrients are not brought in, waste is not removed, and electromagnetic activity becomes abnormal—and none of those things are conducive for good health.  Fluids need to be replenished if certain food, drink, or medications are taken. 

[Of course, certain people with serious health conditions are on certain medications to prevent water retention, and therefore, drinking more water may be contra-indicated.  The answer then is for the person to hopefully achieve health to the point he no longer needs such medication, and therefore, can live a healthier life, properly hydrated.] 

Dehydration may result in constipation, which is not healthy either.  Constipation not only can cause one to be uncomfortable, it can also cause pain and damage tissue while attempting to evacuate the bowels.  Further, the colon and intestine are the largest sewage drain in the body.  When dehydrated and constipated, waste materials does not flow as quickly and the body then begins to reabsorb toxins it was trying to expel.  Hemorrhoids can also result from constipation (as well as other bowel troubles).  With constipation or hemorrhoids, the chance of rectal bleeding is great, and open blood vessels can then transport waste material (feces, toxins, bateria, virus) into the bloodstream.

However, a person does not have to be constipated to be dehydrated.  Constipation is possibly one of the final warning signs, like Level 10 high alert; but levels 1 through 9 of constiption are unhealthy and often go unnoticed.

The human body sweats and exhales an incredible amount of water each day.  Someone working or playing a sport very strenuously in hot weather can sweat 10 lbs of water (over a gallon) a day.  Water is very important for kidney health.  Under normal circumstance, humans can only live 4 or 5 days without water; though humans can live for many months without food (and it is actually very healing to fast for 1 to 2 months, though it takes discipline and the right mind-set).  Without water, renal failure occurs: the kidneys shut down; the individual dies, painfully.

When such large amounts of water is sweated, the body also loses precious minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and electrolytes (specific molecules of certain minerals that have electrical charges).  The most important electrolytes in the human body are potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen phosphate, and hydrogen carbonate.

Cramping of muscles and other health problems often results due to mineral depletion and / or dehydration.  That is why sports drinks were invented (however, most of them are more ladened with sugar, salt, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives and are not that healthy at all).  Coconut water itself is a great natural sports drink.  You can also make your own natural healthy sports drinks:  You can also add any of the following ingredients to a half-gallon of water (start with a few and develop it to your own taste preference): natural coconut water, 1/2 teaspoon of potassium chloridesalt (a much healthier salt than table salt) or 1/2 teaspoon of unrefined sea salt(but not table salt, sodium chloride); juice of 1 fresh lemon, juice of 2 fresh oranges, 8 ounces of juiced watermellon, 1 teaspoon of food grade (aluminum-free) baking soda, 2 tablespoons of honey (raw is always best), 2 tablespoons of unrefined, raw, apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses, 2 tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll.  Those in bold face are the most important.

Psyllium powder (mentioned above) is also important to take daily (with 12-14 ouces of pure water) to help combat dehydration and constipation, for the fiber helps retain moisture in the stool, which keeps it softer and moving along as it should.



If you do not have access to raw milk, an alternative to jug milk from the grocery store is canned evaporated milk.  This is not to be confused with sweetened condensed milk (which is a sugary milk syrup, which, when slowly heated and stirred in a pan on the stove, will turn into carmel or dulce de leche).  Evaporated milk is not homogenized, so it is easier to digest.  It can be quite pricey depending on store and brand and it comes in several different can sizes, so you will hae to pay attention when you compare price.  The dollar store has a 12-oz can for $1.00.  Food Country (a lower-end grocery store) here in town has a brand called "Better Valu," which they have had on sale (12-oz. cans) for 79 cents.  The milk is evaporated or condensed, and needs to be mixed with equal amounts of water (or it can be used as is as a rich, though thinner cream).  I have actually found out that I can add 3-4x the amount of water if I am trying to stretch it longer.  It has such a rich flavor I actually like it better than regular milk.  I imagine it has a good storage shelf life, so if you have a cool dry basement, you may want to stock up.  If you can find the less expensive brands and add 3-4 times the amount of water to it, it is actually less expensive than jug milk.

Another good source for milk, is one of the only only whole milk, powdered milks I have found... and it is the best-tasting of all powdered milks.  I am not sure about its shelf life, but realistically, I would imagine at least several years in a cool, dry place.  When on sale at Amazon, free shipping/subscribe and sage, it is cheaper than jug milk.  Currently, it is not available for subscribe and save or free shipping, but follow this link to see the product, then do your own search at Amazon for this product and maybe it will again be available subscribe and save/free shipping; there are various other offerings at times, some in different size containers.  A 3.52 lb. can makes 53 cups of milk or 3.3 gallons.  Once you follow this link, do a search for other forms of the same product (also, put in your shopping cart and monitor it for a few days/weeks, sometimes the price will drop), but note that this link is not one for free shipping:


However, those who do not trust Nestle brands due to genetic testing and GMOs, may wish to contact the manufacturer to ask specific questions concerning any genetic material/GMOs that may be in this milk.  Sometimes the label says Peru, other times Mexico.  You may also ask them the shelf life. 

[If anyone does contact the company, please email me with the questions/answers so I can post here.  Thanks.]


Raw milk contains healthy live cultures.  Humans existed on it quite well for 5,950 years before the advent of the FDA.  Raw milk is still consumed in many other countries.  (See books at the end of this page which may deal with this topic).

Part of the reason of disease and poor health is that not only are live foods (live enzymes, lacto-fermented, cultured, etc.) no longer made/raised and consumed by each family or the local community, but the vast majority of foods are dead, over processed, and laced with all sorts of harmful ingredients (hybrids, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, stabilizers, texturizers, excessive and the wrong types of sugars and salts, over-use of yeast as a flavoring, additional of aluminum and other harmful ingredients, etc., as well as pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, and now even irradiation and GMO.).  And people wonder why the majority of people are not healthy, sickly, and diseased (not to mention obese).  Why...? because it is big business (for both the growers, manufacturers, and the pharmaceutical industry and doctors).


  Kefir, Yogurt, and Buttermilk   

These milk products all have excellent beneficial bacteria/flora...

—more information will be forthcoming. 


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