What Are the Most-Important Health Nutrients? Can You Really Prevent or Reverse Disease?

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Two of the most-important youtubes that I believe that you could watch / listen to, are these (and they are highly recommended: listen to them twice and take notes):


These 3 inexpensive supplements are possibly the most-important vitamins and minerals

[in addition to Magnesium, the best form to take being Magtein / Magnesium L-Threonate, which is nonlaxative, the easiest and best absorbed, which passes the blood-brain barrier and feeds the brain; magnesium is needed for nearly all bodily processes; and chromium (polynicotinate is the best chelate) is also high in importance.]

However, it will blow you away, if you care anything about health and taking your health into your own hands, what these three supplements below are needed for and what they can do.  All 3 (and Magtein and chromium) should be taken daily—and even hourly, depending upon your health.

- Andrew Saul, Vitamin C and Niacin:


 Note well: Niacin (B3) will cause a “flush”—an entire cluster of reactions.  Be prepared for it so you don’t think that something terribly has gone wrong.  It can be unpleasant.  Niacinamide / nonflushing niacin will not cause the flush, but it is not as powerful and it will also not deliver some of the benefits niacin does.  The reaction also varies, from person to person, and from dose to dose.  A myriad of factors can come into play (hormones, diet, stress, illness, injury, how much your body needs, what is in your G-I tract, your blood pressure / pulse, environment, etc.).  Sometimes, when you are taking Niacin on a regular basis, the flushing effect can be less dramatic, or even not at all.  You can also lessen the effect by taking less (125 or 250 mg. instead of 500) more frequently; but it is possible that the cumulative effect may also catch up with you.  It is also the flushing effect that is beneficial.  It is a vasodilator.  Thus, the effect can also be increased depending on what you may have eaten (hot peppers, ginger, caffeine, ginkgo, etc., anything else that works as a blood thinner, vasodilator, anything that increases circulation).  Also, if the temperature is warm, and if you are active, the reaction will be quicker and greater and will usually begin within 5 to 20 min. and can last an hour; though sometimes only 15 to 30 min.  If you are sitting still at a desk, in a chair reading a book, laying in bed, the reaction may even be delayed and come on 2 hours later... and maybe last an hour.  It is different each time.  Some people even like to take it just before going to bed, and hopefully they fall asleep quickly and soundly and never even notice it.  Also, taking it with a meal and drinking enough water may also lessen the effect.

Here are the symptoms I experience: Usually first, a headache.  Then it progresses, in no systematic order, to either some or all of these (and again, there are times when there may even be no reaction at all, but that is rare): mild to severe hive-like symptoms, rash, prickly heat, hot flash, itchiness, stinging pain, turning red either in patches and different places of the body or your entire body; possibly even mild joint pain.  I have taken 1,500 mg. at one time and I will turn bright red like a lobster and you can even feel heat coming off me, though no one has ever tried toasting marshmallows.  

Also, the interesting “second” punch, of this “one-two” punch is that often after the intense heat (even taking 500mg.) and flush, you may then even experience, toward the end, uncontrollable cold and shivers.  It really is a roller coaster ride.  When the reaction is strong, you may also experience what feels like extreme tightening of the eyeballs and also the ear canal; as well as a hearing of the ocean (as if listening to a large conch shell) and more often a crackling when you swallow (like when experiencing altitude or atmospheric pressure change) as well as an itchiness in the ear canal.  Yes, this can be unpleasant, but it is transitory and the symptoms can change as quickly as you do the channels on the t.v. during a commercial; but, unfortunately, the hives/flush is what lasts the longest.  

You may also notice (often toward the end of the ride) a very mild sinus opening and drainage.  Of course, each person’s body is different (and each person’s body is different each time; as the old saying goes, “You cannot walk into the same river twice”; that is, the cells in your body are continually changing and the water flowing past you is continually changing).  You may experience other effects that I have not described (another is a possible “sensation”—not necessarily anything visible—of the lips swelling and / or tingling).  

Now, after this wonderful list of contraindications, someone may ask, “Why the heck would I want to take that?”  Well, you cannot make an omlet without cracking a few eggs.  If you read the contraindications of most pharm-meds, those “side effects” are serious, dangerous, actual disease, permanent, and even fatal.  These effects are for the common good, and temporary, and quite bearable.  

Oh, yes, I continue to think of more “fun”.  Also, you may experience a lung-issue.  Sometimes it seems similar to walking outside when it is 18o F and taking a deep breath of air; the chilling sensation, and even a very slight shortness of breath (this may be the result of the trasition from the dilation of the blood vessels in the lungs, and when they then contract back to their normal diameter).  

However, with all of these effects, do you know what it tells me?  It tells me that it is doing something; that it is working.  How many products can you take, after which, you ask yourself, “Is this really doing anything?” —with this you know!  It is regular, it is predictable—and it involves every single area of importance: skin (your body’s largest organ, covering your entire body), blood vessels, eyes, ears, brain, heart, lungs, sinuses, etc. (and presumably liver, kidney, thyroid, adrenals, etc.).  The fact that niacin is great for the skin, seems to suggest that this effect may help with elasticity (and that of the blood vessels also).

The vasodilation opens everything up, allows engery and nutrient flow in and toxin and waste matter to flow out.  When you turn on your computer (or car or anything with a computer), as it boots up it goes through a series of diagnostics, to make sure everything is working properly.  Your body also does this (autonomously) during certain (parasympathetic) stages of sleep.  Thus, you should view the Niacin-reaction-cluster in this light.  Now, simply causing a “reaction” alone would not be evidence that the reaction is “good”, anaphalactic shock and other allergies, likewise, produce “reactions”.  However, the scientific evidence of the benefit of these reactions, and Niacin and other B-vitamins is the evidence that the reaction is good for you.  

Also understand, even too-much of a good thing may be bad; so if you do choose, after listening to Andrew Saul’s excellent presentation, to begin niacin supplementation on a daily basis, start with a smaller dose (unless you are a daredevil / thrill seeker and like roller coaster rides; and like jumping on the train while it is already moving at a good clip), be prepared for the reaction (and being in public would probably not be a good idea, until you know what to expect) and then monitor your own body, even take notes; even write down the time element within your notes.

Understand, what I have typed above is my own observation and thoughts in the matter, not anything that I have read or heard and is not based upon any “study”.  I could be right I could be wrong.  YOU do some study, consider my testimony, and put 2 and 2 together for YOU.

- Dr. Jorge Flechas, Iodine:


I also highly recommend any youtubes by Dr. John Bergman, such as this one on healing the liver (which also covers sugar, diabetes, hepatitis, kidneys, High Fructose Corn Syrup, vaccines, tylenol):


and how to have a healthy thyroid gland:



Bergman, Flechas, and Saul all truly know what they are talking about; they have all done their homework; and they all document what they say with the leading Medical Journals and other professional sources.  They are all truly experts and cutting edge!  These videos are energizing.  Truth is powerful.

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According to Dr. John Bergman, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDSPwineJk8 ,
Here is a list of ingredients that ALWAYS contain MSG:
- Hydrolyzed Protein
- Glutamic Acid
- Monopotassium Glutamate
- Monosodium Glutamate
- Textured Protein
- Yeast Extract
- Autolyzed Yeast
- Yeast Nutrient
- Calcium Caseinate
- Anything Protein Fortified
- Barley Malt Ion
- Natural Beef Flavoring
- Protease
- Corn Starch


These ingredients OFTEN contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) or create MSG during processing:
- Flavors and Flavorings
- Seasonings
- Natural Flavors and Flavorings
- Natural Pork Flavoring
- Natural Chicken Flavoring
- Soy Sauce
- Soy Protein Isolate
- Soy Protein
- Bouillon
- Stock
- Broth
- Citric Acid
- Powdered Milk
- Anything Protein Fortified
- Anything Enzyme Modified
- Malt Extract
- Malt Flavoring
- Barley Malt
- Whey Protein
- Carrageenan
- Maltodextrin
- Pectin
- Enzymes

While there, of course, are exceptions, you should take nothing for granted, and ask specific questions via the 800 numbers or email / website messaging of the manufacturer of the product in question—and don’t be fooled by the sidestepping of your actual question, by a generalized answer that answers something other than your exact question.  If regular soy sauce cannot be trusted, then “organic” brands need to be scrutinized, or even Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, by asking them specific questions.