White Sugar = poison

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While NO sugar, even healthy sugars, should be over-consumed (even the Bible says too much honey is not good; man shall not live by bread alone... and the same goes for honey... God gave us a wide assortment of permissible food because we need a varied diet to get all the nutrients, starch, fiber, protein, good fats, etc., that the body needs), white sugar is poison... all the nutrients have been removed and it is bleached (Chlorine is one of the most deadly elements) and it is rendered acidic because all the minerals have been stripped from it (while TRUE blackstrap molasses is loaded with minerals and is alkaline; note: not just any "molasses", but true blackstrap)--and cancer feeds off an acid environment and white sugar feeds cancer like dried pine needles feed a fire.  However, even honey has a glycemic index that cannot be ignored and it should not be overconsumed, especially by those who are sedentary and have a weight problem or of course, those who are diabetics.

Xylitol is alkaline (and 100% diabetic safe), and kills and inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria (and cancer is a fungus, see cancerisafungus.com); it also helps remineralize and recalcify the bones and teeth (good for dental problems and osteoporosis), as a nose spray cuts out inner ear infections in children by 85%, fights candida, osteoporosis, tooth decay, and has 45% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbs than white sugar (and it tastes almost identical and can be used the same in every way 1:1 except that it will not ferment and will not carmelize).

However, most X. is made from GMO corn from China.  Get only 100% USA/Canada birch xylitol, which is what I stock.

It does take a while for your GI tract to get used to it, if you do not regularly consume it.  Your body produces a small amount a day, but not in the GI tract.

To get your body used to it, take only 1/4 teaspoon in a cup of tea or whatever you want to sweeten, and do that several times a day... if your stomach grumbles any, cut back to 1/8 teaspoon or have more time in between cups of tea or whatever you are consuming.  You can gradually increase the dose or frequency and after a few weeks you can eat it by the tablespoon.

Every time I get up during the night I take a half teaspoon straight and let dissolve in my mouth and go back to sleep.  No need to brush teeth after Xylitol, it kills bacteria and rebuilds the teeth.  I have been using X. for about 20 years as my main sugar (about 2 lbs. a week, mainly in tea or during the many times I get up during the night); I never use white sugar; sometimes honey and sometimes agave, sometimes coconut sugar.

White sugar is POISON.  Just consider it in your mind as a MAGNET for disease and poor health and obesity.  Also, it PUTS ON THE POUNDS and HFCS which they renamed because it was exposed, now they just call it "corn syrup", but it is WORSE than white sugar, it is 100% GMO and it does not signal the brain that you are satisfied so you keep eating... if you drink MERELY ONE sugar soda a day and don't do extra exercise or work to burn off the calories, you will gain 15 pounds a year! (not counting screwing up your body in all the other ways that white sugar does).  Diet soda is just as bad or worse.  All the artificial sweeteners are poison.  They cause bad memory, holes in the brain, damage organs, etc.  They are DRUGS and they make BILLIONS off them each year. 

[See Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, Blaylock, M.D., 296pp., 18.00 + P&H and Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, Cori Brackett, 95 minute DVD, expose of the serious health problems caused by MSG and Aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet, etc.)--the political corruption in FDA (and Rumsfeld) to pass a product (which now laces so many foods and drinks) that causes alarming numbers of brain tumors, holes in the brain tissue, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, cancers, etc. and much more. Very important presentation, I will not drink diet (or nondiet) soda ever again or eat anything with these artificial sweeteners. I have avoided MSG for years. 20.00 + P&H.  Sweet Remedy: The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply, Cori Brackett, DVD, 134 minutes, 25.00 + P&H.]

White sugar IS A POISON that should carry a warning label*, yet the FDA and DEA want to outlaw NATURAL HERBS... and only to protect the drug company profits... and they are almost 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL organizations that have no authority except in very limited areas, though they have overstepped their legitimate authority in most all cases.  Our Founding Fathers NEVER would have allowed ANY "government agency" to SWAT TEAM lawful citizens for selling raw milk or a salve or herbs or ANYTHING.  The corrupt government has ABUSED the concept of valid government's ONLY VALID FUNCTION of keeping men from injuring one other by their PERVERSE NOTION OF IMAGINED "injury".  Calling someone a name is not an injury.  Not hiring someone for any reason is not an injury.  Not baking a homo-cake for someone is not an injury.  Bake it yourself and frost it with dog feces if you want... but it is not an injury if someone refuses to celebrate your perversion with you.  In order for there to be a crime there has to be mens rea and corpus delecti—INTENT TO COMMIT A CRIME AND INJURE SOMEONE.  Injury is not something that is "perceived" but REAL... A REAL DAMAGE.  Mens rea is not intent to do what you did, but to do what you did with the intent to injure someone and violate a valid law; unconstitutional laws are not valid and ignoring them does NOT constitute mens rea.

[* they took the scull and crossbones off products decades ago because it was cutting into their profits... and put the secret codes, caution, warning, and danger, which 99% of people don't even understand.  If I remember correctly, off the top of my head ("ball park" concepts"), caution means something like a cup if ingested will kill the average adult; warning means something like an ounce will kill the average adult; danger means a mere taste can kill the average adult; reportedly dish washing crystals are some of the most deadly household products; they are easy to spill and just the amount that you can touch to your finger can kill the average adult, so how much is needed for a child, an infant, or a small pet to lick up off the floor if a few crystals spill?  Note, this is going from memory from about 20 years ago, so this is just a rough idea; if you want to know the exact meanings of those words or dangers of dish washing crystals, do a web search at competent, non-government-funded mouthpiece propaganda sites.]

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