De-Colonize the Mind = mental bowel evacuation

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Someone emailed me his comment about the below video (link) that I sent, and he sent it out to his readership, that unless we do something we shall be joining them (South Africa in their demise).

My response to that is: We already have joined them... the savages outnumber us in our own nation and breed like rabbits and are insanely allowed to vote and hold office (how many white Christians hold Governorships, Mayorships, or are Members of Congress / Parliament, let alone President or Grand Poobah in the Congo, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, State of Israeli, China, Turkey, Iran, Haiti, Cuba, etc., or are allowed to migrate to those nations in a mass voter bloc and take over entire communities, states, and the nation—and have laws passed that cater to them and hamstring the nationals; and basically turn the nation over to the invaders...?). Our people have been dumbed down almost to the level of the savages, and shackled with false guilt and brainwashed into breeding with them, breeding us out of existence while giving them a few extra IQ points.

[Here is the video on blacks in South Africa suggesting that science be de-colonized because it is “racist”.

Also, while this second very short video below is presented as a comedy, it is actually reality for a large percentage of voodoo-believing Africans (the average—the average IQ in South Africa [one of the most advanced of all African nations, because it was founded by whites] is 70. Below 70 is mental retardation or 5 year old thinking. 70 is the “average”, meaning a significant percentage are below 70. The reason it is even that high is because in South Africa, once law and order broke down, the blacks interbred with low-moralled whites, as well as with Malay. Of course, the concept of IQ is “white, racist science”; and I encourage them (especially those under 70) to devise a testing method that disproves it, unqualified, across the board. Declaring it “racist” is unscientific mindlessness (which is not unexpected). However, the fact remains, I challenge: Devise any non-emotional, intellectual method that can actually quantify intelligence. We are not attempting to quantify emotions or superstition, but intelligence; measurable intelligence that can reliably be measured by and compared to anyone else using the same method. It will be even more clearly shown in twin studies. But rather than discuss things rationally (of which they are not capable), they prefer to claim that “the concept of gravity is racist”, because a white man thought up the idea and “wrote an equation”; and because more blacks fall out of trees than whites do. However, when pressed for their explanation, they may say something like: “It is not gravity that makes people fall out of trees: it is the spirit of the trees who are offended”. But no, it is gravity, and it is not racist; it is simply that more blacks climb mango trees in search of fruit than whites do; and therefore, more blacks will learn “the business end” (as opposed to the “academic end”) of gravity from climbing trees and falling out.

See also my Rumination: .]

Someone else on my email list, a friend who is a psychiatrist and an avid reader of mine, made the following comment concerning the first video (which is not a “comedy show”, but “serious business”), without my having asked for his comment:

“This is completely unmoored from rationality. And the authoritarian rules that must be cleaved to in order not to “collapse the progressive space” and the demand for an apology or leave. It is an illustration of psychosis. Accept my delusional beliefs or get out or be attacked. I shudder to think that at one time I was so relative in my thinking that I also was willing to listen to garbage posing as abstruse thinking. But it has really gone over the deep end now and we see it everywhere. This attack on science and biological realities is pervasive in the “academy” now. And you had better toe the line or lose your career. In such an environment, who, with even a slender vestige of integrity, would want to have such a career!?”

I purposely did not ask him for any comment, since we are on the same wavelength, and I wanted to see if he would hit on all the blatant psychological issues that leap from the screen without my leading... and of course he did; and I will offer my own detailed thoughts on this video.

[And though I have never seen him “professionally”, he assures me that I am perfectly sane (his having read over 50 of my books and all of my emails and Ruminations); though I am sure that some, who are not experts to so judge, may disagree with his professional assessment. However, as I shall explain in my Rumination, if some label me as insane it is not merely a matter of their faulty perspective, it is actually projection. Think about it. When the majority of the populace becomes mentally abnormal (by the importation and absorption of aliens and the utter jettisoning of truth and rational thinking and all the trappings of morality, intelligence, and sound mental health), abnormality becomes “normal” (that is, a misnomer for “average”) and normalcy becomes the new “abnormal”; thus, delusion becomes the new “reality” and reality (truth) is demonized as an evil, diseased, hateful delusion. “Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good”.

I am not insane just because some people may not like what I say. Someone illogical once levelled an ad hominem against me and said, “You think you’re so smart because you understand logic”. I replied, “Of course not. I have never said a thing about myself. My pointing out that what you say is illogical is not me declaring, ‘I am smart’. That is something entirely foreign that you read into what I say. It has nothing to do with me. It has to do with the truth being that simple! It’s like you are saying to me, ‘You think you’re so smart because you really understand 2+2=4...!’” He once retorted, “Oh, I’ll have you know I am perfectly logical”. I asked, “Have you ever had a college course on logic or read a book on logic?” He said “No”. Thus, he cannot understand logic any more than he could have understood physics or trigonometry or Mandarin Chinese, without having studied those things. Such things are not innate. His very thought structure shows he does not understand logic, but he thinks he is “perfectly logical” because he does not actually know what logic is. He thinks logic is what “sounds good” to him (in his ignorant state). He could not even define logic; nor could he understand the definition of logic if it were told to him. Logic is when a word is distributed equally in a supposition and / or syllogism.

Regardless, the truth is really quite simple. The problem is that the majority of people reject the truth, emotionally, because they do not like reality. God established reality. God established His Law. It never changes. Those who reject what God established reject God, and then invent their own pseudo-spiritual delusion and create a god after their own image, which humanism they project onto the only True God, the Self-Revelating God of the Bible—and they expect Him to take the masquerade costume and “Put it on!” They don’t like how the True God is, so they give Him a “makeover” in their mind; which shows their mental state. If they think that they have a magic wand, why don’t they win the Lottery? Yet they think that they can change the Immutable, Omnipotent God of the universe by their mere wish. This, indeed, is psychosis. Indeed, false religion (including “pseudo-Christianity”) is the “opiate of the masses”. Such think that their “experience” overrules God and the reality and the Decrees that He established. It would have been like an Israelite in the Old Testament saying, “Well, I met me a really nice Canaanite woman and married her, and she is wonderful and everything worked out just fine, so God is wrong”. Or like someone saying, “I think hippopatomuses are human too”; or “I ate rattlesnake and it was delicious and I didn’t die, so God is wrong”; or “I married my dog and we are so wonderfully happy, so that makes it right”. Such persons don’t know God. Their god is their belly, pleasure, their “experience” and the superstitions of their own mind that they delusionally believe to be reality.

I wrote in 1990 that “the U.S. is a Third-World nation with pockets of civilization here and there” (those pockets must have holes in them, because they are becoming fewer and fewer). I wrote 11 years ago that the removal of confederate flags (and subsequently, monuments) was the first steps toward genocide.* I first wrote about 9 years ago that we are seeing fulfilled before our eyes the Dragon vomiting forth a flood to drown the woman and her child (Revelation) and the feet and toes of iron mingled with clay of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image (Daniel), being, respectively, the invasion of the Third World into Christendom, and integration, the hallmark of our corrupt age. It is not that I prophecied these things, just that I saw them far sooner than others could. Others can now see what I saw decades ago, and revealed, because now such things are “in your face” and cannot be denied. My pointing such things out is not glorifying myself; it is magnifying God and the Truth that He revealed. If God has revealed such things to me, it has nothing to do with me. I am the vessel, the channel. I cannot reveal things to myself. I can not make reality what I want it to be.

* Why is it that the leftists are the only ones who can determine what is “offensive”? Why is it that only invading aliens, leftists, perverts, antichrists, and other destroyers of society are able to determine what it is that causes mentally unstable people (whom they think should be catered to by mentally stable people) to not “feel unsafe”? Maybe we should put them on medication and place them in a playpen with nothing that could upset them—or deport them—if everything in our society makes them feel “unsafe”. Why should we, the true heirs, be forced to change our entire society to please antichrist invaders? Why is it that only the leftists, antichrists, perverts, etc., can determine what should be “tolerated”, “loved”, considered “equal”, “valid”, “important”, and “inclusive”...? or in this fake pandemic, which is merely “thought and behaviour shaping”—brainwashing—why is it that only the leftists and corrupt, traitorous politicians are able to determine what is considered “essential”...? —and who gives them that right? It is not their right and they have no authority. They are terrorists. It is all communist programming desensitizing people into getting used to obeying orders, doing whatever they are told, living in fear, looking to the evil, traitorous “experts” to save them.]

However, allow me to offer a radical challenge in regard to this video and my friend’s comments. On one level, I am in total agreement with the label of psychosis... in general. However, imagine a parrot that someone owns that is trained to talk like a human, laugh, bark like a dog, whistle, make a sound like an ambulance, a cell phone ringing, hold out his foot to shake hands and say, “Hello”, etc. Imagine now if this parrot flies out an open window, returns to the wild, or at least to the free company of other free parrots in the vicinity... and in short time that newly learned behavior / speech is extinguished and the parrot reverts to natural, animalistic behaviour among the company of his wild cohorts. Tell me. WHICH behaviour is / was the psychosis? Indeed, the psychosis was the unnatural (to the parrot) learned behaviour; which, as it pertains to our overall discussion, symbolizes “rationality” and “civilization”—in which savages are unnatural and out of place. Humans did not descend from cavemen who evolved from apes, who evolved from goo that crawled out of the ocean.

“Elementary, my Dear Watson”, said the ever-loveable Basil Rathbone (who was born in South Africa) who played Sherlock Holmes in a series of about 13 episodes on the British screen. A different Dr. Watson, James Dewey Watson co-discoverer of DNA and co-Nobel Prize winner for Physiology / Medicine for that discovery (along with Dr. Francis H. C. Crick and Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins) in the year I was born, 1962, was blackballed and discriminated against and econominically terrorized about a decade ago when he came out publicly and declared that it was an injustice to force civilization upon blacks and expect them to live by and honor the rules of civilization since they are not capable of civilization or thought or behaviour unique to our people. As as result he could not find work, had fellowships and consultation positions “not renewed” and had to sell his Nobel Prize on Ebay to raise money that he needed to pay the bills—such was the professional discrimination (economic and professional totalitarian terrorism) against him.

Tell me, where is the “DILUTE”...? (this is how they “Dilute us” that is, “water down”, or more properly this is how they POISON the Truth and Christendom with sewer water) — “Diversity”, “Inclusion”, “Luv”, “Unity”, “Tolerance”, and “Equality” ...? It is a psychotic communist, Antichrist mantra that is the result of and is actually the continual practice of brainwashing that permeates every toxic mind, which is forced upon all by evil, malicious, subversive minds that know the very concept is a lie, but who wield it as a weapon (as other weapons: so called Antisemitism, racism, sexism, so-called homophobia, etc.) against Christendom.

[The news is replete with stories that simply are unbelievable to our minds, such as a black from Africa arrested for some crime and the police find his cousin’s testicals in his wallet! He having killed his cousin and cut off his testicals and dried them to carry around as powerful “muti” in his wallet. They are not the same. Teaching them does not change them any more than teaching a parrot to bark makes it a dog. See my booklet and Rumination Going Ape.... Behaviour eventually extinguishes. Change of behaviour (because of the heresy of Behavioralism) has been falsely construed with a change of reality; but it is a myth; and most importantly, God forbade it and commanded separation. This is why the Jesuits have been successful with Catholicism in African and Latino nations; and it is why Talmudists have been successful with communism in those countries; because the people are highly emotional, lower IQ and are easily controlled with new, rigid, emotional dogma. However, it does not last because it is unnatural learned behaviour—it soon extinguishes (unless ruled with an iron fist and regular mass genocides to keep their numbers under control) into total chaos. See also:

I believe this was the video in Liberia interviewing the leader of a guerilla faction that killed tens of thousands of blacks (General Butt Naked who went into battle thinking because he was not naked he could not be harmed; he then decades later “got Jesus” and became an evangelist and dodged war crime / genocide charges; a clip in this video shows his “emotional” religion. This one is long, but very eye-opening... especially where all the townspeople, including the mayor, walk onto the beach, squat, and do their business, then wipe and leave the paper and poop uncovered (even CATS bury it)... and there is barely room to walk off the beach without stepping in it and the stench is unreal... and this is what we invite to our nation and why our cities are like this...! [Looking forward to a nice Liberian vacation? I guarantee this is not in the brochure.] It then shows the IQ level of the local populace, and utter lack of concept of morality: whore yourself out; kill or be killed. See:

The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary) - YouTube (about an hour)

See also, the same reporter, in the equally shocking (but much shorter) Roumania's Tunnel underground 12min. 39 sec.

I can’t believe the investigative reporter... here, AIDS and tuberculosis-infected drug users with other STDs in an underground “city” with cat and dog poop everywhere, stifling 90 degree temperature, and he says, “I’d love a cup of coffee”, when offered.]

Well, in reality, that question of “Which is / was the psychosis?” is actually the “half-way” point of the mind purgative (using the “step-down method”) to the introduction of the real answer that follows that thought. The answer is: “neither”. Psychosis is a condition (of abnormal psychology) that is unique to humans. Psychosis is not merely having delusions, but believing that those delusions are reality. As the old joke goes (and one of my degrees is in psychology and my father was a Christian, nonhumanist psychiatrist; and thus, I am qualified to tell such jokes), “Neurotics build sandcastles in the sky but psychotics live in them—and psychiatrists charge them both building fee permits and rent.” However, I ask: Can an animal actually have a psychosis? That would presuppose a human level of psychology, which animals do not have. However, the perversion of thought called modern “academics” (including what passes modernly for Christian Theology, which in reality, is humanism) muddies all intellectual waters.

Psychosis is a false notion of reality. Do animals actually understand reality? On their own, they “understand”, eat, sleep, breed, survive. But their understanding is crude and nonintellectual, but more instinctual. Animals are not encumbered with notions of right, wrong, property rights, morality, law and order, God, etc. When a tiger sees a deer, no notion ever enters its mind, “That deer is on someone else’s fenced property and is not ‘fair game’.” The tiger innately “understands”: “Hunger” — “food” — “kill”. This is why there was such trouble among whites and any savage population, whether Maori, Australian Aborigine, Hottentot, American Indian, etc., whether the property was cattle, horses, or anything else. The animalistic instinct is only kept in check by a firm hand of the law and swift retribution when it is violated. However, when they are allowed to overpopulate in numbers, and when they are spuriously considered “equals” with “equal rights” civilization is returned to law of the jungle.

We have seen what I termed the Age of Irresponsibility lead to the Age of Immorality, which led to the Age of Anti-intellectualism which in turn has now led to the Age of Insanity. I remember about 20 or more years ago reading in an issue of some magazine in a chiropractor’s office, I believe the magazine was BlueRidge; it was an article about the poor gorillas in some African nation being killed solely for their hands (a delicacy among the blacks) so that the blacks could have their favorite “bush meat”.

[I thought blacks were just the playful, innocent children of nature and the white man is responsible for all their aggression...? and yet they wasted 800-some pounds of meat per ape, slaughtering hundreds of thousands and harvested only the hands; just like the “noble savages”, the American Indians stampeded entire herds of buffalo over a cliff just to harvest a few. Of course, such facts are air-brushed out of politically correct history, politics, philosophy, criminology, psychology, and sociology, and so-called anthropology. They are “inconvenient truths”. Thus, much of what passes for those modern disciplines is fiction, myth, and superstition. Their vaunted god of the Scientific Method is blasphemed and they hope that no one notices.

Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist (founder of Analytical Pyschology), despite his errors of collective unconscious and notion of archetype, was closer to the truth when he maintained that different races had different psychologies. Jung was actually on a train, that the Jewish Freud was on, going somewhere; a train with separate cars and berths. One night Freud burst into Jung’s room and read a portion of what Jung wrote about the difference between the Jewish psychology and the Aryan psychology, and demanded to know if he wrote and believed that. Jung calmly answered in the affirmative. Freud then stormed out and demanded the conductor to stop the train at the next town, refusing to even be on the same train with Jung! Which one appears to have had the mental derangement? Actually, Jung was one of the few nonjewish founders of psychology, and he is one of the few who died in old age, peacefully, rather than in angst. Freud, while he did uncover some general psychological truths that are common to all, developed his entire psychology (Psychoanalysis) based upon his experience with his own exclusive clientele: rich, hysterical Jewish women—and then drew an invalid inference, that therefore, all people are governed by the same psyche; which is ludicrous. Such notions, as well as the notions of sameness, equality, etc., are all predicated on the false notion that all descend from a common ancestor—which is false. Evolution is an unscientific myth: a fairy tale for adults who hate God. Neither do all races descend from Adam. It is a biological impossibility (and it, even as evolution and Big Bangism violate the primary law of Entropy) and it violates the Law of God “everything after its own kind”. See my booklet, The Creation of Man in Genesis 1 and 2, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H. White man no more descended from a Negro than he did from an ape. Neither did all races descend from Noah’s sons or their wives. Such notions violate the Word of God; but such unbiblical falsehood is taught as “Bible doctrine” as the “step down” plan to a person eventually weaning himself off belief in God entirely. Again, God is Immutable and under no obligation to conform His Thoughts and Ways to the irrational notions of what sinful humans in the 21st Century claim to be “fair” and “equality”, as if God has to ask sinful man what He has permission to do and not to do. Our job is to conform to God; whereas, he who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Morality never changes. What God established as sin and abominations 4,000 or 6,000 years ago still are and ever will be. God forbade marrying outside the race and commanded all alien wives be divorced and children by them sent away.* God forbade homoperversion. He called them abominations.

* —and those who think God contradicts Himself or changes His Mind don’t know God because God has sent them delusion. There are no contradictions in the Word of God. Those who think there is a contradition are confused; it is a misreading. See my books, Does God Repent...? — Can God Change His Mind...? and my highly detailed notes in my reprinting of Kind Unto Kind (but also my highly detailed notes in my reprinting of Subgenation and Difficulties in the Bible Examined), and my Sacred Truth Expository Commentary series and Apologetic Exposition series, which will clear up every single alleged contradiction. If people want to understand truth they have to release the false notions with which their mind is bound. Like I have explained, the natives in the Amazon found a way to catch a monkey the easy way: they drill a hole in a coconut just large enough for a monkey to squeeze his hand into it; a hole through the back allows the coconut to be tied to a tree. A handful of cooked rice, a favorite of the money is placed in the coconut. The monkey sticks his hand in to get the rice, holds it in his fist, but cannot retract his hand—and is too stubborn to let go of it! and just sits there until the natives come to kill him. He who hath ears to hear, let him hear... God’s Thoughts and Ways are not ours—especially the farther away we stray from Him, to the point that we can barely see His Standard, which never changes. We must conform to Him or be rejected. He will never compromise. He is Immutable, Perfect, and Holy.]

Regardless, the author of this story in Blueridge, echoing the sentiments of the “anthropologist” or “gorillaologist” made an incredible mind-fart of a comment and seriously asserted, “Gorillas are human too!”

Uhhh... NO! That is why they are called GORILLAS!

Can a gorilla have a psychosis? Well, I have no doubt that some “professional” with a piece of paper declaring him to be an “expert” may “claim” that a gorilla can have a psychosis... however, it is like the phenomena of being in a barber shop in a narrow room with full-wall mirrors on opposing walls and when you look at yourself you can see yourself looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror, looking into a mirror... ad infinitum... Thus, in reality, it is actually a demonstration of a psychosis in the mind of the “expert” that causes him to imagine that the gorilla has a psychosis. It is, therefore, the “expert” who needs to seek professional treatment, not the gorilla. Give the gorilla a bunch of bananas and a basketball and a female gorilla and he will be happy. It is not a psychosis. That’s all he cares about. He doesn’t envision wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, and going to work at the office. Don’t put that thought in his head; you will just confuse him (and you will be committing a crime against all his would-be victims at the office). In order for a gorilla to have a psychosis, he must first have a rational mind that is capable of a meaningful, true, intellectual realization of reality. In the book, The Fateful Hoaxing of Margaret Mead: Historical Analysis of Her Samoan Work it was revealed that the local natives tricked her by purposely feeding her false information for decades—one of world’s “leading” anthropologist’s entire life’s work was meaningless [by Freeman, 279pp., pb., inquire]. Thus, it is not a far-stretch, but a mere skip, hop, and a jump, to realize that Jane Goodall’s experience with gorillas was “experimentor bias”, the same as evolutionists and paleontologists and anthropologist who invent myths that they want to believe and then pass them off as “science”. WHO then has the psychosis?

Other topics / psychological dynamics in the “de-colonize racist, white science” video that jumped out from that “think tank” in the “university” in South Africa were:

The concept of their “magic” space. This could be referred to as a psychosis if we are talking about human psychology, but in others it is mere animalistic superstition. Their continually using the “magic word” of “space”, almost like a mantra, further establishes in their mind their own superstition. It is indeed ironic that this “space” was built by whites as a class room in their white university, which is now magically the special “space” for nonwhites (in which a few whites are graciously allowed if they promise to play by nonwhite rules and submit), in which, ironically, the invading savages then lambast “white science” (including the several hundred white sciences that comprise the composition and furnishing of the very room that they are in, and the chairs and desks at which they are sitting, the concrete, the bricks, blocks, flooring, ceiling, lightning, electricity, paint, air conditioning, glass windows, architecture, engineering, and everything else that they take for granted—most of which are thoughts that would never even enter their minds—that they must think merely “evolved”).

Another element was their intolerant forced psychosis onto others as if it is reality. As I have written concerning this covid hoax, and other things, “You have the right to embrace your mental delusion, but I am not bound to enter your mental delusion / psychosis with you”. Again, this is a simple demonstration of the rabid hypocrisy of those who claimed to champion, even worship “equality”, “luv”, “tolerance”, “acceptance”, “inclusion”, etc.—but once they have mass and inertia, reveal their true nature, in that they are the most-hateful, discriminating, and intolerant of all.

We also see the irrational, anti-intellectual hypocrisy (which is endemic to the “luv tolerance, inclusion” mental disease). It is an unforgiveable offense (for which the offender must be shamed and which he must further shame himself by grovelling for forgiveness) for a white person to question the notion of decolonizing science, and for having the boldness and sanity to declare that black magic is not science or true—which words were received as blasphemy... but it is perfectly acceptable for the one uneducated black girl (without mental capacity or real education) to declare all white science to be wrong. Again, where is the “equality” and “tolerance” and “acceptance” and “inclusion in this “space”...? It seems to me to be a one-way street. It is not a “forum”, but a brainwashing platform. It used to be your ball field and your ball; but we have claimed it as ours and we have changed the rules and if you don’t like our rules and refuse to abide by them go home... oh, that’s right, you don’t have a home: we stole that too!

So, the blacks can insult the whites and their entire race, all their ancestors, and their entire civilization (which the blacks have invaded, to which they contributed nothing, but crime and disintegration—and which they demonstrate openly that they are trying to destroy, which is a hate crime and genocide) but the whites cannot say a single thing to the blacks, even if it is true, if it would hurt their (irrational) feelings or pigheaded dogma (Africa Ghost Stories) that they want to believe. Sounds fair. So, the blacks are entitled to all their superstitions and delusions and emotionally charged notions (and welfare checks, health care, free education, paid for by white taxes); but the whites—in the university that their ancestors built—are not entitled to even speak truth. Again, the very notion of “equality” is a farce; not only is it not true, but a myth, but even in the liberals’ and savages’ attempted implementation of it, there is no such thing as equality. How are an orange and a lug nut for a tire “equal”...? How are a pole (in a pole vault) and an anvil equal? They are not and cannot be—and it is a psychosis that believes that they are and it is totalitarianism that demands that everyone else adopt the psychossis too. The very notion of equality is anti-intellecual; their purported implementation of it is malicious and deceitful.

This leads us to what I call shame terrorism. which is a type of the weakest form of argument, argumentum ad hominem—but like a rabid dog on steroids, this is the most-violent form of it. Rather than the facts, the truth, the issue being debated, the communist “silver bullet” is to shout down, belittle, shame, demonize whoever had the temerity, the blasphemy to question the new gods of political correctness and anti-intellectualism. It was not enough to mention it; the black female “in charge” practically had to neuter him, by mindlessly repeating over and over the “rules” that allegedly everyone agreed to... in this magic “space” (that white people built as a white university, but which is now used as a center of propaganda to destroy everything that they built over the past several centuries) as she makes a theatrical performance flaunting whatever “authority” she has, to emasculate him and shame him as the conquered race. But he is not really the conquered race: his people were brainwashed into surrendering and committing national and racial suicide. They were not conquered, they defeated themselves.

This leads to their very odd use of words (like a foreigner or terribly under-educated person who does not realize how they fit together*) and hand gestures in a histrionic display, utterly devoid of intellectual value. in which the words are often pieced together like someone who does not know how to put a puzzle together and randomly puts disconsonant pieces together; and the words are actually used as if they are black magic, a spell cast upon everyone else, and the listener must believe and accept and embrace it or be shamed.

[* and their deleterous influence actually destroys our language (ebonics or baboonics or whatever you want to call it) by their very presence among us (and their demanding we become like them) and our people learning the way of the savages, talking like them, behaving like them, dressing like them, listening to their mindless “music” (which it is not), believing their lies, being controlled by false guilt, and being willing to commit personal and racial suicide as a form of “pennance” by terribly confused, immoral white women throwing themselves on the beasts to be ravished, and by whormongering white men who randomly copulate like apes and dogs themselves.]

Watch also the various blacks in the video: Watch their emotional reactions to everything... their behaviour... gestures, body language. The one in the hat even like a cocker spaniel or parrot seems to cock his head and while bending his head down look up at a very odd angle when the black girl is speaking.

Actually a group of blacks first laughed at the black girl’s proposal of scrapping all white science. Why were they not shamed?

Then, even the girl and the black male wearing a hat and glasses on the “panel” laughed when the (presumably white boy) in the audience declared, “But it’s not true”* (or whatever it was that he said)... the black girl who had been speaking and the mad hatter to the right were sprawling all over the table smiling and laughing like chimps being tickled...

[* the boy in Hans Christian’s story of The Emperor’s Magnificent Suit of Invisible Clothes had the audacity to declare, “I can’t see it, the king’s naked”...]

—UNTIL the head baboon, who looks like a witch (and to give up white science she will have to give up her hair straightening iron; and why does she straighten her hair anyway...? or bleach it...?), until she, the presumed “leader” and “authority” showed the others that it was not a laughing matter—because she so decreed!—but blasphemy. She then had to shame the only person with the courage to speak truth... (before it spread to others)... and thus employed the mindless African repetition of simple thoughts, over and over again, as if repeating the simple thought made it more true. It was also a method of the continual brainwashing of all the “subjects” (not merely spectators) in the audience, as well as a form of worship of these invented thoughts and rules (and of her own blackness and womanness being large and “in charge”).

[I also found the way that she leaned over the table rather reminsicent of another creature that assumes that natural posture. See that video at this time marker: 1 min. 17 sec. Furthermore, for those who believe in the nonsense of evolution—why do you violate the holy tenets of your own religion? Survival of the Fittest / Natural Selection. The same people will say, “Don’t feed the animals, it will only make them dependent on man, are in favor of the plethora of minority “social” programs that have cost us many trillions of dollars and not achieved a thing but put them on a taxpayer-funded breeding program to take over neighborhoods, cities, and our entire nation. Why is it our fault that they have not “evolved”...? Go ahead. Show your “equality”. EVOLVE! If you need our help to exist, succeed, or evolve, how can you then claim “equality” at the same time?]

But again, why were these imposed “rules” a “one-way street”...? How was the black girl’s mad decolonizing rant / fantasy not an insult to all white people and the very nation in which she is living, to which she is an invader? Why did she not have to apologize to all the whites whose society the blacks have invaded? It is not like the whites have invaded their grass and mud huts. As most who have not studied it do not know, at the time that the Dutch landed in South Africa, the blacks (Xhosa, Zulu) had not migrated that far south. The small yellow-brown Hottentots and Bushmen (Khoi-Khoi and Khoi-San) were there—which the Xhosa, when they did arrive, nearly exterminated. The whites did not steal land; but either staked out uninhabited land, or bought land from the blacks (farther north) and then developed a thriving civilization, carving a Garden of Eden out of barren nothing. It was then that the blacks encroached, to steal, for handhouts, or to seek employment. The more blacks who arrived, the more laws had to be passed to stop crime; and then more welfare programs had to be established to provide for the millions of blacks who soon out-bred and out-immigrated the whites; until the communists began their agitation and the brainwashed whites turned their nation over to the blacks who had already been whipped into a frenzy with notions of “injustice”, and ever since the whites have been slowing being butchered; and for some reason the controlled media and governments of the world consider it to be a “non-event”. While the whites of the nation of South Africa are demonized, hardly any will ever do any research to learn true history; they merely believe the African Ghost Stories that they are told (and since told from childhood and heard their entire lives, they believe it to be true and consider it blasphemy if anyone suggests reality that contradicts their delusion). The Dutch also never owned the blacks or coloreds as slaves; they only hired them as employees, servants. And where is the crime in that? Apartheid was established only in the latter stages of their Republic in the attempt to stop the overwhelming crime (and terrorism*) of 46.5 million blacks in a nation of 5.5 million whites. However, Apartheid (“apartness”) protected all: whites, blacks, and coloreds. Only blacks could own businesses in black neighborhoods, so whites could not “exploit” them. What made the blacks angry is that segregation vividly revealed innate inequality. Under the same conditions the Indian (Malay) neighborhoods flourished. The blacks have no one to blame but themselves; which they refused to do; so all must integrate to hide reality, muddy the waters, and hide their crimes. But even many blacks have protested with signs saying that life was better under white rule than under the ANC. Like all African dictators, those who rule South Africa often steal all the nation’s wealth (and the money extorted from white nations) for their own private fortune, while their own people live in poverty.

[* Mandela, who was portrayed to the world as a cross between Mother Theresa and Gandhi, was arrested (which was not his first arrest or conviction) for... and I quote from Bulala: A True Story of South Africa:

“He was then later charged with 193 counts of terrorism: for sabotage and for trying to smuggle, prepare, or manufacture (mostly Soviet-bloc) munitions, including: 210,000 hand-grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 144 tons of ammonium-nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder, 1,500 timing devices, and 2,000 lbs. of black gunpowder. Among his many alleged co-conspirators were 3 communist Jews: Denis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, and Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein.”

Bulala: (Kill the Wizard!): A True Story of South Africa, Cuan Elgin, [Robert Alan Balaicius, Editor, contributor] 392pp., pb., 18.38 + P&H [1838 = Day of Covenant, most special day in Boer history.] gripping tale, small, brave, Christian nation born of conflict, turmoil, tragedy & love, dedication, hard work—exciting account of history of S. Africa (earliest times - end of 2nd Anglo-Boer War) woven as rich tapestry into novel. cross between Shaka Zulu & Little House on Prairie.]

How is the black girl’s declaration of all white science being forced on the world as an unacceptable untruth somehow “acceptable”, but the white boy’s saying, “It’s not true” is “unacceptable”...?

At the initial rather docile, honest “outburst” by the white boy, the black girl who had been speaking and the black male in the hat to the right began laughing and smiling and rolling around sprawled on the table. However, then the “leader” invokes the law of her own declared irrational “reality”, and pointed out the grave “offence” and violation of the “rules” and the endangering of the sacred “space”. She then forces this artificial reality (which can loosely be considered* a psychosis) upon all. The honest, gentle, nonhateful white boy who spoke out is shame terrorized. The black girl and mad hatter themselves grow morbidly serious, whereas a second before they were sprawled all over the table as if they were jello poured out, smiling and laughing. This again is evidence of their limited IQ as well as the power that agitators have over them. This demonstrates the power of “social dynamics” (which control the mob mentality; and those in control are able to control the mindless, emotional, spiritually dead, immoral individuals as easily as stampeding a herd of cattle). This is how the mob was controlled to cry out “crucify Him”—agitators were interspaced in the crowd and cried out more loudly; and stirred up the immoral population and their base instints. The same was done in the Bolshevik Revolution in France: Swarthy alien populations from southern France were imported to stir up the rest; and soon they were cheering the bloody guillotine as if it were a bull fight in Spain or a battle (or Christians being fed to the lions) in the coloseum in Rome.**

[* This concept of one thing being different to different people, based upon not only the perspective, but also the individual’s nature, should not seem strange. Consider the term or event called a miracle. What is a miracle to man is certainly not a miracle to God. A miracle is that which is impossible becoming reality. Nothing to God is impossible. Nothing to God is even “hard” to do. Similarly, Christ purposely spoke in parables because the community was at that time a mixed multitude and the truth was only meant for His people. The masses of aliens and mixed people, and even those of God’s people who were not of the elect, to them Christ’s words were either merely an entertaining story, or nonsense; but to the elect of God’s people whose ears the Holy Spirit opened, they were the words of life.

** Rome, by the way, collapsed (even as did Greece) as a result of absorbing the alien, Third-world populations they conquered, as well as moral debauchery including homoperversion. As I wrote in my book, Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance:

“Later, after the Roman Empire had begun its decline due to mass immorality, it was the Goths and Vandals who again descended and conquered this mongrelized nation (made up of at least 20 different racial strains, predominately African and Mediterranean) whose evil degeneracy they despised.119

119 See p.21 of The Ultimate World Order (1957) Robert H. Williams (Military Intelligence, Major, USAR and Captain, AUS), 74pp., 6.00 + P&H, which quotes from a lecture given to Oxford University in the 1870’s by Dr. Charles Kingsley.]

Anglo-Irish Member of Parliament Sir Michael Davitt had travelled to South Africa and witnessed the Anglo-Boer War first hand. He was appalled and ashamed at the reprehensible behaviour of the British, and wowed by the honorable behaviour of the Boers (which comparison also evidenced itself between the shameful behaviour of northern generals like Sherman, and southern ones like Lee, Jackson, and Stuart). Davitt actually resigned from Parliament in protest, and wrote a book (which I reprint in comb-bound format, but would print in paperback if enough people are interested), The Boer Fight for Freedom (1902), which is around 600 pages. In the early pages of the book, he points out that all the trouble was stirred up chiefly by British and German Jews. In reality, the whole was due to Jews using the British Crown to steal the diamond and gold mines of South Africa (which mines are now and have been for some time in the hands of the Oppenheimers, DeBeers, etc.). Davitt actually travelled to the mines and interviewed the “oppressed black workers” and learned that they “didn’t know what their grievances were until they read them in the newspapers each day”. The agitators at work, controlling simple minds and swelling emotions, put thoughts in their mind of their “oppression”, even though they lived better than they ever had while employed by the whites.

This video about “de-colonizing white, racist science” itself offers incredible insight and is actually a psychology study. The confusion in the mind of the viewer arises if he himself approaches the topic with a skewed mindset, trying to force what he sees into his own faulty understanding; confabulating chaos and confusion and attempting to “re-arrange” it into something that makes sense (and the result is a hideous Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso painting; rather than the Monet or Raphael masterpiece that it is supposed to be).

This is the major problem with modern “Christianity” (or what passes for Christianity; it is actually humanism with a thin veneer of “feel-good”, “Touched by an Angel Theology”, pick-and-choose “Smorgasbord Theology” pagan-Christian hybrid). Damaged, sinful, confused, ego-centric, dishonest, puny humans think that the Immutable, Omnipotent God of the universe Who created all by the Power of His Will* must conform to the modern notions of sinful, ignorant humans 6,000 years after the fact. Of course, the anti-intellectualism about this becomes greater the more you think about it (just like most false doctrines, if you can think logically and actually know the Word of God). Let’s say there are 6 billion individuals on earth. How many individuals do you think will actually agree 100% on every detail about their individual subjective “gods” that each creates in his own mind after his own image...? —and that is the essense of Hinduism and why there are 9 billion gods or more. But, since the peoples of Christendom in 1500 or 1700 certainly did not think like the peoples in Christendom do in the year 2020, why do those in the year 2020 think God must conform to their unfounded notions upon which none of them can agree concerning any specific detail? When did God stop being the God created in the minds of the peoples of Christendom in 1500 and 1700 and switch to being like the God created in the minds of the peoples of Christendom in 2020? Of course many will claim that they agree with others concerning what God is (based upon their own feelings and their own humanistic notions), but that is only in vast generalities; the more time you give them to discuss the topic, the more you will find that there is relatively little that they can agree upon. However, the God of the Bible is Immutable. He cannot and does not change. He is as He said He is; not how sinful humans want to imagine that He is.

[* The words that God declared, “Let there be..” were not for the act creation, but for our understanding of the narrative. If God merely willed, how could that be conveyed in words that meant anything to us?]

But God is not a wired-rubber Gumby toy that must conform as each individual twists Him. The Bible does not teach “Mr. Potato Head” Theology in which each person can fashion God as each individual wants Him to be. That is humanism and it is a delusion that is projected onto God to make it appear as if the humanist still believes in God and Jesus. Such humanists believe in a false god and in a false christ, one created in their own mind. Those who imagine such nonsense don’t know God, nor do they even understand the concept of GOD or LORD. We are to conform to Him. It does not matter if you like what He decreed. And if you don’t like what He decreed you don’t like God! It is our job to conform to Him—and He never changes. His Law never changes. Morality never changes. His Plan never changes. Those who think otherwise don’t know the true God; but still believe in a humanistic, semi-pagan notion of God that has contaminated their minds.

Tell me: How many Attributes / Divine Perfections of God (and the average “Christian” can probably don’t even know what that means, so how can he actually know Him?) can you amputate from God and you still believe in the True God? How many humanistic falsehoods can a person believe about God and still believe in the True God? I really don’t know; only God does. But should a Christian see how far he can get from God, or how closely he can draw to Him? “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Faith is based upon the facts of God’s Word; not humanism, human mysticism, superstition, or anything else. The only solution is our reasonable duty (since we are not our own, but have been bought with a price, in addition to God owning all that exists — “all souls are Mine” even as the cattle on a thousand hills; “the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, the world and all they that dwell therein”): It is our duty to submit to Him and believe all that He has told us and worship Him in sincerity and TRUTH—and one cannot be sincere if he is in disobedience to what God commanded, rejecting the reality, the truth, the Law, the morality that God established and such a person who rejects what God decreed blasphemes the truth and does not know God. God does not hear the prayers of even those who are converted if they are in unrepentant, unconfessed sin and if they turn their ear from hearing God’s Law. False doctrine is a sin. Disbelief is a sin. The terms disbelief and disobedience are used interchangably in the Bible.

Finally, it is too bad that no one had the brains or courage to say: Okay, if you want to scrap all of white science and return to only what your people have developed, strip naked now and run back into the jungle. Take off those clothes, shoes, jewelry, give up your cell phones, air conditioners, shave off that straightened hair; give up your cars, houses, running water, indoor toilets, even outhouses; give up your handbags, television, radios, boom boxes; give up doctors, hospitals, dentists, and all health care, insurance, and welfare checks, grocery stores, all electricity, tools, and modern appliances and electronics. Give up buses, trains, airplanes, and boats. Give up hamburgers and pizza and most of the rest of the food you enjoy—including deep fried chicken and french fries. Give up college itself, plush do-nothing government jobs, email, and regular mail. Give up police to guard you in your communities to protect you from crimes by your own people. Put all trust in your local shaman / voodoo honcho. Embrace and accept genital mutilation, cousin marriages, polygamy, rape, murder, slavery, warfare, and genocide; stick bones in your nose and toilet seats in your ear lobes; chisel your teeth to a point and run around naked. Not one of you has ever been hiding in your house afraid that white people were going to rob, rape, or kill you. You are afraid of your own people. Go ahead. Strip naked. Scamper off into the jungle and “evolve” and PROVE your “equality”.


My psychiatrist friend’s response:

I completely agree with the thoughts conveyed in Robert’s superb analysis. It inspired me to add a few additional thoughts of my own that connect with and echo what he wrote. These issues are of current import and deserve further reflection.

When I used the term “psychosis”, I was using it loosely, but wanted to convey that what was being displayed was a clear problem with reality testing. I initially thought of the phrase “shared delusion” or the French concept of folie à deux. The latter may be more apt as it conveys the idea of delusional thinking being transmitted to another. There is a sort of infectious quality here where abnormal thinking is contagious and indeed, when enculturared, or more precisely when the culture is infected, this abnormal thinking becomes the norm.

These shared delusional states are quite infrequent, usually occurring in a close pair isolated from others: a closed system. This nicely intersects with what we are seeing. The towering priestess of “the sacred space” in Cape Town is exactly like her twin in Minneapolis who infantilizes Mayor Jacob Frey when he would not heel to this behemoth bully with a microphone and answer “yes or no” to whether he would defund the police. When he failed to parrot on demand what was ruled as the only correct response he was dismissed with vulgarity, a humiliated little boy. The drones chant repetitively, “Go home Jacob, go home!”

This is the dynamic. No room for discussion. No “space” is allowed. You follow the rules on the board or you can go home. Note the quintessential irony of the Cape Town Commissar rebuking her target that a “collapse of their progressive space” would not be allowed. What space? If there was a space she collapsed it. So maybe we can speak of a “forced delusion” but that is not right either.

We hear the Cape Town twin of the Minneapolis Mayor rapidly and obsequiously say, “I am very sorry and I agree.” This is a two dimensional “ ‘yes’ or ‘no’ space.” However the self-appointed mini-mayor and the shamed boy from Cape Town are not delusional. They were cowed into compliance (and the threat of violence was not too far away if they did not capitulate or leave). They must share in the lie of a pretend space. The shamed boy was at first brave with his outburst of truth. The students at were first mirthful, then solemn after the self-assigned dictator spoke. Both of these “men” were effectively emasculated and complied with a perverse penance of sorts, as young white “men” are wont to do these days.

It is the same in the academy. You mold your “science” and your “interpretations” of data to conform to the demands of the cultural zeitgeist. However in this case there is a complete lack of true culture and of civility and the spirit of the time, in reality, has been quenched with a fire hose of shaming invective. You are doxxed, you are deplatformed, you are vilified in the “pretend (virtual) space” of social media, and your reputation and career are ruined if you do not conform. Freud would say you have been castrated. He would be right in this case.

We allow ourselves to be plagued by these activist types. We allow ourselves to be injected (inoculated) with their toxic ideas (vaccinating us against truth) just as many will offer their arms to the devils from Pfizer and Moderna. Penetrate me. Take my body over. Please. I want this (I want to be “safe”—save me!). We know that beneath the surface what is going on is very wrong. Just as some of the academics know that what they are writing and agreeing with is not scientific and is not accurate. It is false. They are false. They are cowed into compliance and silence out of fear of losing their jobs.

They know that those who dare speak the truth or do real scientific research and present it without distortions are an endangered species. So they collude with the whole fraudulent enterprise. That isn’t psychotic is it? That isn’t delusional is it? No, it is based in a sinful and corrupt reality. It is spineless. It is against God.

[Some take the “Nestea Plunge” and trustingly fall backward into the abyss of political correctness, surrendering their soul, conscience, and morals accepting their role as a mere cog in the communist mass machinery. They do not merely conform, but convert—to not do so would be double-minded. They must believe the falsehood is true, or deal with continual nagging contradictory thoughts of their conscience that is on life support. Others may silently conform, in disgust, hoping that the political winds will eventually change. But based upon the primary law of Entropy, they should realize that is a fantasy. Water does not flow upstream. Things did not grow evil on their own; neither will they improve on their own. People need to fight or be bulldozed into compliance and then literally bulldozed into graves when they are deemed “no longer useful”. Bracketed note mine. R.A.B.]


Finally, for those who do not realize it, in-depth treatises like this do not write themselves.  This took about 20 hours to write.  I am not independently wealthy, I have no "sugar daddy", nor have I had a job, nor have I received a paycheck in 30 years and I do without most things everyone takes for granted.  I put in 90 hours a week and haven't had a day off in 10 years.  Again, the enemy is winning because the leftists are not tight with their money, they support causes they believe in (they are even willing to commit crimes and be arrested).  What do you do?  Support Amazon, Netflix, and professional sports?  If you believe in what you read stop grazing for free and obey God and support His ministers who are speaking truth.  If you do not, you rob God.  If you don't care about the truth, why are you even reading?  To those who do do all that they can do, who do support others, and to other patriots and ministers who like myself dedicate their lives to try to save the nation of lazy, apathetic, and selfish people, thank you!