Gender-Bender Question-ENDER

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Do confused men who think that they are women take a woman's vitamin? and vice versa?

Woman have different pH levels than men do, and women's bodies produce different hormones than men's bodies.  Women's bodies develope fat in different ways and types and areas of the body than men do.

Do men who think that they are women and women who think that they are men ... do their bodies actually produce the hormones and chemicals and maintain a pH specific to the gender that they "think" they are or to their actual birth and biological gender?


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I wonder if this and other vitamin companies will be SUED for insulting gender-confused, mind-perverted individuals?

or if the vitamin companies will simply begin "inventing" HE-SHE-IT formulas, or

"I was born a man but I think I am a woman formula"


"Sometimes I am a man and sometimes I am a woman formula"

Then there will be livestock and pet vitamins:

"My cow thinks it is a horse formula"

"my chicken thinks is a goat formula"

"My cat thinks it is a dog formula"

"My canary thinks it is a goldfish formula"

... and the fleas on my cat and dog think they are butterflies trapped in fleas bodies... so should I use a flea worming medicine or put out a nectar feeder?

and there would be no end to the catering to mental delusion.



It is also possible that the government will secretly have companies putting certain hormones into food and personal hygiene products, to alter normal body chemistry without a person knowing it, but my point was if a person is actually a man or a woman, his / her body will produce the body chemistry that are germane to a man or a woman... and if not, then it is psychosomatic / psychosis / or a malingering neurosis.




Actually there are gender blender formulas, it is called SOY.  Public school children (and maybe some fast food chains) use soyburgers, and the military uses TVP (texturized vegetable protein) which is soy.




Young school children are especially affected by the estrogen-like hormone like substances in soy and can cause confusion and disruption of normal development during their formative years.  There are studies on this, which I the details in my other article: